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Naer Mataron Interview

And again, the Greek band on the pages of House Of The Whipcord Zine, Naer Mataron this time! This band doesn't need any presents, because it has large and honorable history in the Greek underground and it's well-known worldwide. I connected with band mastermind Kaiadas for conversation, so result is fruitful in some ways, but in some ways it's ... strange. Especially, about the "christian europe". christiany can't make any solutions to anything, because it's a bullshit from the same root like islam or judaism. This religion is alien for Europeans and it can't be any armor or weapon in upcoming war. I don't know, maybe for Kaiadas it's more visibly for his political point of view, but I'm not really much into politics, and all that I really know, that any organized religion is physical and mental slavery. And anyway, if I'm disagree in some ways with the interviewed band, I won't include any comments or solutions into the interview text itself, so read  and make your own opinion. Beside his strange political positions, Kaiadas is very educated and interesting person, so interview came out interesting and fruitful in some ways.

1.Hails Kaiadas! I think that your band doesn't need in any presents for the readers and so let’s
start with questions about your actual creativities and relations. For the first, band’s style has
been changed a lot at the last album. On the “Praetorians” it was harsher than on previous works,
but when Vicotnik left the band and you started to sing yourself, your music got much more
death metal shades and features. Tell please about those years from the Praetorians release till
now and about band’s style and line-up changes and development.

During the recordings of the album, Vicotnik became a father so he had to be absent from the
recordings. I was forced to vocal and musical lines to accommodate them to my character and to
the way I handle vocals. So we reached the kind of sound you now hear.
We are not afraid to take any risks as long as our music remains equally or even more extreme.
Take for example our albums separately. Our last singe “I am the light of the world” that was
published at almost the same time as our last album is completely different from the album. The
same thing is valid if you compare “Up From The Ashes” and “River at Dash Scalindg”.
I think that thus we keep our fans on their toes concerning what Naer Mataron will give them

2.Next question I will set to you is about your political activity, it’s reasons and maybe some
results. Tell more widely about the Golden Dawn itself. If I’m right, parliament where you took
part was finally dismissed because of allegedly illegality of its elections?

No, Golden Dawn is inside the Greek Parliament with a non negligible 7%. Almost 500.000
people voted for us. We are a party a People’s party that really cares about the every day
problems of our people and we do our best to solve these problems. Now with the electoral
success we have more means to this cause.

3.Golden Dawn is right-winged party. As it is accepted in Europe, right radical parties as well
as many other conservative movements generally are christian. Whether is the Gold Dawn an
exception and their religious position is more inclined for example to paganism? I’m interested
in your collaboration with them in this way.

We are a party that accepts any religion that doesn’t oppose the essence of our nation. This
includes the Orthodox Church, our fatherland religion and some Catholics that live in the
Cycladic Islands.

4.You have said that you strongly divide the music and your political views. Describe your
opinion about such determination as NSBM, where music and politic combined. I know, that you
have some connection with Greek Nazi scene, because your former singer also took part in Der

Naer Mataron never was a political band. Apart from that my job, till now, was to compose
music and give it to those that wanted it. I was never interested in their political agenta. Der
Sturmer was such a band that I cooperated with in their first album. I composed the guitars, not
the vocals that you mentioned.

5.Continuing the previous question, let’s talk about whole Greek extreme scene, not especially
NS. Tell about your antipathies and favorites, about worthy bands, labels and zines and rip-offs.

I am really such a workaholic that I never get to notice or involve myself in such things. I wrote
the new Naer Mataron album and then I run off to get involved in the election campaign of my

6.And as in Greece, also worldwide. By what creativities and bands you were inspired
when you’ve started your own musical career. Maybe you know something about Russian
(Belorussian, Ukrainian) scene?

Sadly I don’t know many things. I would really love to do a tour in those countries. I know Hate
Forest, Nokturnal Mortum, Astrofaes. Maybe you can recommend me some more.

