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Shatraug Interview

Initially I planned this interview to discuss the whole Shatraug activity, not just from the Horna position, but indeed it came out more from the private, world-outlooking and maybe philosophical side. So, some answers are sounding too personally, so I glad to spread such words of Shatraug through my zine. 

1.Hails to you, Shatraug. Let’s start the interview by the question about latest news from camp of Horna! Tell please about future planned releases, maybe some new full-length?

Hails! We are currently preparing for the upcoming European headliner tour starting next week on September 20th. Beside this we've been working on our 9th full-length album. No title to reveal yet as it's still heavily under work...

2.You was busy with Behexen this year, I know, so tell please about composing and recording of new Behexen album. Maybe more widely about it’s conception and so on.

Creating something for Behexen is simply said a task to fulfill the visions of the band's main souls. I am a mere vessel carrying out the darkness in this said congregation, not one bit less satisfying though.

3.You cancelled a lot of concerts last year, and in Russia too, at Satanburg, so, what was the reason of it? I read about it in your myspace blog, so this decision was accepted because your tour dates  coincided with Ozzy Osbourne tour dates, and promoter cancelled your gigs. It’s very strange, because I think your listeners don’t cross with Ozzy audience.

As it has always been we have not personally cancelled any gig. I don't think we ever have actually! I remember talking about possibly playing in Russia but the gigs there were never finalized to a point where we would've actually had visas to go there... As for the Brazilian fiasco, we went there later on and regret it deeply. That country had some of the worst experiences we've ever had the misfortune to face and we got familiar with a complete culture of lies and rip off. It's no co-incidence that Brazil has such a reputation... the organizer of our tour there never even had the money he was promising to pay us. At least we made it back alive and well, maybe lost a decade or two from our lives but it was an experience nonetheless.

4.What’s now with your label Grivantee Records? Maybe some new good releases? Which criteria band or album, have to correspond to be released on your label?

Grievantee is going through it's burial rites at the moment. No turning back when hell calls...

5.Also I know, that you started to make designs for different bands’ sites, flyers etc. Tell please more widely about this project, with which bands, labels you will or wish to contact and maybe you can tell about some results of it?

It was some momentary idea which never carried anywhere I guess. Can't even remember if I did something or not... that's that.

6. How affairs are going now in a camp of Sargeist? Do you got some plans after releasing of the last EP called “Lair Of Necromancy”? I was intrigued a bit by that EP’s name, can you tell in details about it’s lyrics, mood, conceptions or how tracks, in what atmosphere it was composed?

The EP has all the lyrics with it so anyone can read and interpret for themselves. The songs on the EP were recorded at the same session as the latest full length but were left out in favor of doing this release. Both songs on it are on the same topic... dreamlike visions, nightmares of necromantic practices, the rituals of death worship.

7.What can you say about a couple of your projects like Black Stench, Finnentum, Foudre Noire, Hoath, Morbid Savouring, Mortualia, My Torments, Necroslut etc.? Are some of them dead or alive now and can be some future for some of them or some resurrection?

Projects come and go, their lifespan can never be predicted. Either there will be more material from one or more of them, or not. I do not plan much further, I just create whatever I feel at the given time.

8.In some old interview to Russian zine Corona Mortis, you noticed, that you never will play in Russia, because you promised to your grandfather, that you never will visit “eastern lands”. Whether this relation changed in the course of time, and do you ready now to play in Russia if there will be favorable circumstances? Whether you watched for last years over Russian scene and whether can you name any worthy bands from there?

I still remember this. The way I see it, Russia is not the same country anymore so keeping that in mind I can allow myself to do this without desecrating the promise to a dying old man. He fought in the winter war and lost all our family lands, farm fields, houses and so forth, and those are in the current Russian area now. I know he was always sad for this and I can understand why but I do not blame the current generation for it. We have been planning a long time to play in Russia but so far it hasn't become reality, always some problem we could not solve to be able to do it, but I'm sure it will happen sooner or later. As you might know, we have also done a split EP with a Russian band... I do not follow the “scene” in any country that much anymore so I can't name much bands, no matter where from but from what I can remember, there are some good bands like Blackdeath, Storming Darkness, Black Wood, Ithdapquth Qliphoth and the infamous Blazebirth Hall bands of course.

9.Maybe you tell about your own favorites worldwide or in your homeland? Maybe, some new releases this year, that you like or respect? No just only in BM, I mean all spectrum of dark music, from metal to noise and ambient or something like that.

Ahh, much too difficult to say, I can't tell if something I liked is from this year or the previous two, hah. I can't keep track of time too well anymore..

10.According to this, tell about your relation to side project of your singer Spellgoth, that’s called Slave’s Mask, and, surely “dance metal” band, where he take part as vocalist, Turmion Kätilöt. It’s very strange for me, that’s frontman of Horna is looks like Marilyn Manson, when he is not at “main job”. What’s your opinion about shock rock, industrial?

It's all a part of him and I would not even ask him to do something else. What many people might not see is the same darkness which is all of the bands he's part of. For example Turmion Kätilöt might be musically, as you say, “dance metal” but the lyrics are so fucked up perverted and dark nobody should make the mistake of confusing them for a fun project. To put it simple black metal is what is closest to Spellgoth's heart and soul, electronic music is what his flesh desires.

 11.Earlier you declared, that Horna has nothing to do with NSBM, and in Horna there are only “Satanist and Paganists”. And also you told that you believe in Satan not in a christian manner. So how could be paganism and Satanism can be combined in your world outlook or in a band conception? Do you think that’s christian image of Satan was created from ancient European religions and beliefs, transformed from the image of gods Pan, Kernunnos, Satyr or so? And do you feel some inspiration or reverence from the pre-christian European heritage?

