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Misty Visions Art Interview

In earlier post I had a contact with the owner of the label Dunkelheit Produktionen, this time here lies the interview with cover-arts designer Misty Visions Art. Conversation was just about design or cover-arts, but also about the musical activity, sources of inspirations and so, partly the history of the Polish BM scene. So, read and get acquainted with works of  Tadeusz, it's excellent!

1.Hails! Present yourself for the readers!

Hello, my name is Tadeusz and I live in Poland. I am or was a leader or member of a few music projects, for example: Deep-pression, Pustota, Fall, Fluctus, and my new project called Wędrujące Wiatry (Wandering Winds).  In the meantime I'm making artworks on CD's and other typography.

2.If it's possible, list all the bands and labels, that you cooperated with (maybe just some general words about labels, genres..).

If we talk about labels, I can say that I cooperated with labels such as Black Dominion Prod, Frenteuropa Records, Temple of Torturous and Black Vault Prod.  Cooperation with BDP and BVP was great, while with ToT it was the contrary. Frenteuropa wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Everything was "ok", but two gentlemens from those labels should be punished for extremely long time of release process.

3.Do you got some art education or you the self-educated person?

No, I don't attend any lessons. I'm learning by myself from books, tutorials in Web, and forums for graphic designers. The most important things or advice from me? Patience, strength, not looking at others and practice, practice...

4.Next, tell about (it if not secret, haha) a bit about your technics or methods of drawing, designing or something like that. Maybe stages of creation from the beginning before the finished product.

There are no secrets. If we talk about drawing I currently make only logos. Maybe time will come for other sketches (sketches for artworks came from bands). When it comes to sets of covers for CD’s, the procedure every time looks the same. I'm using my own photos or those sent by the band. I'm using appropriate textures and I'm puting them on photos in correct order. I'm using a lot of brushes in specific shapes, rubbers, masks, some filters and I'm playing with shadows/lights. Add a pinch of my spirit and voila.

5.When a band connect to you to make an artwork/flyer or anything else, how often happens when band or musician remains all to yourself, relying to your fantasy and imagination, and on the contrary - when some one tells absolutely accurate picture of what he wishes to see?

It depends on the band- in some cases band had vision I were to transform into graphic, in other I was free to come up with my own ideas. I was only given information about music, then I listened to it and I knew roughly what kind of materials I need to choose...

6.Do you got some preferences in music, ideology, genre of a band or it doesn't really matter and matter only that band have to belong an "underground metal camp"?

It's hard to say. For me music must  have a spirit that the artist put in it. Of course I prefer dark and sad music, rather than "happy" and "entertaining" one,  if you know what I mean... I like sounds full of reflections, climate and those with heart put inside them. Say what you like, but it can be sensed very quickly. Besides, I do not identify myself with the so-called "Metalheads".

7.Next not much usual question - do you got your own musical experience, or all your participation in metal underground is limited only in design and artworks? Or maybe some other, not musical and not art participation that's something else?

Yes, I had some experience with music.  As I mentioned at the beginning, for several years I took part in few projects, so the music and graphics as well are a form of self-expression.

8.What are your own tastes and preferences in metal or harsh and noise underground (maybe not only underground) music?

Mostly I listen to  90's. Black Metal. I don't know why, but I'm sure that nowadays bands from this genre in most cases don't have spirit that the music of 90's. has had. I have a personal list of favorites contemporary projects / bands that can grasp my heart with their music – those are sincere and have a great dose of climate. This is a very small number of bands/projects...

9.Do you got some inspirations in picture art (artists), cinema, sculpture, classic/vanguard music, poetry?

Probably not - my main inspiration is nature and its "melancholic and decadent part",  even it may sound silly.

10.Do you use some things for inspiration and work like alcohol, psychedelics (maybe cannabinoids)?

I don't touch drugs because they destroy brain and they simply are for weak people (I could mention a lot of examples from personal life). Alcohol makes me sleepy during such work. I drinking beer only in the woods or when I'm playing computer-games.

11.The most of your works were made for Black Dominion Productions' releases, so most of it's releases is DSBM. Your opinion about this genre and it's ideology. Maybe some your spiritual relationship with this genre? Can you explain yourself as mournful or depressed person?

