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Satanic Warmaster EPs Review

After the releasing of the overwhelming "Nachzehrer", Satanic Tyrant Werewolf decided to continue the musical line of his split releases, that he made between the issues of his other full-lengths. This time, after he decided to do no more splits, he started to release 7" EPs on vinyl with one track on each side, so it's very close to the format of one side on his former split releases. How it's close to the format, it's also close to the musical content, different from the regular full-length albums.  Nowadays, the third 7'' EP came, again on Northern Heritage, so, I decided to consider the late creativity of SW in more detail. Let's start from the first EP.

Ondskapens Makt / Forgotten Graves starts with the slow fingering of acoustic guitar that isn't characteristic for SW.  After it the song rushes into fast tempo like it was on his split with Evil - "Massacre" titled track. Melodics and riffs are very similar to old SW stuff like "Blood Of Our Fathers" stuff etc. Also quality of a recording is very similar, like it was maybe recorded in rehearsal room at the cassette-recorder without any post-productions.  Forgotten Graves is mid-flight song very close to the Vlad Tepesh and maybe early Satyricon in some places. Then rhythmic structure comes to fast blasts, with traditional for Finnish BM melodic guitar part. Also rather recognizable for STW sounds like vomiting, rattle, suffocations were noticed. So, I think he likes such things much.

Winter's Hunger / Torches contains two tracks with fast and harsh riffs with some influences of thrash and punk. Both tracks are sustained at rather quick and high-speed tempo and aren't exchanged especially for a variety. The main subject is conducted by a leading guitar that the background plays is audible in places rather badly since recording is identical for former EP.

The newest SW EP is more much close to the other STW project called The True Werwolf. Ironically, that new Werwolf stuff is more similar to the old SW, Hah! Generally sounding of songs quite viscous and gloomy though in the first track fast and chaotic places too are available. Some riffs and harmonics are much closely to old Mutiilation and Gestapo 666 stuff. In different places are presented some muffled gurgling and lingering gloomy ambient parts. Vocals in the second track aren't traditional screaming, it's much more close to the hysterical  howling and shriek. Track structure reminds me a bit the "Vampires" from the "Nachzehrer", but without any pauses and solo parts. It has some noisy and mad ending with a hurricane of drums and guitar whistles. Finally, this EP'' is not much typical for SW in some ways like drums, keyboards and whole grim atmosphere (maybe close to the first SW release "Bloody Ritual").

In the end, I have to say, that new SW stuff differs so much from the Nachzehrer like it differed from the brilliant Carelian Satanist Madness, and so we could expect some more raw, noisy and harsh atmosphere and stuff at the new SW full-length like it was on late releases of The True Werwolf or his earlier projects like Shatargat, Pest etc.

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