It's quite simple... every satanist is pagan, but not every pagan is satanist. That principle puts it all in a nutshell. If you take a closer look at christian god, Jesus and their principles you will find that all of their holy doctrine has been stolen from ancient religions so what can we assume from that is that it's a complete religion of lies, abuse and molestation. Satan represents freedom from these chains of imaginary rule.

12.Your thoughts about such things as monotheism, Gnosticism. Did you read works of Miguel Serrano and if yes, what do you think about this? What do you think about, that monotheism was initially alien for Europe and it’s just a generation of Demiurg?

No, haven't read his works and do not actually have full understanding what “Demiurg” means in this context, but I fully agree that monotheism was something alien, and still should be...

13.Your thoughts about the image of Satan=Lucifer=Odin as an antagonist of material world and opposer of so-called “god”. How do you see the upcoming picture of Leaden Age, that will come after Kali-Yuga, the Iron Age and forthcoming Apocalypse or Ragnarok?

It's quite hard to even begin on this subject but what will come will come on it's own pace and those who are not ready to embrace it may yet fail to see the glory of it.

14.Returning to theme of NSBM. So-called antifa tried to blame you as fascists or something like that. Satanic Warmaster show was cancelled at Hellfest because some “big” artist found out Nazgul’s creativity is too “intolerant”. And at Ragnarok fest so many bands, including Satanic Warmaster, Absurd, Nokturnal Mortum and so on were cancelled. But not just sets. Patches and t-shirts were forbidden! What’s a fucking political bullshit around music? What do you think about it?

That's what happens when rich kids have no life and nothing better to do than become worse fascists than any “real” fascists ever were, for is that not exactly what it is? It's typical for big mainstream events these days though, everyone is too concerned about kissing the right asses instead of actually bringing the best bands to people. On another note this also proves that some black metal is still considered too much of a danger to the mainstream and that's not all too bad. We had the same experience with Sargeist when Party San Open Air was asking our German tour promoter to book us for a gig and who else would cause our cancellation than Bolt Thrower who seem to be over-allergic to any black metal claiming it fascist right off. The funny part is that Party San actually went and said we refused to give any statement about their questions but the whole festival never contacted us at all!

15.So, you toured not so long ago with band Taake from Norway, so, what do you think about nowadays Norway scene and also about death of Trond Nefas, the frontman of Urgehal not so long ago?

Some bands in Norway are good, some not, it's much like any other country but unlike other countries, they carry a past they can never outshine. I still enjoy Taake as much as always and there are many great “younger” bands from the Nidrosian circle. I never played any gig with Urgehal or met the guy so can't feel sorry about that at all. To me it's another human who is dead. I find more interesting things in the garbage sometimes.

16.Accordingly to Taake and some other bands making GG Allin covers, what do you think about this person and punk rock itself? I remember that you called Horna as a “BM band with some thrash and punk influences”.

For some part it seems to be some kind of a trend to be into GG Allin nowadays but I also see the relevance to black metal in it – both praise destruction and violence, and GG for sure revelled in both. I like some of his songs and some old hardcore/punk bands like Misfits, Terveet Kädet, Rattus, Shitter Limited, Black Flag... The punk influence in Horna can be seen when we play live, not in any other way I guess – we don't care shit what kind of equipment we have to play with or if the sound is perfect or not... mostly we don't even do soundcheck but just get on stage and let it rip!

17.What do you think about some destructive way of life including such things like drugs, alcohol, psychedelics, unrated violence, sexual perversion etc.?

To each his own. I have had my share of it all and still find the unjoyment of alcohol every tour and gig we do... sometimes the violence as well, and sexual perversion.. what is that?? Probably doing something in the bed which does not read in the bible.

18.Do you still interested in esoteric, magic or do you practice some of it like it was earlier? What’s your today tastes in cinema, literature, maybe drawing or something like that?

I have my interests but not enough time unfortunately, just not enough time. Lately I've only been watching brainless action movies with actors like Steven Seagal, something that does not require full attention or brain activity.... Other than that I do what I feel inspired, when I feel inspired to do something. Haven't read any book in a long time, the latest one was probably Arthas, hah.

19.Earlier you called Azaghal the exiles of the Finnish scene, so can you confirm it now, after the many years of band existing in Finnish underground and why?

I would still say it's true. Partly because they do not keep much contact within the Finnish scene, and partly because I don't know if anyone actually wants to. There is nothing special there anymore though, old imaginary grudges are long past and we have no time for teenage quarrels.

20.Do you still interested in NES games as you told earlier? I can’t really imagine that you took some melodic themes from NES games to Horna, really, huh!

Haha, you've done your research! I've given my old NES to my son and he's playing on it a lot so I guess I have passes the torch. I still have all the games I always did, not going to sell those ever.

21.Do you interested in sports or do you have some daily physical activities and exercises?

Not really. I can't bother, it's enough to go to work and be pissed off about that, using so much energy just to get paid... unfortunate life of being adult and in a modern society. I could not bare to live as some fucken wellfare bum...

22.Tell me please about some good or bad, best or worst impressions and concerts, travel for all the time of your creative activity. Just first, that came in mind.

Fuck Brazil! The only thing come to my mind was our rip off tour there and one of the gigs where we had to play around 6 in the morning just because the first band was 5 hours late and the organizers decided to wait before the whole gig begins... fucking unprofessional. Can you imagine what would have happened to the opening band in any other place?

23.So, finish the interview how you find worthy!

Thanks for this interview! It was refreshing for a change, haven't done these in a while. Keep it horned!

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