DSBM in 95% cases is music simply disingenuous and untrue. Today everyone can record his DSBM material in few hours, make few photos with artificial blood, plastic knife which bought in toy store and upload whole "material" to web. The paradox is that this ideology promotes (among others) alienation and misanthropy, but because man is a strange being that after all has to live in the community and needs contact with others - well, something here is not quite as it should be . I can not say about myself that I live in depression, maybe a few years ago, but now I certainly do not.

12.And what motivations or impulses are stand before this genre? Some bullshit teen love tears and emo veins cut or real grim grief and nostalgic sorrow of a vampire, as Azgorh from Drowning The Light said? Do you got some favorites in this genre?

I think you are partially right. Dsbm can be fitting for certain people who are able to create SOMETHING in the music, which is probably the best form of self-expression, because I do not think they wrote poems about their "miserable" life (who knows, tough). Many people just have a whim in order to deal with it. I also think that a true depression is not such a good companion to create music (I am saying this based on personal experiences). My favorites band from this genre:  Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Nyktalgia, Wigrid, Burzum, old Shining(to II-Livets Andhallplats) and something else might turn up.

13.So, do you like some form of arts as surrealism, futurism, abstractionism, psychedelic, trash (in cinema, mainly)?

I know a couple of things that I like, but generally speaking I do not like this form.

14.Do you use the images and memories from your dreams, maybe nightmare dreams?

I am, but only in the texts of the songs that I write.

15.What's your opinion about Giger and Luetke? Can we expect something in this way from you in a future? More violent, perverted or grim that your now works?

I know they work and I have to admit that is impressive. I can not promise anything tough, because first of all I do not want to copy, and what’s more such topics are not my cup of tea.

16.You're located in Poland. So, what can you say about Polish scene (of BM surely), your favorite or hated bands, artist or labels?

I think that the Polish scene BM holds relatively well. We have several bands, of which we can be proud of. I have no bands that I favor or hate.  When something catches my ear I may return to it and listen some more. When the feeling is completely opposite – I just forget it and think of it no more.

17.Anti.., project, where M.D. from L.S.S.A.H. take part was signed at Black Dominion Production and there demo and split with Hat was released. So, L.S.S.A.H. belonged to Temple Of Fullmoon in middle of 90s. So your opinion about this page of Poland BM history? And also opinion about two antagonists - Graveland and Behemoth?

From this period I like Sacrilegium or for example Thy worshiper. When it comes to Behemoth and Graveland I must admit I like some of their early recordings (eg.  Sventevith and Grom, Behemoth is really something that I like to listen to from time to time).

18.At last, what's your future plan (in any way)? And some also final words from you...

I have no special plans. I plan to improve my skills as a graphic designer, live a quiet life, build cabin in the mountains, sit on the porch with a pipe in one hand, beer in the other and listen to Ulver’s Bergtatt staring at the sunset and simply enjoy the calm atmosphere.  You are welcome on my new personal site:
Thank you for the interview, good luck.

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Nocturnal Depression Interview

Despite modesty of band's leader, in my opinion, Nocturnal Depression is still remains the one of the true rulers of the DSBM genre, it's pioneers and origins. And each new release only proves it. Negation tour, tour over Brazil, new brilliant releases of them compelled me to connect with Lord Lokhraed for conversation. It came out, from the one point, very fruitful and spiritual, and from the other point, a bit laconic. And the result is perfect. Spread the Negation!

1. Hails, Lord Lokhraed! The first question is about the nearest tour of yours in Brazil! How do you can explain your senses and  impressions about those gigs? How were you accepted by audience and were you satisfied by the concert venues, accommodation conditions?

“The Cult of Negation Brazilian Tour” was a really great experience lead by Mitnel productions. It was our first tour with the new line-up and I really enjoy it. We get a really great audience and lot of fans during all gigs, even some of them singing the songs. Everything was great, just sometimes when you’re on tour you can’t stay away of the stage during day off. We hail the Brazilian supporters. 

2. House Of The Whipcord Zine is a Russian Zine, so it’s very interesting for me about your performing in Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Satanburg II fest. What’s your mention about the city itself, concert place, the audience and Russian bands performed there? Can you name or allocate some ones that are worthy in your opinion? Would you visit Russia again? And what do you think about whole Russian scene, also about maybe Ukrainian, Belorussian etc.?