7.You’re well known as a live band. Describe the your meaning and opinion about gigs. Is it a
some kind of ritual for you or just sound attack to the audience/religion/morality?

Yes, we are a band that releases albums, tours, and all over again. Live concerts are more to us
that just promoting the new album. It is a means to come closer to other metalheads that have
the same concerns or problems in their countries, get to know each other and share opinions. In
some countries I am looking forward to meet people that I already know from previous concerts.
On the scene we want to have a certain image that has a spiritual side.

8.You use the traditional BM image like corpsepaint, warpaint, spikes, leather, bandoliers etc.
What do you put in such images and visions? Is it just a tradition for you or you separate yourself
from the mortal essence symbolically, while performing such actions?

This image accompanies us for almost 20 years now. It is a part of us whatever that includes,
whatever this black music carries from its birth till now.

9.After previous full-length you have changed the label from Season of Mist to Witching Hour.
Tell me about the reasons of such decision. Name the worth in your opinion releases of both
labels and good or best releases of 2012th year in your own collection.

With S.O.M. we had a contract for 1+1 album. Witching Hour Prod. made to us a more luring
offer and we shook hands. I have no complain concerning S.O.M but there, Naer Mataron got
lost in an ocean bands including Morbid Angel or Dillinger Escape Plan. On the other hand
Witching Hour is a company that can highlight a band in the level that Naer Mataron are. Naer
Mataron really need that right now.

10.You also took part in Celtic Frost tribute. Whether has for you great value the music of them
and also creativity of the other proto-BM bands like Venom, Destruction, Possessed, Bathory
etc. Your opinion on creativity of these bands after reunion, in particular about Fischer's new
project named Triptykon?

For us the Holy Pentagram is Celtic Frost, Bathory, Venom, Possessed and Sarcofago. I
generally don’t like reunions but if they are successful like the one of Celtic Frost with
Monotheist, I don’t have a problem. “Triptykon” I would say is a continuation of “Monotheist”
and is a good album. The rest concerning the fight between Ain and Warrior is just a soap opera.
We have a plan of releasing an album with covers from our favorite bands. The problem is that
there will surely be an internal struggle concerning the list of the songs, haha.

11.In your lyrics you combine Satanic and Hellenic Pagan themes and topics. You consider the
Satan archetype as an antagonist of gods and religions and all material essence (the Gnostic way)
or maybe more closely to the dark forces of nature or chtonic powers (according to the Greek

As a human being I am deeply religious towards providence and of course I admire the ancient
worldview that derives from my country. Through the prism of Naer Mataron we highlight
an Luciferian side of things, a side misunderstood because of the eastern religion. The Hellen
was always a people of Light and always gave that Light to humanity, through Renaissance
or directly through the Hellenic Civilization that gave to the western Faustian Civilization as
Oswald Spengler beautifully states. I would say within a few words that Naer Mataron through
their lyrics mark out the Prometheans, the Cursed of History like Nikos Kazantzakis, Nietschze
or Ezra Pound.
12.Do you practice some heathen or anything else rituals or ceremonies? Do you interesting in
occultism, magic or consciousness change (maybe with some substances)? Maybe you got some
transcendental or spiritual experience?

Those subjects are deeply within us and we hold them dear, because they come from the depths
of our Race. We let some of them arise through the lyrics of Naer Mataron. The science of the
future maybe be social eugenics.

13.I think you study heathen and antique Greece heritage. Can you name some modern writers
and the historians studying this subject who should be read? Tell please about cinematographic
and literature tastes more widely. Do you interested in architecture, sculpture? I think, that two
directions in art is very interesting and inspiring, according to Greek culture and heritage.

I am against that modern pseudocultural “art” that began from the galleries of New York. The
age of Baroque is unsurpassed. Also whatever derives from the Classical era always touches me.
But there are still some beautiful essays in the Dark Middle Ages that inspire me.

