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Windstrom "Eternal Gods Forgotten" Review

Windstorm is a Greek band, had in it's asset one EP "Eternal Gods Forgotten" that's reviewing here. It was released through Werewolf Promotion and Night Birds Records in tape format and cd was released by Apocalyptic Art in November of 2011. Band's music reminds me partly Immortal "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" a bit and also some Bathory stuff like "Blood Fire Death" and "Hammerheart" with intensive drums and strong melodic parts. Beginning of "God Of The Wind" track really reminds me start riff of "For All Tid" album and summary atmosphere surely. Musicians are well skilled,  it's heard in confident giving of a material. Not very variable, but nice.  Album is well produced, not pseudo-raw bedroom bullshit. Lyrics narrate about grim winter nature, nordic heritage and culture and (surely) opposite to christianity. So band's creation summons a big expectations for them in me, and I think they will confirm it. So, good luck!

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