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Naer Mataron Interview

And again, the Greek band on the pages of House Of The Whipcord Zine, Naer Mataron this time! This band doesn't need any presents, because it has large and honorable history in the Greek underground and it's well-known worldwide. I connected with band mastermind Kaiadas for conversation, so result is fruitful in some ways, but in some ways it's ... strange. Especially, about the "christian europe". christiany can't make any solutions to anything, because it's a bullshit from the same root like islam or judaism. This religion is alien for Europeans and it can't be any armor or weapon in upcoming war. I don't know, maybe for Kaiadas it's more visibly for his political point of view, but I'm not really much into politics, and all that I really know, that any organized religion is physical and mental slavery. And anyway, if I'm disagree in some ways with the interviewed band, I won't include any comments or solutions into the interview text itself, so read  and make your own opinion. Beside his strange political positions, Kaiadas is very educated and interesting person, so interview came out interesting and fruitful in some ways.

1.Hails Kaiadas! I think that your band doesn't need in any presents for the readers and so let’s
start with questions about your actual creativities and relations. For the first, band’s style has
been changed a lot at the last album. On the “Praetorians” it was harsher than on previous works,
but when Vicotnik left the band and you started to sing yourself, your music got much more
death metal shades and features. Tell please about those years from the Praetorians release till
now and about band’s style and line-up changes and development.

During the recordings of the album, Vicotnik became a father so he had to be absent from the
recordings. I was forced to vocal and musical lines to accommodate them to my character and to
the way I handle vocals. So we reached the kind of sound you now hear.
We are not afraid to take any risks as long as our music remains equally or even more extreme.
Take for example our albums separately. Our last singe “I am the light of the world” that was
published at almost the same time as our last album is completely different from the album. The
same thing is valid if you compare “Up From The Ashes” and “River at Dash Scalindg”.
I think that thus we keep our fans on their toes concerning what Naer Mataron will give them

2.Next question I will set to you is about your political activity, it’s reasons and maybe some
results. Tell more widely about the Golden Dawn itself. If I’m right, parliament where you took
part was finally dismissed because of allegedly illegality of its elections?

No, Golden Dawn is inside the Greek Parliament with a non negligible 7%. Almost 500.000
people voted for us. We are a party a People’s party that really cares about the every day
problems of our people and we do our best to solve these problems. Now with the electoral
success we have more means to this cause.

3.Golden Dawn is right-winged party. As it is accepted in Europe, right radical parties as well
as many other conservative movements generally are christian. Whether is the Gold Dawn an
exception and their religious position is more inclined for example to paganism? I’m interested
in your collaboration with them in this way.

We are a party that accepts any religion that doesn’t oppose the essence of our nation. This
includes the Orthodox Church, our fatherland religion and some Catholics that live in the
Cycladic Islands.

4.You have said that you strongly divide the music and your political views. Describe your
opinion about such determination as NSBM, where music and politic combined. I know, that you
have some connection with Greek Nazi scene, because your former singer also took part in Der

Naer Mataron never was a political band. Apart from that my job, till now, was to compose
music and give it to those that wanted it. I was never interested in their political agenta. Der
Sturmer was such a band that I cooperated with in their first album. I composed the guitars, not
the vocals that you mentioned.

5.Continuing the previous question, let’s talk about whole Greek extreme scene, not especially
NS. Tell about your antipathies and favorites, about worthy bands, labels and zines and rip-offs.

I am really such a workaholic that I never get to notice or involve myself in such things. I wrote
the new Naer Mataron album and then I run off to get involved in the election campaign of my

6.And as in Greece, also worldwide. By what creativities and bands you were inspired
when you’ve started your own musical career. Maybe you know something about Russian
(Belorussian, Ukrainian) scene?

Sadly I don’t know many things. I would really love to do a tour in those countries. I know Hate
Forest, Nokturnal Mortum, Astrofaes. Maybe you can recommend me some more.