We get the opportunity from Maniak Rocky to headline the Satanburg II fest, we also could have the chance to visit a little bit the city and I liked it. Well, Nocturnal Depression (ND) isn’t a pretentious band, when we are host in fest/gigs, we are in the crowd watching bands on stage. Lot of people was surprised that we were not staying in backstage all the time. So I can say that we get great impressions from lot of bands and also some were not really cool but I can’t tell you names because I don’t remember it. But Fuck, the audience was really amazing, the venue and the promoter so cool and professionals. Actually we are looking with promoter for making a Russian Tour next year so stay tuned. I personally like your scene because you don’t try to act like Scandinavian bands. You keep your culture and identity even into Black Metal and that’s your force and charm in my opinion.

3. ”Cult Of Negation” and later releases after it are so different from the “Reflections..” and more earlier releases. So, what’s were the reasons of such style change. I know that from 2008 you got full completed line-up. Do other members take part in arranging and composing of the songs?

I think it’s stupid and without any interests to play all the time the same stuff as previously. Each album got a different concept lead by negative feelings of depression. I don’t think it’s interesting if we play the music of “Suicidal Thoughts” with lyrics dealing about the manipulating world. Actually, members are working on arrangements but Morkhod had written a song for the new album that fits really great and Vrede (our new guitarist) is also working together with me to another album.

4. Tell about your view on such determination as “Negation” or “Cult Of Negation”. What these words are meaning for you personally, what do you put into it accordingly to your creative activity in ND?   

I got a pessimist vision of the world, society and life. The Cult of Negation is about the hidden society behind all the media, religions and government shits that make 99% of actual humans pathetic. I was immerged for a year into a place where you have to support all these scums. This is when The Cult of Negation was born. That’s so great because by reading lyrics you will find your family members, friends ect…

5. After you issued “Cult Of Negation” you started to re-record old works like “Suicidal Thoughts” and now demo “Near To The Stars” was announced to be re-recorded too. What is it, a new look at the old works or finishing to perfection of old ideas which was impossible in those days from a technical aspect?

A new look on old works will be a nice interpretation. We get lot of demand about this stuff that was produced at 50 copies that we gave to close friends. We recorded it in 2 days in one take for every instrument, so get a lot of mistakes. Now with a better sound and a few works, we can put it into ND style really.

6. Upcoming 7”EP "L'Isolement" contains the track from the new album now recording and some other tracks, especially track, where lyrics was written by your new guitarist V. It’s called "Beskidt Og Forladt" (Danish for "Filthy and Forsaken"). How that cooperation with V. has began? Do you have some contacts with Danish scene (where he from)? What can you say about V. personally and about his projects, bands and whole Danish scene.  This EP will be released in Autumn, am I understand right?

The EP will be released this end of the year but I can’t tell you when. Vrede is a brother for me, he made a guest appearance during our show in Denmark and we totally enjoyed it. After some gigs/tours with his/our others bands and the departure of Avskrius, he proponed himself for being a part of ND. The first rehearsal with us was amazing and same of stage, so Vrede is totally a part of the band. Danish scene I know is old-school attitude and music and that’s very great. I can tell you some great names like of course Angantyr, Myrd, Vardlokkur, Molok, Make A Change Kill Yourself ….

7. On your last split release at SMS, the track “Cthulhu is Awakening” takes place. What do you put in such name and how are you deep involved into the world of H.P.Lovecraft?

The tracks on this release are from a mini CD we made before “Near to the Stars” and its called “One Night Among Nightmares”. It was totally about Lovecraft’s novels because we enjoyed how much the music of ND could illustrate this mystic world. I read Lovecraft since I’m 10 years old and it’s really the style I like, the track you’re talking about is the following of the novel “The Call of Cthulhu”.

8. On your “Cult Of Negation” album there is a track called “Dead Children”. What do you think about child murders, violence over children, or about child birth and life continuation itself?

I don’t think anything about all of that. “Dead Children” is song about the future society: children with no conscience, violent with everybody even with them, no nature, only ruins, snow is no whiter but black…On the song you can feel that they see the protagonist and runs to him to kick him without any reason. Is it really about future? Or more present?

9. You’re now preparing the next full-length called “Spleen Black Metal” and as you said, the upcoming album will be the “returning to the roots”. So, what can we expect from it, about what roots have you spoken and when can we expect it’s issuing?

“Spleen Black Metal” is more dealing with Black Metal like in the beginning of ND than the other releases. Lot of tremolo distorted guitars, some blast beats ect… Actually you won’t find ND going on the road of using clean vocals. I found no interests on this kind of stuff. “L’Isolement” is the best representation of how will sound the new album. We are starting recording sessions next month so I hope it will be release around February/March. 

