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Dunkelheit Produktionen Interview

The Dunkelheit is the first label appeared on the pages of the House Of The Whipcord Zine. And as the trailblazer in my zine it has proved well enough. Dunkelheit Produktionen is  a German label oriented mainly at death/doom/black metal with a huge occult/dark component. Bernd, the owner of the label, according to answers, I think, is a person who really devote himself in such themes and topics, both from the musical and spiritual side. So read and enjoy.

1.Hails! Let' start the interview! Tell about history of your label and
shop - that's origins, activities, purposes and missions!

Greetings House of Whipcord Zine. First I would like to thank you to use your webzine as a temple to spread the word of Dunkelheit to the masses. I started Dunkelheit in late 2008 as I remember carefully. Before that, I had a very small Distro named Todesschrei Produktionen, where I released bands from my close circle of comrades and distributed some carefully selected titles from the underground. The main target that I try to pursue with Dunkelheit, is to spread negativity in form of music to the people. Negativity can be transmitted in many forms and I believe that music is one of them. As music can also manipulate the human organism, as we are very sensitive to downtuned and high gained tunes. Black Metal, Doom or ritualistic music in darkest genre can bring many unique and strange emotions to us. Dunkelheit is a platform for serious artists/bands that offers a sound to you, that hopefully brings you in a thoughtful state. When you check nowadays music genre of Black Metal, you understand very fast that this music genre is flooded with tons of fake bands that try to copy (unreachable) bands from the past. With Dunkelheit we try to find and release bands or artists that have a real and serious story behind their bandname. Its not seldom that the individuals behind the bands have to tell a huge story. I remember many unique situations and serious talkings with bands. When it comes to FUNERAL IN HEAVEN, I remember many talkings about rituals and necromancy with Chathuranga, who is the vocalist of the band. I understood very fast that in Sri Lanka, where the band is located, there are territories where the people follow ancient and dark-occult rituals from the past. They believe and worship the ancient dark gods and demons from the past in long rituals from their priests, necromancy is one of the parts. What I want to say is, that with Dunkelheit we try to release original bands !

2.What where the main motives for creation of your label?

The personal motives were to become a tongue for serious and original bands that spread negativity in form of music. We believe in the bands that we release over our label. We don't care about if the band is not well known, the important topic for us is the unique atmosphere that is created and that there is serious motivation behind the band name. It is very hard to find bands/individuals in nowadays modern times.

3.Then, what criteria should a band/project fulfill to be released on your
label? Not just a musical side, surely.

It is very important for us, that we don't have to do with modern fags or happy metal kids. But its very easy to find this out very fast while doing a talking about different thematics. As I told you in the last answers of your questions, for us it is very important that the people behind the band are serious individuals that know what they do. I mean... check how many satanic metal bands there are: many ! But, how many of them really practice the satanic forms ? Or the same is with depressive metal music... It was a kind of trend to do this music. Most bands that played this „style“ have splitted up. Not all, but the most bands that tried to play or „copy“ this music have fucking NO idea what it means to be depressive or to have death-visions ! The people who ever had such emotions often and brand there pains into skin or transmit it to any other form, know what it means and when you carefully listen to a handful of bands that „play“ depressive music, you fastly can hear the pain from their hymns. Thats for sure.

4.What music/band/project Dunkelheit will never release?

Im very sure that there are many music genres that we won't release, there are so many different musical genres... We would never release any band with a political motivation behind the music, as Dunkelheit is not the right platform for that. Any musical genres like Techno or Jazz or something like that wouldn't be released by us. Our mainly musical genre that we try to target for the past, present and future is Black Metal, Doom, Occult/Ritual, Death Metal and Death/Doom.

5.Dunkelheit Produktionen is a label for Black/Dark/Doom/Drone/Ambient is written on your website. So, what's your opinion about such genres or  styles like noise/power electronics/industrial and maybe some mad and harsh  combination of it with Black Metal?

I think that music is just a form of audial tongue to transmitter different emotions,feelings or rituals that can manipulate the human. For sure there are grandious artists in the genre of Noise/Power Electronics, I can recommend MERZBOW from Japan at this point, but there are not too many people that can understand this kind of „Music“ very well. Dunkelheit is not the right place for those kind of music. Same for Industrial, many good bands, especially in late 80's and early 90's, but we are not the right label for such music.

6.What your opinion about christian metal or christian "black metal" acts?

When you give poisoned water to a thirsty, he will drink it... I don't care for such happy metal fags. Really.

7.Do you like the old-school forms of metal like death, thrash, speed, heavy metal if it's really "kicks ass"? What's about some old metal gods like Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Destruction, Possessed, Kreator, early Sepultura, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest etc.?

To say serious, Heavy Metal or Thrash and Speed is not my style of music. I can't and won't blame this music genre, but I can't say anything about it as I have never been interested in that. My personal beloved musical style is old Death Metal, Death/Doom and Black Metal. I worship bands like PARADISE LOST (old!), MORBOSIDAD, BLASPHEMY, PROCLAMATION, BLACK WITCHERY, COFFINS, and many more... Really can't say anything about the old metal as it also was not my time.

8.Present some worthy bands/labels/zines that you have worked with through the long time, that you cane name as really devoted to their art, checked up by time.