14.Who made the cover artworks for Naer Mataron and what are the favorites of yours?

The front cover for our new album was taken from a church wall in Belgium. So saw it and it
was beautiful. We sent it to our graphics designer so that he will add the shield with Abraxas,
since we agree with his ideogram. The artist that we lately cooperate with is George “Grin”
Prasinis, a man that I consider deeply talented. Another one is Mental Porn. One of my favorite
covers is also the cover of our previous album “Praetorians”.

15. Your relation to the Roman culture which in fact simply absorbed and processed the Greek
one, having shown the world as a result a certain synthesis, determinate out thus for their own

Romans concerning art were a bad caricature of the Hellenic ones, whether you see through the
prism of geometry or religion or architecture. But concerning strategy they were the leading
experts of their time and they achieved many wonders that we can still meet in modern warfare.
16.In what other cultures, instead of your native one you also interested in? For example,
German, Scandinavian etc. Do you agree with me, that all European religions, cultures and
traditions are grown from the same root? At the other hand, all abrahamic and monotheistic
religions infesting the whole world are the antagonists of native European beliefs and have to be

You start a big issue that I cannot completely answer due to space limitations. But yes, I agree
that the European or Caucasian Race has many common characteristics from North to South,
from East to West. If we start examining religion, civilization and anthropology we will see
many common characteristics between the Mycenean civilization and western Europe. We can
see that in vases etc that were found. On the other hand several mythological, hero worshiping
stories like the Heraclean feats or the common roots of the Olympian Gods and the Scandinavian
pantheon or the Gods of the Ancient Germans are certainly common characteristics. Sadly we don’t have the time or the space but if you could study anthropology together with mythistory we
would have some very interesting conclusions.

17.Your relation to the people that are the same blood with you, but their mind infested by
christianity/islam/judaism or any other bullshit like that. Your relation to inhabitants (average
men), whether you despise them?

The European Christian nations must sit and find a solution to the charge of muslims. Hellas is
the guardian of the frontiers of Europe and right now the other Europeans have left us without
any real help. Americans and their NATO is bombing the whole world and Hellas is thus forced
to take waves of immigrants. It not a matter of racism but how can someone from Afghanistan
find any kind of help in today’s Hellas of the crisis, of the 2 million unemployed and the 3
million illegal immigrants? Christian Europe must find a solution for us, because all those
people see Hellas as a “paradise” and come here for a better life and they are all muslims. Unless
Merkel would like us to give them papers and free passage to Germany. Would anyone of them
sit in Hellas or they would run off to states like Germany? Think about it.

18.What does mean for you such words like war, illumination, terrorism, multi-racial society,
eugenics, holocaust, Apocalypse, Ragnarok?

War: Surely no one really likes war and its consequences. But I am not fond of the opinion “to
turn the other cheek”.
Illumanation: What is this?
Terrorism: The only real terrorists are the Americans and their allies that have created a
bloodbath all over the world.
Multi racial society: It is a nowadays phenomenon.
Eugenics: As I told you before it is an issue that started off from American centers. It should be
used for the betterment of mankind. Not for the creation of a lobotomized society.
Apocalypse: Apocalypse of the Ancient one like one song from our new album says.
Ragnarok: I am a fan of the cyclical theory by Heracletus. I believe that humanity is at a
changing stage. Something new is coming and something old is going to eclipse. I have spoken
about this in a track from “Skotos Aenaon” “Iketis”.

19.Describe your future plans for politics, music and any other.

Concering music I truly have a lot of faith in our new album “ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ”. I would
like all of your readers to give it a listen. It is an album that has a lot of work till the last riff.

In politics, I am a young man voted by 12.500 young people aged mainly from 20 to 40 years
old, including metal fans. I plan to give a new vision young people and mostly for the man that
will come.

20.And some final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!!!

I thank you for your support. Check Naer Mataron and our new album «ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ». I
am sure you will like it.

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