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Windstorm Interview

So, returning to the origins and roots of this zine, I have to note, that zine was created for reviewing and interviewing the bands that I cooperated with. I have cooperated with Windstorm and grim monolith for split release with my band. So, related to interview answers, grim monolith have been distinguished as faggots and cock-suckers but Windstorm has really satisfied me both by their thoughts and words and by their music. I really hope that our split will take place finally. So, meet the Windstorm!

1. Hails! Present your band for the readers and describe the history of your band (album, line-up and so on).

Coldest Hails and thank you for this interview! Windstorm was created in 2006 from Blackcrowned and Minion of the Antichrist which are the only band members till now. Yet, there is one release called "Eternal Gods Forgotten", a mini-album (EP) with 5 songs that lasts 28 minutes. This stuff was recorded in the end of 2010. After some problems we dealed because of the first label interested in releasing it, "Eternal Gods Forgotten" was finally released in 500 copies by "Apocalyptic Art" in March 2012. Before, in November 2011,it was also released in tape by Werewolf Promotion and Night Bird Records in 250 hund-numbered copies. Lately, we are working on new stuff about future releases. 

2.When did you started (in what age) to devote yourself into extreme and grim arts like Black Metal?

We both started listening to metal near 2000. We 've been also friends for many years, except from just cousins. I think the first time we listened to Black Metal was between 2003 and 2004. 

3.Describe the ideology of your band or what do you stand for.

The ideology of Windstorm is mainly based on Antichristianity. This is expressed through the adoration for nature and her powers and ancient cultures' practices.

4.Tell us about other projects that band's members take part in.

I also play drums in Omega, an oldschool black metal band in the sounds of Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory etc... Blackcrowned had an one man band project before Windstorm in 2004, called Vulture of Demise , when he recorded a demo never officially released.

5.What was your musical inspirations to make the  dark intensive metal art, that you do?

Our musical inspirations are mostly coming from Black Metal, and secondly from other kinds of Metal, like Heavy Metal, Oldschool Thrash and others.

6.Maybe about some other inspirations?

Definately a great source of inspiration is our everyday life experience, which deals with many matters, from personal and private to social matters.

7.Then, what's your opinion about what Black Metal is?

For us Black Metal is a way to express the dark side of the inner-self. To express the hatred and the urge from the inside about anything stressful, annoying and oppressive you wish it never existed. It's like a kind of war using lyrics and music instead of weapons and swords. It also describes nostalgia for things that passed through time and got lost, forgotten or destroyed or the admiration for nature. Black Metal can express many things depending on the person's perception. 

8.What means a name of your band Windstorm and what means a title of your EP "Eternal Gods Forgotten"?

We were looking for something  representing our music. The name was an idea I  proposed, we both liked, and so chose it between others. It’s an aggressive and destructive phenomenon of nature… About the title of the album, it begun as the title of a song. Then we thought it represents in general the concept of the EP, so we used it us its title. 

09.A lot of fpeople think that paganism is only light religion. But do you think that Black Metal can express
 dark side of paganism? Maybe Wild Hunt riding the storming clouds?

I believe in general that Black Metal expresses the dark side of human existence. Definately, this can happen through
paganism which is not at all a light religion as those people think.

10.What do you think about monotheism or organized religions? What do you think about idea of uniform god as well?

We are against any form of religion. We don't need any psychological enlightenment religion can offer.
We are generally against anything that tries to unite and combine people through god.

12.Greece scene is divided into different parts like many others. The first part is "Orthodox Occult" BM like Acherontas, Necromantia, Enshadowed and NS part like Wolfnacht, Der Sturmer or so. What's your opinion about both parts of Greece scene and bands like Kawyr or Zemial that didn't belonged to any part and walks it's own path to worship the antique gods of Greece and play extreme music based on such world outlook?  

Yes, Greek Black Metal scene has different parts. Each band has its own themes and ideology like satanism, paganism etc expressing its ideas and views. Greece has a variable and valuable Black Metal scene a fact I'm really proud of. 

13.And what bands of Greece scene that you take a cooperation with or you can name them worthy?

Some new bands I consider worthy and I would like to mention are: Winterdemons, Evig Sorg, Nadiwrath, Dizziness,
Aasgard, Caentes Cruenta, Sarvari, Bohemian Grove and many others..

14.What do you think about label Apocalyptic Art? Whether there was your cooperation enough from your point of view is fruitful?

We are really satisfied from our cooperation with Apocalyptic Art. From the beggining there was a great interest and support and all the arrangements fullfilled in time without any problem. Definately an underground label anyone could trust! It's a resent label, with it's first steps in 2007-2008 with really good releases for bands like Northern Frost, Wintergate, Winterhauch, Frozen Land and other interesting releases. We are truely pleased from this cooperation.

15.What do you know about Russian Black Metal scene? Can you name some worthy bands from your point of view?

I watch the last years that the Russian Black Metal scene is increasing and developing. The best release I resently listened to is the debut full leagnth of your band, Heresiarch Seminary. Also Forest is one of my favourite russian bands. Some other bands I like are Ulvdalir, Walknut, Branikald, Storhet av Morke, Drama, Frozenwoods and Grimnorth.

16.What forms of arts attracts you instead of Black Metal?

In general we haven't got a lot of free time to work with staff we really want to, because of work.
Although, we try to keep some of our hobbies, like camping, long walks in nature, horse riding, cycling, shooting  and more...

17.What do you think about modern forms of dark art like drone, dark/ritual ambient, maybe industrial?

We don't mess a lot with those kinds. There are just some of the bands we are listening to, that use those kinds of music.

18.Finally, you finishing words for readers about your future place and last words!

I want to send hails to the people who support and believe in us in any way! Thank you for this interview! Anyone who would like to listen or contact us can visit:

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