7.You’re well known as a live band. Describe the your meaning and opinion about gigs. Is it a
some kind of ritual for you or just sound attack to the audience/religion/morality?

Yes, we are a band that releases albums, tours, and all over again. Live concerts are more to us
that just promoting the new album. It is a means to come closer to other metalheads that have
the same concerns or problems in their countries, get to know each other and share opinions. In
some countries I am looking forward to meet people that I already know from previous concerts.
On the scene we want to have a certain image that has a spiritual side.

8.You use the traditional BM image like corpsepaint, warpaint, spikes, leather, bandoliers etc.
What do you put in such images and visions? Is it just a tradition for you or you separate yourself
from the mortal essence symbolically, while performing such actions?

This image accompanies us for almost 20 years now. It is a part of us whatever that includes,
whatever this black music carries from its birth till now.

9.After previous full-length you have changed the label from Season of Mist to Witching Hour.
Tell me about the reasons of such decision. Name the worth in your opinion releases of both
labels and good or best releases of 2012th year in your own collection.

With S.O.M. we had a contract for 1+1 album. Witching Hour Prod. made to us a more luring
offer and we shook hands. I have no complain concerning S.O.M but there, Naer Mataron got
lost in an ocean bands including Morbid Angel or Dillinger Escape Plan. On the other hand
Witching Hour is a company that can highlight a band in the level that Naer Mataron are. Naer
Mataron really need that right now.

10.You also took part in Celtic Frost tribute. Whether has for you great value the music of them
and also creativity of the other proto-BM bands like Venom, Destruction, Possessed, Bathory
etc. Your opinion on creativity of these bands after reunion, in particular about Fischer's new
project named Triptykon?

For us the Holy Pentagram is Celtic Frost, Bathory, Venom, Possessed and Sarcofago. I
generally don’t like reunions but if they are successful like the one of Celtic Frost with
Monotheist, I don’t have a problem. “Triptykon” I would say is a continuation of “Monotheist”
and is a good album. The rest concerning the fight between Ain and Warrior is just a soap opera.
We have a plan of releasing an album with covers from our favorite bands. The problem is that
there will surely be an internal struggle concerning the list of the songs, haha.

11.In your lyrics you combine Satanic and Hellenic Pagan themes and topics. You consider the
Satan archetype as an antagonist of gods and religions and all material essence (the Gnostic way)
or maybe more closely to the dark forces of nature or chtonic powers (according to the Greek

As a human being I am deeply religious towards providence and of course I admire the ancient
worldview that derives from my country. Through the prism of Naer Mataron we highlight
an Luciferian side of things, a side misunderstood because of the eastern religion. The Hellen
was always a people of Light and always gave that Light to humanity, through Renaissance
or directly through the Hellenic Civilization that gave to the western Faustian Civilization as
Oswald Spengler beautifully states. I would say within a few words that Naer Mataron through
their lyrics mark out the Prometheans, the Cursed of History like Nikos Kazantzakis, Nietschze
or Ezra Pound.
12.Do you practice some heathen or anything else rituals or ceremonies? Do you interesting in
occultism, magic or consciousness change (maybe with some substances)? Maybe you got some
transcendental or spiritual experience?

Those subjects are deeply within us and we hold them dear, because they come from the depths
of our Race. We let some of them arise through the lyrics of Naer Mataron. The science of the
future maybe be social eugenics.

13.I think you study heathen and antique Greece heritage. Can you name some modern writers
and the historians studying this subject who should be read? Tell please about cinematographic
and literature tastes more widely. Do you interested in architecture, sculpture? I think, that two
directions in art is very interesting and inspiring, according to Greek culture and heritage.

I am against that modern pseudocultural “art” that began from the galleries of New York. The
age of Baroque is unsurpassed. Also whatever derives from the Classical era always touches me.
But there are still some beautiful essays in the Dark Middle Ages that inspire me.

14.Who made the cover artworks for Naer Mataron and what are the favorites of yours?