10. Nocturnal Depression as a whole DSBM stands more for emotional and sensed disease and mental desperation, instead the classical religious/orthodox themes, traditional for Black Metal. As I remember there was some Satanic and religious images in early ND video “Nostalgia” and also you got project Grim Landscape addicted to esoteric and religious themes. What’s your today relation to such topics?

I never refute my appurtenance to these themes. Grim Landscape was/is about the mental war against religious domination into our minds. With ND, we didn’t wanted to use a different kind of Black Metal for spreading same ideas, I mean you already got too much bands dealing with this. Since the beginning Black Metal is linked to Satanism and will always be, people telling the contrary are not living our philosophy. Later I will talk to you about another band in which I play since several years…

11. You got also a lot of songs dedicated to the ghosts, haunted places and things. Do you face the ghosts and such places in your life or do you got some spiritual or another experience of contacting with such essences? With the spirit world I mean.

Everything into ND music is influenced by past/present acts/feelings. I get these experiences several times and I also isolated myself among them for writing lyrics and get some music ideas.

12. Explain your feelings about four seasons, maybe some words about each, how it reflects in your soul and heart accordingly to the creation of the music and lyrics.

My feelings about the seasons are already known and can be heard with the “Four Seasons to a Depression”. Spring with depression to winter with self-violence…

13. What bands and genres inspired you when you created ND?  Not especially BM, I mean all metal and non-metal arts and acts worldwide. Whether you got inspiration in literature, architecture, painting and other art forms?

ND music is influenced by such bands like Forgotten Tomb, Nargaroth, Burzum, Katatonia, Black Sabbath… But another major influence is classical music. You can hear that the structures of the songs are really like this important music. I’m playing into a classic French band since I’m 5 years-old so I can’t say it has not influenced me. Few parts of literature bring some inspiration like I said before with Lovecraft for example but the main influences are our negative feelings.

14. What about the other projects of yours or where you took part in? I mean Aghone, Helegion,  Nostalgie, Dead, Livor Mortis, Terra Mortis. Please tell a few words about it.

Actually we are less people playing/listening Black Metal, so it’s kind of normal to find several bands with the same people. The only thing interesting is playing different kind of Black Metal. Terra Mortis was my first band behind Grim Landscape (I think Grim Landscape will be back soon in a more brutal way). Nostalgie I just put some vocals after the music was recorded. Livor Mortis has released his first album that is really great in my opinion, now working on the new one. Helegion is really impressive, performing a ritualistic way of satanic Black Metal. We are performing black mass with the old-school Black Metal.

15. You got release called “Fuck Off Parisian Black Metal Scene”. What’s your opinion about Paris scene today and whole French scene, especially your hometown Grenoble scene?

I don’t follow really the scene of Paris but it should be the same than everywhere: some cool bands and lot of shit. French scene has some really great leaders and it’s known from each part of the world. About Grenoble, I think you know Blacklodge for example. 

16. What do you think about Paris itself, now corrupted and infested by a waves of immigrants? Accordingly to this, your mention about race wars and conflicts, today multi-racial world and so-called NSBM genre and Pagan BM. 

My opinion about this subject is not interesting concerning Nocturnal Depression… but I can say about Pagan BM that when it’s from Pagan countries it could be great (I mean when you rise in this culture). Unfortunately most of actual Pagan bands are pathetic…

17. Nocturnal Depression is named as the one of the DSBM genre openers and origins, so what’s your mention about DSBM development till nowadays, it’s essence and spirit and can you name some worthy bands that equal to your understanding of DSBM mission and determination?

I don’t have the pretention to say that ND is one important name into DSBM, it would be pretentious and not really my opinion. The DSBM has evolved; it was an obligation that you can see in every genre. Unfortunately it’s in the wrong way with the Rock/Shoegaze/Post Black. I hate this kind of sub-genres into our style. Of course some people could say that with some of our songs are sounding like this but it’s totally wrong (most of these people are our refractors). Well I won’t say some names cause the most important one is and was never labeled as  DSBM. Maybe it would be better to get rid of DSBM bands:  use drum machine, use distortion into vocals, talking about post-genre, tolerating every kind of music….

18. In the end please tell some final words for the readers of the House Of The Whipcord Zine!!!

Thanx for your interview. See you in Russia, I hope soon for the Spleen Black Metal. The Cult of Negation Arises…