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Accursed christ Interview

Accursed christ is the first Russian band that appeared on the pages of  House Of The Whipcord Zine, and my conversation with band's leader M.D. has turned out very substantial and at the same time without superfluous and unnecessary chatter. So without long introduces let's turn to our conversation. Bring The word!

1.Hails! Present yourself and your band for the readers!

Hails! I’m M.D.

2. It would be desirable to hear about stages of your world outlook and musical
formation and formation of Accursed christ.

ACCURSED cHIRST as the high-grade project was generated in 2004, but despite it much stuff has been made still in 2000 - 03 years. At certain stages of development the project   changed the name. In 2004 - 05 years style was closer to death/black, since 2007 it's classical BM, not deprived of a melodics. Through Accursed christ has passed a considerable quantity of the people, some of them have left their energetics to the band. During existence of band  3 demos and one full-length album were recorded. My world outlook and musical formation was formed in parallel with the project. All that I consider it necessary to tell, I do through A.c.

3. What sense do you put  in the name of your band and what religious or philosophical belief stands for your music and lyrics? Is there any non-musical activity?

Project carries name ACCURSED cHRIST since 2009, with arrival of V.S., she is also its author. I do not think that it is necessary to search for special sense in the name, classical violation of human and christian values. The early lyrics was more primitive - Satanism, Antichristianity, visions etc. On new works  will be made more larger emphasis on the maintenance which will give new themes for reflections. No activity out of music.

4. What is Black Metal for you? Whether you agree with the statement, what Black Metal should be exclusively Satanic, or in the given genre is possible to create also within the limits of any other destructive and misanthropic concept? There can be something other?

For me black metal it is the tool through which I can bring my thoughts. The Satanism have to be a basis of Black Metal only, here there should not be exceptions.

5. In that case, what there is  a Satanism for you? Whether can name you yourself the religious person completely observing all postulates and positions of the belief/doctrine?

Recently it became fashionable to be "the religious person" . I constantly hear about a religious Satanism. People always remain sheep and according to it they gather in herd... Whether it be christianity, "a religious Satanism" or anything another.
I am not "the religious person"! The Satanism isn't the religion, more likely a certain sight at "life". Ideas of Individualism are close to me and first of all I cultivate my own interests,  all rest  are tools only.

6. In your creativity you mention a reincarnation theme. It would be desirable to hear the developed both wide opinion and the explanatory on this point in question. Whether you agree that an ultimate goal of the one professing the Left Hand Path – to die definitively and irrevocably and never come back to the Earth in the material form?

I trust in mirror surface of acts - the Law of Karma. Reincarnation is possible, you're fall or lift in development, but a final point always the same. Only matters how to reach it.

7.  Whether you consider the Earth as a place of certain ontologic rejection? And the general degeneration of mankind and white race is a  result of such rejection?

Certain recruitment is present, but I do not think that full degeneration of mankind is possible, there are processes which difficult to stop. It only one of steps, before an exit to the new level of existence.

8. Your treatment of the Left Hand Path. In general, how deep you are involved in honoring of Vamacara, tantrism and to all things,  accompanying to that?

I don't consider it necessary to do my own treatment of the Left hand Path....
 I am not involved in honoring of Vamacara. Though I do not exclude,  that it can be in a faster way for purpose achievement.

9. Your relation to alcohol both different other things and the substances changing consciousness, and sometimes both a body, and mind. Whether is it the tool of a certain spiritual search or it should be the next stage or test for ways of self-destruction which as a result should lead to something Divine?

Alcohol and "other different substances" can lead only to self-destruction,  here is not necessary to speak about something Divine. But against it I have nothing, and only support. NSTM.
To associate with that something higher I consider unnecessary.

10. Your thoughts about magic, monotheism, polytheism, atheism and other. Whether you practise any occult actions directly?

Monotheism and polytheism for me are interesting from the historical and philosophical side. Special attention would like to turn on the Ancient Egyptian cult and Sumer mythology.
In independence from my relation, any mythology and religion is interesting for my own self-development.
 I am not an expert in magic, but the given theme is interesting to me....

11. You have a song named "Glorification of Suicide". How do you understand the act of deprivation of life in a context of your creativity? What do you think of so-called DSBM? Your opinion about this ideology, and about the right to existence of the given genre.