The front cover for our new album was taken from a church wall in Belgium. So saw it and it
was beautiful. We sent it to our graphics designer so that he will add the shield with Abraxas,
since we agree with his ideogram. The artist that we lately cooperate with is George “Grin”
Prasinis, a man that I consider deeply talented. Another one is Mental Porn. One of my favorite
covers is also the cover of our previous album “Praetorians”.

15. Your relation to the Roman culture which in fact simply absorbed and processed the Greek
one, having shown the world as a result a certain synthesis, determinate out thus for their own

Romans concerning art were a bad caricature of the Hellenic ones, whether you see through the
prism of geometry or religion or architecture. But concerning strategy they were the leading
experts of their time and they achieved many wonders that we can still meet in modern warfare.
16.In what other cultures, instead of your native one you also interested in? For example,
German, Scandinavian etc. Do you agree with me, that all European religions, cultures and
traditions are grown from the same root? At the other hand, all abrahamic and monotheistic
religions infesting the whole world are the antagonists of native European beliefs and have to be

You start a big issue that I cannot completely answer due to space limitations. But yes, I agree
that the European or Caucasian Race has many common characteristics from North to South,
from East to West. If we start examining religion, civilization and anthropology we will see
many common characteristics between the Mycenean civilization and western Europe. We can
see that in vases etc that were found. On the other hand several mythological, hero worshiping
stories like the Heraclean feats or the common roots of the Olympian Gods and the Scandinavian
pantheon or the Gods of the Ancient Germans are certainly common characteristics. Sadly we don’t have the time or the space but if you could study anthropology together with mythistory we
would have some very interesting conclusions.

17.Your relation to the people that are the same blood with you, but their mind infested by
christianity/islam/judaism or any other bullshit like that. Your relation to inhabitants (average
men), whether you despise them?

The European Christian nations must sit and find a solution to the charge of muslims. Hellas is
the guardian of the frontiers of Europe and right now the other Europeans have left us without
any real help. Americans and their NATO is bombing the whole world and Hellas is thus forced
to take waves of immigrants. It not a matter of racism but how can someone from Afghanistan
find any kind of help in today’s Hellas of the crisis, of the 2 million unemployed and the 3
million illegal immigrants? Christian Europe must find a solution for us, because all those
people see Hellas as a “paradise” and come here for a better life and they are all muslims. Unless
Merkel would like us to give them papers and free passage to Germany. Would anyone of them
sit in Hellas or they would run off to states like Germany? Think about it.

18.What does mean for you such words like war, illumination, terrorism, multi-racial society,
eugenics, holocaust, Apocalypse, Ragnarok?

War: Surely no one really likes war and its consequences. But I am not fond of the opinion “to
turn the other cheek”.
Illumanation: What is this?
Terrorism: The only real terrorists are the Americans and their allies that have created a
bloodbath all over the world.
Multi racial society: It is a nowadays phenomenon.
Eugenics: As I told you before it is an issue that started off from American centers. It should be
used for the betterment of mankind. Not for the creation of a lobotomized society.
Apocalypse: Apocalypse of the Ancient one like one song from our new album says.
Ragnarok: I am a fan of the cyclical theory by Heracletus. I believe that humanity is at a
changing stage. Something new is coming and something old is going to eclipse. I have spoken
about this in a track from “Skotos Aenaon” “Iketis”.

19.Describe your future plans for politics, music and any other.

Concering music I truly have a lot of faith in our new album “ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ”. I would
like all of your readers to give it a listen. It is an album that has a lot of work till the last riff.

In politics, I am a young man voted by 12.500 young people aged mainly from 20 to 40 years
old, including metal fans. I plan to give a new vision young people and mostly for the man that
will come.

20.And some final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!!!

I thank you for your support. Check Naer Mataron and our new album «ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ». I
am sure you will like it.

