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Misty Visions Art Interview

In earlier post I had a contact with the owner of the label Dunkelheit Produktionen, this time here lies the interview with cover-arts designer Misty Visions Art. Conversation was just about design or cover-arts, but also about the musical activity, sources of inspirations and so, partly the history of the Polish BM scene. So, read and get acquainted with works of  Tadeusz, it's excellent!

1.Hails! Present yourself for the readers!

Hello, my name is Tadeusz and I live in Poland. I am or was a leader or member of a few music projects, for example: Deep-pression, Pustota, Fall, Fluctus, and my new project called Wędrujące Wiatry (Wandering Winds).  In the meantime I'm making artworks on CD's and other typography.

2.If it's possible, list all the bands and labels, that you cooperated with (maybe just some general words about labels, genres..).

If we talk about labels, I can say that I cooperated with labels such as Black Dominion Prod, Frenteuropa Records, Temple of Torturous and Black Vault Prod.  Cooperation with BDP and BVP was great, while with ToT it was the contrary. Frenteuropa wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Everything was "ok", but two gentlemens from those labels should be punished for extremely long time of release process.

3.Do you got some art education or you the self-educated person?

No, I don't attend any lessons. I'm learning by myself from books, tutorials in Web, and forums for graphic designers. The most important things or advice from me? Patience, strength, not looking at others and practice, practice...

4.Next, tell about (it if not secret, haha) a bit about your technics or methods of drawing, designing or something like that. Maybe stages of creation from the beginning before the finished product.

There are no secrets. If we talk about drawing I currently make only logos. Maybe time will come for other sketches (sketches for artworks came from bands). When it comes to sets of covers for CD’s, the procedure every time looks the same. I'm using my own photos or those sent by the band. I'm using appropriate textures and I'm puting them on photos in correct order. I'm using a lot of brushes in specific shapes, rubbers, masks, some filters and I'm playing with shadows/lights. Add a pinch of my spirit and voila.

5.When a band connect to you to make an artwork/flyer or anything else, how often happens when band or musician remains all to yourself, relying to your fantasy and imagination, and on the contrary - when some one tells absolutely accurate picture of what he wishes to see?

It depends on the band- in some cases band had vision I were to transform into graphic, in other I was free to come up with my own ideas. I was only given information about music, then I listened to it and I knew roughly what kind of materials I need to choose...

6.Do you got some preferences in music, ideology, genre of a band or it doesn't really matter and matter only that band have to belong an "underground metal camp"?

It's hard to say. For me music must  have a spirit that the artist put in it. Of course I prefer dark and sad music, rather than "happy" and "entertaining" one,  if you know what I mean... I like sounds full of reflections, climate and those with heart put inside them. Say what you like, but it can be sensed very quickly. Besides, I do not identify myself with the so-called "Metalheads".

7.Next not much usual question - do you got your own musical experience, or all your participation in metal underground is limited only in design and artworks? Or maybe some other, not musical and not art participation that's something else?

Yes, I had some experience with music.  As I mentioned at the beginning, for several years I took part in few projects, so the music and graphics as well are a form of self-expression.

8.What are your own tastes and preferences in metal or harsh and noise underground (maybe not only underground) music?

Mostly I listen to  90's. Black Metal. I don't know why, but I'm sure that nowadays bands from this genre in most cases don't have spirit that the music of 90's. has had. I have a personal list of favorites contemporary projects / bands that can grasp my heart with their music – those are sincere and have a great dose of climate. This is a very small number of bands/projects...

9.Do you got some inspirations in picture art (artists), cinema, sculpture, classic/vanguard music, poetry?

Probably not - my main inspiration is nature and its "melancholic and decadent part",  even it may sound silly.

10.Do you use some things for inspiration and work like alcohol, psychedelics (maybe cannabinoids)?

I don't touch drugs because they destroy brain and they simply are for weak people (I could mention a lot of examples from personal life). Alcohol makes me sleepy during such work. I drinking beer only in the woods or when I'm playing computer-games.

11.The most of your works were made for Black Dominion Productions' releases, so most of it's releases is DSBM. Your opinion about this genre and it's ideology. Maybe some your spiritual relationship with this genre? Can you explain yourself as mournful or depressed person?

DSBM in 95% cases is music simply disingenuous and untrue. Today everyone can record his DSBM material in few hours, make few photos with artificial blood, plastic knife which bought in toy store and upload whole "material" to web. The paradox is that this ideology promotes (among others) alienation and misanthropy, but because man is a strange being that after all has to live in the community and needs contact with others - well, something here is not quite as it should be . I can not say about myself that I live in depression, maybe a few years ago, but now I certainly do not.

12.And what motivations or impulses are stand before this genre? Some bullshit teen love tears and emo veins cut or real grim grief and nostalgic sorrow of a vampire, as Azgorh from Drowning The Light said? Do you got some favorites in this genre?

I think you are partially right. Dsbm can be fitting for certain people who are able to create SOMETHING in the music, which is probably the best form of self-expression, because I do not think they wrote poems about their "miserable" life (who knows, tough). Many people just have a whim in order to deal with it. I also think that a true depression is not such a good companion to create music (I am saying this based on personal experiences). My favorites band from this genre:  Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Nyktalgia, Wigrid, Burzum, old Shining(to II-Livets Andhallplats) and something else might turn up.

13.So, do you like some form of arts as surrealism, futurism, abstractionism, psychedelic, trash (in cinema, mainly)?

I know a couple of things that I like, but generally speaking I do not like this form.

14.Do you use the images and memories from your dreams, maybe nightmare dreams?

I am, but only in the texts of the songs that I write.

15.What's your opinion about Giger and Luetke? Can we expect something in this way from you in a future? More violent, perverted or grim that your now works?

I know they work and I have to admit that is impressive. I can not promise anything tough, because first of all I do not want to copy, and what’s more such topics are not my cup of tea.

16.You're located in Poland. So, what can you say about Polish scene (of BM surely), your favorite or hated bands, artist or labels?

I think that the Polish scene BM holds relatively well. We have several bands, of which we can be proud of. I have no bands that I favor or hate.  When something catches my ear I may return to it and listen some more. When the feeling is completely opposite – I just forget it and think of it no more.

17.Anti.., project, where M.D. from L.S.S.A.H. take part was signed at Black Dominion Production and there demo and split with Hat was released. So, L.S.S.A.H. belonged to Temple Of Fullmoon in middle of 90s. So your opinion about this page of Poland BM history? And also opinion about two antagonists - Graveland and Behemoth?

From this period I like Sacrilegium or for example Thy worshiper. When it comes to Behemoth and Graveland I must admit I like some of their early recordings (eg.  Sventevith and Grom, Behemoth is really something that I like to listen to from time to time).

18.At last, what's your future plan (in any way)? And some also final words from you...

I have no special plans. I plan to improve my skills as a graphic designer, live a quiet life, build cabin in the mountains, sit on the porch with a pipe in one hand, beer in the other and listen to Ulver’s Bergtatt staring at the sunset and simply enjoy the calm atmosphere.  You are welcome on my new personal site:
Thank you for the interview, good luck.

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