I completely support ideas of ritual suicide. It's one of  few worthy variants of the termination of a vital stage and transition to "new level".
I like some old bands which rank to DSBM, but I not especially treat kindly new groups and projects in the given genre, all it looks basically poorly and not convincingly.

12. So, if we   started to discuss  a "kinds" of Black Metal, it would be desirable to know your opinion about such phenomenon as NSBM.  Also, and at once about World War II, fascism, National Socialism etc. Whether you expedient consider a carolling of any race, or in general any group of individuals anyhow belonging to mankind? And what about mixing Black Metal'а with a policy and heavy music with a policy in general? Whether we got a new musical subspecies of RAC and  here is nothing to talk about something Metal and Black?

I am not the tolerant person and  I positively concern any display of discrimination. But I don't have any business about the future of Europe, white children and other similar values.
There are many worthy bands, but as you mentioned above, their style better to characterize as separate subspecies of RAC. NSBM genre can't exist.
Wouldn't tell that I am fond of World War II subjects, but separate themes are interesting to me, for example occult nazism. Also I cultivate Adolf Hitler's figure, he has made very much for "mankind" and in the end - has destroyed himself. The worthy end for worthy "man"!

13. Whether can you allocate  Black Metal as subspecies of metal genre absolutely separate and standing independently, which kernel and heart is genuine hatred, a misanthropy, desire and aspiration to destruction, self-destruction etc.?

Probably earlier  it was so.... Now any borders are absent.

14. Whom you can name a worthy bands at your sight, worldwide and in Russia?

 I do not see a sense of to name anybody, worthy bands  for all are known, other deed is a matter of taste.

15. And what about other metal? Whether you love old or modern samples of heavy, thrash, death, doom etc. metal?

I  not especially listen to metal as a whole.... But old bands have mad energetic, with heavy and thrash I have begun acquaintance to this music and some groups to me are close.

In Death and Doom there are many bands interesting to me, but these genres interest me in a lesser degree.

16. Besides musical tastes, tell about your predilections in a cinema, the literature, can be in architecture, a sculpture, painting? According to literature, means both religious, and fiction (art).

I am not interested in painting, sculptures and architects, I am far from the given themes.
 From the literature for me are interesting the Alister Crowley's works, Blavatskaya, Austin Osman Spare. Also I like to esteem a fiction, but I do not see sense to allocate someone.

17. Your relation to paganism. For an example I will quote definition a "European Pan-Satanism” which  Satanic Tyrant Werewolf professes, including the Pan and Kernunnos as a forerunners of a church image of the Devil. And worshipping more likely the dark side of pagan beliefs of Europe, rather than a bible image of the Satan

The paganism, from the mythological and historical party is interesting to me. Strong enough power goes from symbols and runes, they can certainly influence an event and they can be used in own interests.
In any mythologies and religions it is possible to draw a parallel. If someone worships the dark Pagan beliefs, it's his right.

18. Further, let's consider such question as a child-bearing. Whether you admissible in the life consider continuation of mankind and if yes, whether has sense to get to yourself the child with a view of education of it as a sample of deviant behavior or maybe, as a aggressive sociopath, delivering problems to society and-or influencing on this society favourable to you?

The given themes are not much interesting to me, but I do not think that Left Hand Path followers presume to itself a child-bearing.
The idea of education of the receiver has the right to life, but I do not think that it will be interesting to me.

19. Let's consider such thing as live performances. As far as I know, you acted in live gigs earlier repeatedly, and not only within the limits of Accursed christ. Your opinion about concerning live performances from the point of view of your personal actual concert experience. What bands and gigs you may allocate as answering to your representations about live performances and how band performing BM should look and sound alive? There can be any plans for the future within the limits of concert activity? Where, with whom, on what conditions you would like to play?

It is not much interesting to me both visiting and participation in concerts. But I don't exclude possibility of Accursed christ  performance on worthy acts. I have played enough of concerts and I can tell,   nothing matters for everybody what you play, and what you try to perform from a stage. Basically concerts are visited by people not prepared for serious perception of an event. The great bulk comes for drinking, for having fun  and for fucking. I don't think that there are some parameters for ideal gigs, but I tend  to closed acts, with a small amount of acting bands.
There are no any stereotypes for me about image of bands performing BM, everyone chooses for himself.

20. Well, some words in summary about the future plans and projects in general.

 It is difficult for me to tell about any plans, but most likely "the new" material will be released in 2012 - 2013.

21. Last your words for House Of The Whipcord Zine!

Bring the Word!

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