Satanic Warmaster EPs Review

After the releasing of the overwhelming "Nachzehrer", Satanic Tyrant Werewolf decided to continue the musical line of his split releases, that he made between the issues of his other full-lengths. This time, after he decided to do no more splits, he started to release 7" EPs on vinyl with one track on each side, so it's very close to the format of one side on his former split releases. How it's close to the format, it's also close to the musical content, different from the regular full-length albums.  Nowadays, the third 7'' EP came, again on Northern Heritage, so, I decided to consider the late creativity of SW in more detail. Let's start from the first EP.

Ondskapens Makt / Forgotten Graves starts with the slow fingering of acoustic guitar that isn't characteristic for SW.  After it the song rushes into fast tempo like it was on his split with Evil - "Massacre" titled track. Melodics and riffs are very similar to old SW stuff like "Blood Of Our Fathers" stuff etc. Also quality of a recording is very similar, like it was maybe recorded in rehearsal room at the cassette-recorder without any post-productions.  Forgotten Graves is mid-flight song very close to the Vlad Tepesh and maybe early Satyricon in some places. Then rhythmic structure comes to fast blasts, with traditional for Finnish BM melodic guitar part. Also rather recognizable for STW sounds like vomiting, rattle, suffocations were noticed. So, I think he likes such things much.

Winter's Hunger / Torches contains two tracks with fast and harsh riffs with some influences of thrash and punk. Both tracks are sustained at rather quick and high-speed tempo and aren't exchanged especially for a variety. The main subject is conducted by a leading guitar that the background plays is audible in places rather badly since recording is identical for former EP.

The newest SW EP is more much close to the other STW project called The True Werwolf. Ironically, that new Werwolf stuff is more similar to the old SW, Hah! Generally sounding of songs quite viscous and gloomy though in the first track fast and chaotic places too are available. Some riffs and harmonics are much closely to old Mutiilation and Gestapo 666 stuff. In different places are presented some muffled gurgling and lingering gloomy ambient parts. Vocals in the second track aren't traditional screaming, it's much more close to the hysterical  howling and shriek. Track structure reminds me a bit the "Vampires" from the "Nachzehrer", but without any pauses and solo parts. It has some noisy and mad ending with a hurricane of drums and guitar whistles. Finally, this EP'' is not much typical for SW in some ways like drums, keyboards and whole grim atmosphere (maybe close to the first SW release "Bloody Ritual").

In the end, I have to say, that new SW stuff differs so much from the Nachzehrer like it differed from the brilliant Carelian Satanist Madness, and so we could expect some more raw, noisy and harsh atmosphere and stuff at the new SW full-length like it was on late releases of The True Werwolf or his earlier projects like Shatargat, Pest etc.

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Dunkelheit Produktionen Interview

The Dunkelheit is the first label appeared on the pages of the House Of The Whipcord Zine. And as the trailblazer in my zine it has proved well enough. Dunkelheit Produktionen is  a German label oriented mainly at death/doom/black metal with a huge occult/dark component. Bernd, the owner of the label, according to answers, I think, is a person who really devote himself in such themes and topics, both from the musical and spiritual side. So read and enjoy.

1.Hails! Let' start the interview! Tell about history of your label and
shop - that's origins, activities, purposes and missions!

Greetings House of Whipcord Zine. First I would like to thank you to use your webzine as a temple to spread the word of Dunkelheit to the masses. I started Dunkelheit in late 2008 as I remember carefully. Before that, I had a very small Distro named Todesschrei Produktionen, where I released bands from my close circle of comrades and distributed some carefully selected titles from the underground. The main target that I try to pursue with Dunkelheit, is to spread negativity in form of music to the people. Negativity can be transmitted in many forms and I believe that music is one of them. As music can also manipulate the human organism, as we are very sensitive to downtuned and high gained tunes. Black Metal, Doom or ritualistic music in darkest genre can bring many unique and strange emotions to us. Dunkelheit is a platform for serious artists/bands that offers a sound to you, that hopefully brings you in a thoughtful state. When you check nowadays music genre of Black Metal, you understand very fast that this music genre is flooded with tons of fake bands that try to copy (unreachable) bands from the past. With Dunkelheit we try to find and release bands or artists that have a real and serious story behind their bandname. Its not seldom that the individuals behind the bands have to tell a huge story. I remember many unique situations and serious talkings with bands. When it comes to FUNERAL IN HEAVEN, I remember many talkings about rituals and necromancy with Chathuranga, who is the vocalist of the band. I understood very fast that in Sri Lanka, where the band is located, there are territories where the people follow ancient and dark-occult rituals from the past. They believe and worship the ancient dark gods and demons from the past in long rituals from their priests, necromancy is one of the parts. What I want to say is, that with Dunkelheit we try to release original bands !