If I really would do that, this Interview would never end ! There are too many, but for Fanzines let me recommend you DOMAIN ZINE (Singapore), DEADHEAD ZINE (Malaysia), BURNING CHURCHES ZINE (France), FORGOTTEN PATH MAGAZINE (Lithuania), FROM BEYOND ZINE (Germany), MORBID ABOMINATIONS ZINE (Slovakia), TEMPLE OF ADORATION ZINE (Germany), VIRUS ZINE (Malaysia), VOICE OF THE NIGHT ZINE (Hungary), IUT DE ASKEN (Germany), PSICOTERROR ZINE (Peru), CALL OF THE INFERNAL HORDES ZINE (Costa Rica), ESCRITAS DO SUBSOLO (Portugal), LAUDATIO FUNEBRIS MAGAZINE (Portugal, RIP) and many many more. Im really addict to read real (!) paper fanzines and magazines, as it is something real in your hands that you can feel and smell. I collect also old fanzines from early 90's, as you can always explore „new“ forgotten bands. When it comes to labels and bands that I recommend you a lot, it would take too much time to list them... I hope you will understand. But maybe you can check the links-section of my website for finding some labels that are worth to check !

From present time I can recommend you BUBONIC DOOM PRODUCTIONS from Portugal a very lot ! The founder, Daniel M., who runs the label until now is a serious person that know what he is doing ! His releases are very good and unique.

9.And next part of the questions - the personalities, that you can brand as fucking RIP-OFF! Was so crap in your past cooperations?

Lets make it short. Since I run Dunkelheit, I found many Rip Offs in the so called „scene“ from different countries of the world. People that just want to rip off bands/labels to get free music or merchandise. Its not worth to speak about them, as they are simply losers.

10.And now about customers (clients) of yours? What is the good customer or
bad for you?

Simply, a good customer, in my eyes, is a man or a woman that buys something, establish a good and nice communication when its needed and pays for the goods he wanted. A so called „bad“ customer in my view, is a person that orders something and don't pays for it. Simple.

11.Cds, tapes and especially vinyls are poorly selling nowadays because a lot of piracy, mp3s downloading and new format like flac without "loss of quality". Do you agree with me that industry of such promotion and releases
is still based on a devotion of true metal fans that still continue to support their favorite projects and bands by buying their stuff in any format?

The piracy of music is the main problem that we have today. At present times it is very easy to get music while not paying for it. The Internet makes this bad circumstances possible. It damages the underground labels very very hard and many good labels have gone forever because of that ! On the other side, I believe that true and serious people who support a band, simply buy the original release. But you will see in future that many good labels can't excist anymore because of the mass of piracy ! In my view it is not okay to download some album where a band or a artist had worked very hard !

12.Then, let's discuss your private tastes in music, cinema, painting, literature. 

I follow mainly the music genres of Black/Death, Death Metal and rotten Death/Doom. I have a lot of bands that I like and worship, but bands that I listen weekly or most times daily are BLASPHEMY, WEAPON, ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, GROTESQUE, BLACK WITCHERY, WINTER, RECRUCIFY, REVENGE, PARADISE LOST (old!), PENTAGRAM, MORBID ANGEL (old!), MASSACRE, WITCHRIST, IMPURITY, ULVER, ABRUPTUM, NECROS CHRISTOS, ARCHGOAT, COFFINS, DARKNESS IS MY PRIDE, MIASMA, etc. there are many good bands to mention !

I rarely go to cinema, as the most movies in western european cinemas are not of my interest. The last movie that i liked  very much was the film „The White Ribbon“, from Michael Haneke. A very sad dramatical movie. Personally I collect and like movies from middle of 80's of to early 90's from the genre of Horror and Mystic as modern movies are too plastic and full of those computer effects. I really don't like that and keep away from modern movies a lot.

Im very interested in books and literature, but only in a few topics. I enjoy reading books about old and forgotten ancient cultures, that left some ruins in our present world but have gone forever because of collapses, etc. I collect books from different time era, that deal about occultism, ritualism, mysticism, death, paranormal activities. Mostly I read books about death and occult thematics. I'm very interested in the thematic of afterlife and death-experience. Beside of real-based thematics I enjoy the books and stories from phenomenal authors like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Alan Poe. When it comes to H.P. Lovecraft I enjoy his stories like „The Tomb“, „In the Crypt“, „Charles Dexter Ward“, etc. People who studied him and his stories know (!) that he was definitely not only a writer of fiction ! When reading his stories, in front of me materializes a weird world... Can't explain it very good. I also like some old books and stories of Stephen King, as I am very sensible for horror and morbid stories.

 13.What's a picture of apocalypse that will be caused by total 
overpopulation of a planet both full degradation and degeneration of its

I believe that resources like water and food will be rare in future. The place for living will be reduced damn hard also. I  believe that most wars in future will based on those facts, especially in eastern lands. Some wars are done because of gold, drugs, oil, religion or political motivation, like capitalistic-democrazy motivated wars (Afghanistan, Balcan, Iraq, etc.). I don't care for all those human shit, I just care for myself and a few people around me, as I'm very ignorant and egoistic person. I fucking don't care for this human race, as its living for death !

14.According to this happy note, tell about your future plans and wishes for label, shop and maybe for something else, that you're interested in.

At the moment we concentrate for our future releases and we try to become more closer to the genre of Death/Doom mainly. This year, with the help of the dark gods, we will release the full length debut album of peruvian Doom band MIRTHLESS with the title „A Dirge for your Suicide...“. This album will be released on MC, LP and Digipack-CD. Another release that will be done is the forgotten ukrainian band WANDERER with their album „Passing the Abyss“, originally recorded back in 2004. This atmospheric masterpiece that remembers strong to the great old era of ULVER will be released on CD and LP format. We also signed the philippine Death Metal band PATHOGEN for their album „Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations“, to be released in CD/LP format, but this will be mainly in 2013 I think. We will see what the future brings, no one knows, except the dead !

15.And some final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

For your web based zine I wish you the best and really thank you a lot to spread our word via your zine. Thanks!

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