2.What where the main motives for creation of your label?

The personal motives were to become a tongue for serious and original bands that spread negativity in form of music. We believe in the bands that we release over our label. We don't care about if the band is not well known, the important topic for us is the unique atmosphere that is created and that there is serious motivation behind the band name. It is very hard to find bands/individuals in nowadays modern times.

3.Then, what criteria should a band/project fulfill to be released on your
label? Not just a musical side, surely.

It is very important for us, that we don't have to do with modern fags or happy metal kids. But its very easy to find this out very fast while doing a talking about different thematics. As I told you in the last answers of your questions, for us it is very important that the people behind the band are serious individuals that know what they do. I mean... check how many satanic metal bands there are: many ! But, how many of them really practice the satanic forms ? Or the same is with depressive metal music... It was a kind of trend to do this music. Most bands that played this „style“ have splitted up. Not all, but the most bands that tried to play or „copy“ this music have fucking NO idea what it means to be depressive or to have death-visions ! The people who ever had such emotions often and brand there pains into skin or transmit it to any other form, know what it means and when you carefully listen to a handful of bands that „play“ depressive music, you fastly can hear the pain from their hymns. Thats for sure.

4.What music/band/project Dunkelheit will never release?

Im very sure that there are many music genres that we won't release, there are so many different musical genres... We would never release any band with a political motivation behind the music, as Dunkelheit is not the right platform for that. Any musical genres like Techno or Jazz or something like that wouldn't be released by us. Our mainly musical genre that we try to target for the past, present and future is Black Metal, Doom, Occult/Ritual, Death Metal and Death/Doom.

5.Dunkelheit Produktionen is a label for Black/Dark/Doom/Drone/Ambient is written on your website. So, what's your opinion about such genres or  styles like noise/power electronics/industrial and maybe some mad and harsh  combination of it with Black Metal?

I think that music is just a form of audial tongue to transmitter different emotions,feelings or rituals that can manipulate the human. For sure there are grandious artists in the genre of Noise/Power Electronics, I can recommend MERZBOW from Japan at this point, but there are not too many people that can understand this kind of „Music“ very well. Dunkelheit is not the right place for those kind of music. Same for Industrial, many good bands, especially in late 80's and early 90's, but we are not the right label for such music.

6.What your opinion about christian metal or christian "black metal" acts?

When you give poisoned water to a thirsty, he will drink it... I don't care for such happy metal fags. Really.

7.Do you like the old-school forms of metal like death, thrash, speed, heavy metal if it's really "kicks ass"? What's about some old metal gods like Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Destruction, Possessed, Kreator, early Sepultura, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest etc.?

To say serious, Heavy Metal or Thrash and Speed is not my style of music. I can't and won't blame this music genre, but I can't say anything about it as I have never been interested in that. My personal beloved musical style is old Death Metal, Death/Doom and Black Metal. I worship bands like PARADISE LOST (old!), MORBOSIDAD, BLASPHEMY, PROCLAMATION, BLACK WITCHERY, COFFINS, and many more... Really can't say anything about the old metal as it also was not my time.

8.Present some worthy bands/labels/zines that you have worked with through the long time, that you cane name as really devoted to their art, checked up by time.

If I really would do that, this Interview would never end ! There are too many, but for Fanzines let me recommend you DOMAIN ZINE (Singapore), DEADHEAD ZINE (Malaysia), BURNING CHURCHES ZINE (France), FORGOTTEN PATH MAGAZINE (Lithuania), FROM BEYOND ZINE (Germany), MORBID ABOMINATIONS ZINE (Slovakia), TEMPLE OF ADORATION ZINE (Germany), VIRUS ZINE (Malaysia), VOICE OF THE NIGHT ZINE (Hungary), IUT DE ASKEN (Germany), PSICOTERROR ZINE (Peru), CALL OF THE INFERNAL HORDES ZINE (Costa Rica), ESCRITAS DO SUBSOLO (Portugal), LAUDATIO FUNEBRIS MAGAZINE (Portugal, RIP) and many many more. Im really addict to read real (!) paper fanzines and magazines, as it is something real in your hands that you can feel and smell. I collect also old fanzines from early 90's, as you can always explore „new“ forgotten bands. When it comes to labels and bands that I recommend you a lot, it would take too much time to list them... I hope you will understand. But maybe you can check the links-section of my website for finding some labels that are worth to check !

From present time I can recommend you BUBONIC DOOM PRODUCTIONS from Portugal a very lot ! The founder, Daniel M., who runs the label until now is a serious person that know what he is doing ! His releases are very good and unique.

9.And next part of the questions - the personalities, that you can brand as fucking RIP-OFF! Was so crap in your past cooperations?

Lets make it short. Since I run Dunkelheit, I found many Rip Offs in the so called „scene“ from different countries of the world. People that just want to rip off bands/labels to get free music or merchandise. Its not worth to speak about them, as they are simply losers.

10.And now about customers (clients) of yours? What is the good customer or
bad for you?

Simply, a good customer, in my eyes, is a man or a woman that buys something, establish a good and nice communication when its needed and pays for the goods he wanted. A so called „bad“ customer in my view, is a person that orders something and don't pays for it. Simple.

11.Cds, tapes and especially vinyls are poorly selling nowadays because a lot of piracy, mp3s downloading and new format like flac without "loss of quality". Do you agree with me that industry of such promotion and releases
is still based on a devotion of true metal fans that still continue to support their favorite projects and bands by buying their stuff in any format?

The piracy of music is the main problem that we have today. At present times it is very easy to get music while not paying for it. The Internet makes this bad circumstances possible. It damages the underground labels very very hard and many good labels have gone forever because of that ! On the other side, I believe that true and serious people who support a band, simply buy the original release. But you will see in future that many good labels can't excist anymore because of the mass of piracy ! In my view it is not okay to download some album where a band or a artist had worked very hard !

12.Then, let's discuss your private tastes in music, cinema, painting, literature. 

I follow mainly the music genres of Black/Death, Death Metal and rotten Death/Doom. I have a lot of bands that I like and worship, but bands that I listen weekly or most times daily are BLASPHEMY, WEAPON, ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, GROTESQUE, BLACK WITCHERY, WINTER, RECRUCIFY, REVENGE, PARADISE LOST (old!), PENTAGRAM, MORBID ANGEL (old!), MASSACRE, WITCHRIST, IMPURITY, ULVER, ABRUPTUM, NECROS CHRISTOS, ARCHGOAT, COFFINS, DARKNESS IS MY PRIDE, MIASMA, etc. there are many good bands to mention !

I rarely go to cinema, as the most movies in western european cinemas are not of my interest. The last movie that i liked  very much was the film „The White Ribbon“, from Michael Haneke. A very sad dramatical movie. Personally I collect and like movies from middle of 80's of to early 90's from the genre of Horror and Mystic as modern movies are too plastic and full of those computer effects. I really don't like that and keep away from modern movies a lot.

Im very interested in books and literature, but only in a few topics. I enjoy reading books about old and forgotten ancient cultures, that left some ruins in our present world but have gone forever because of collapses, etc. I collect books from different time era, that deal about occultism, ritualism, mysticism, death, paranormal activities. Mostly I read books about death and occult thematics. I'm very interested in the thematic of afterlife and death-experience. Beside of real-based thematics I enjoy the books and stories from phenomenal authors like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Alan Poe. When it comes to H.P. Lovecraft I enjoy his stories like „The Tomb“, „In the Crypt“, „Charles Dexter Ward“, etc. People who studied him and his stories know (!) that he was definitely not only a writer of fiction ! When reading his stories, in front of me materializes a weird world... Can't explain it very good. I also like some old books and stories of Stephen King, as I am very sensible for horror and morbid stories.

 13.What's a picture of apocalypse that will be caused by total 
overpopulation of a planet both full degradation and degeneration of its

I believe that resources like water and food will be rare in future. The place for living will be reduced damn hard also. I  believe that most wars in future will based on those facts, especially in eastern lands. Some wars are done because of gold, drugs, oil, religion or political motivation, like capitalistic-democrazy motivated wars (Afghanistan, Balcan, Iraq, etc.). I don't care for all those human shit, I just care for myself and a few people around me, as I'm very ignorant and egoistic person. I fucking don't care for this human race, as its living for death !

14.According to this happy note, tell about your future plans and wishes for label, shop and maybe for something else, that you're interested in.

At the moment we concentrate for our future releases and we try to become more closer to the genre of Death/Doom mainly. This year, with the help of the dark gods, we will release the full length debut album of peruvian Doom band MIRTHLESS with the title „A Dirge for your Suicide...“. This album will be released on MC, LP and Digipack-CD. Another release that will be done is the forgotten ukrainian band WANDERER with their album „Passing the Abyss“, originally recorded back in 2004. This atmospheric masterpiece that remembers strong to the great old era of ULVER will be released on CD and LP format. We also signed the philippine Death Metal band PATHOGEN for their album „Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations“, to be released in CD/LP format, but this will be mainly in 2013 I think. We will see what the future brings, no one knows, except the dead !

15.And some final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

For your web based zine I wish you the best and really thank you a lot to spread our word via your zine. Thanks!

воскресенье, 8 июля 2012 г.

Windstorm Interview

So, returning to the origins and roots of this zine, I have to note, that zine was created for reviewing and interviewing the bands that I cooperated with. I have cooperated with Windstorm and grim monolith for split release with my band. So, related to interview answers, grim monolith have been distinguished as faggots and cock-suckers but Windstorm has really satisfied me both by their thoughts and words and by their music. I really hope that our split will take place finally. So, meet the Windstorm!

1. Hails! Present your band for the readers and describe the history of your band (album, line-up and so on).

Coldest Hails and thank you for this interview! Windstorm was created in 2006 from Blackcrowned and Minion of the Antichrist which are the only band members till now. Yet, there is one release called "Eternal Gods Forgotten", a mini-album (EP) with 5 songs that lasts 28 minutes. This stuff was recorded in the end of 2010. After some problems we dealed because of the first label interested in releasing it, "Eternal Gods Forgotten" was finally released in 500 copies by "Apocalyptic Art" in March 2012. Before, in November 2011,it was also released in tape by Werewolf Promotion and Night Bird Records in 250 hund-numbered copies. Lately, we are working on new stuff about future releases. 

2.When did you started (in what age) to devote yourself into extreme and grim arts like Black Metal?

We both started listening to metal near 2000. We 've been also friends for many years, except from just cousins. I think the first time we listened to Black Metal was between 2003 and 2004. 

3.Describe the ideology of your band or what do you stand for.

The ideology of Windstorm is mainly based on Antichristianity. This is expressed through the adoration for nature and her powers and ancient cultures' practices.

4.Tell us about other projects that band's members take part in.

I also play drums in Omega, an oldschool black metal band in the sounds of Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory etc... Blackcrowned had an one man band project before Windstorm in 2004, called Vulture of Demise , when he recorded a demo never officially released.

5.What was your musical inspirations to make the  dark intensive metal art, that you do?

Our musical inspirations are mostly coming from Black Metal, and secondly from other kinds of Metal, like Heavy Metal, Oldschool Thrash and others.

6.Maybe about some other inspirations?

Definately a great source of inspiration is our everyday life experience, which deals with many matters, from personal and private to social matters.

7.Then, what's your opinion about what Black Metal is?

For us Black Metal is a way to express the dark side of the inner-self. To express the hatred and the urge from the inside about anything stressful, annoying and oppressive you wish it never existed. It's like a kind of war using lyrics and music instead of weapons and swords. It also describes nostalgia for things that passed through time and got lost, forgotten or destroyed or the admiration for nature. Black Metal can express many things depending on the person's perception. 

8.What means a name of your band Windstorm and what means a title of your EP "Eternal Gods Forgotten"?

We were looking for something  representing our music. The name was an idea I  proposed, we both liked, and so chose it between others. It’s an aggressive and destructive phenomenon of nature… About the title of the album, it begun as the title of a song. Then we thought it represents in general the concept of the EP, so we used it us its title. 

09.A lot of fpeople think that paganism is only light religion. But do you think that Black Metal can express
 dark side of paganism? Maybe Wild Hunt riding the storming clouds?

I believe in general that Black Metal expresses the dark side of human existence. Definately, this can happen through
paganism which is not at all a light religion as those people think.

10.What do you think about monotheism or organized religions? What do you think about idea of uniform god as well?

We are against any form of religion. We don't need any psychological enlightenment religion can offer.
We are generally against anything that tries to unite and combine people through god.

12.Greece scene is divided into different parts like many others. The first part is "Orthodox Occult" BM like Acherontas, Necromantia, Enshadowed and NS part like Wolfnacht, Der Sturmer or so. What's your opinion about both parts of Greece scene and bands like Kawyr or Zemial that didn't belonged to any part and walks it's own path to worship the antique gods of Greece and play extreme music based on such world outlook?  

Yes, Greek Black Metal scene has different parts. Each band has its own themes and ideology like satanism, paganism etc expressing its ideas and views. Greece has a variable and valuable Black Metal scene a fact I'm really proud of. 

13.And what bands of Greece scene that you take a cooperation with or you can name them worthy?

Some new bands I consider worthy and I would like to mention are: Winterdemons, Evig Sorg, Nadiwrath, Dizziness,
Aasgard, Caentes Cruenta, Sarvari, Bohemian Grove and many others..

14.What do you think about label Apocalyptic Art? Whether there was your cooperation enough from your point of view is fruitful?

We are really satisfied from our cooperation with Apocalyptic Art. From the beggining there was a great interest and support and all the arrangements fullfilled in time without any problem. Definately an underground label anyone could trust! It's a resent label, with it's first steps in 2007-2008 with really good releases for bands like Northern Frost, Wintergate, Winterhauch, Frozen Land and other interesting releases. We are truely pleased from this cooperation.

15.What do you know about Russian Black Metal scene? Can you name some worthy bands from your point of view?

I watch the last years that the Russian Black Metal scene is increasing and developing. The best release I resently listened to is the debut full leagnth of your band, Heresiarch Seminary. Also Forest is one of my favourite russian bands. Some other bands I like are Ulvdalir, Walknut, Branikald, Storhet av Morke, Drama, Frozenwoods and Grimnorth.

16.What forms of arts attracts you instead of Black Metal?

In general we haven't got a lot of free time to work with staff we really want to, because of work.
Although, we try to keep some of our hobbies, like camping, long walks in nature, horse riding, cycling, shooting  and more...

17.What do you think about modern forms of dark art like drone, dark/ritual ambient, maybe industrial?

We don't mess a lot with those kinds. There are just some of the bands we are listening to, that use those kinds of music.

18.Finally, you finishing words for readers about your future place and last words!

I want to send hails to the people who support and believe in us in any way! Thank you for this interview! Anyone who would like to listen or contact us can visit: