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Navjarmaahr Interview

There will be the interview with the Russian band called Navjarmaahr, well-known for their split with Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, their gigs with so great acts like Totenburg, Dark Fury, Kroda and Taake and albums full-filled with cold and ravenous Black Metal. So, read my conversation with band's leader Kolosveth. 

1.Heil, Kolosveth! Could you please tell me about the idea of creation and conception of your
latest long-play “The fangs of night’s shining”. About the composing of the material and how
much did this process differ from the previous time when you worked at “To gladden the
ravens” ?

Hail. This time the process of recording differed by the line-up and the region. We recorded
drums in Moscow at Djur’s studio, the vocal was recorded in at Valgrind. All other has been
recorded and mixed at the same studio as “To gladden the ravens”. I can not tell any romantic story about the idea of conception of our new disc. I have been thinking about the release of this material for quite a long time. I guess I was able to realize my ideas just the way it was decided. I didn’t aim at making it a conceptual album. If you would like to have some general impression of it, you’d better have a look at the booklet than
read my explanations.

2. The style has been changed in comparison with the first album; the influence of thrash and
death is not so evident. How did your musical tastes change since that time?

Yes, the material has really changed. But the reason is not in my personal musical
preferences, but in the change of process of creation. Besides, we did not waste time, and now
it is easier for the to realize my ideas then 5-6 years ago. The current situation in Navjarmaahr
suits me perfectly, and it helps me to be more exact in the way of expressing my musical ideas.

3.Please tell more details about the artwork. About the history and idea, and the connection with
lyrics and conception of the album. Who and how did it and to what extent does it correspond to
the original idea?

The booklet was designed by a person close to me, that’s why the process of communication
was easy. I have thought out most ideas beforehand, and many details were created in the
course of creation. The lyrics are somewhat connected with the pictures in the booklet, but
I didn’t aim at the complete coincidence. We strived at showing the atmosphere which is
close to our music. I hope we have succeeded in it. I wanted to pay the most attention to the
coverart. It is just what I have imagined.

4. There is a quite untypical interlude “Mother of winds”. By its sense it is a suitable intro to the
composition, but it sounds rather… strange. Please tell about the history and the recording of this

For the creation of this intro I used some etnographical recordings. I can’t see anything
strange in it. It helps to create the nessessary atmosphere for the the track that follows it.
Especially if one hears or reads the lyrics. I think it could be more typical if we used the
sounds of thunder, ravencries, gllomy clavecin or something of the kind, but such effects
have already been used by too many bands.

5. Your first album has been released at Skidblandir, the second at Hexenhammer Records. Tell
about each label and why did you decide to switch from one to another.

The label which had issued our first dics was the revived Chernovit, which has been silent for
some years before and then came back under another name. Unfortunately after the release of
Djur ‘s first album (who is the owner of the label), right after «To gladden the ravens»,
the label ceased to exist. But I can not say that it has been too active before. The first disc
received practically no support, about half of copies is stiil somewhere in the dusty boxes,
and the little promotion that had been, was throug the trade with different labels.
Two labels that decided to release our second album belong to serious peiple who are alreadt\y
many years in this business. They managed to organise the decent network of distribution.
Besides, Hexenhammer invited us to support their new release on the same stage with Totenburg
and Dark Fury, so I can say that now I am almost comletely satisfied with the label.

6.Not long ago your split with Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle was released, personally for
me it was rather unexpected. Was it your initiative or the decision of the label’s owner? Your
opinion about the other band and of the Brasilian scene in general. Are such kinds of releases
planned in the future, and if yes then with whom?

6.Not long ago your split with Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle was released, personally for
me it was rather unexpected. Was it your initiative or the decision of the label’s owner? Your
opinion about the other band and of the Brasilian scene in general. Are such kinds of releases
planned in the future, and if yes then with whom?

The initiative came from the publisher. I thought that it would be great to distribute our
early staff to these lands and agreed to that idea.. Тsome time before that I have sent about 20
copies of our dics by trade. I am of good opinion about the other band from the split. Some
quite respected people from Evil and other extreme southern bands play in it.. Their scene is
interesting, there are many different freaks, there are those who copy some pop shit stuff, there
are real extremists. As time passes, their bands stop to differ from any other, but I think that
Brasil is able to present some powerful bands. I do not plan any splits, at present we are working
at our third full-length album.

7. You have quite large experience of live shows. Tell me about it, may be there was the best
and the worsts concerts in the band’s history. You have played together with Kroda, Totenburg,
Dark Fury. What is your impression about these bands and if they were up to your expectations?

It is difficult to single out something definite. It would not be objective. Some concerts were
quite good from the point of view of atmosphere, but the organization and sound left much to be
desired. And vice versa. But in order to leave this question unanswered, I can remind how we
played together with your band in Oryol, ha-ha! It was one of the worst concerts where we have
played. We really have played with many bands on the same stage. Most of all I liked the shows
of Taake, Isole, Totenburg. These bands do not overuse different effects, but their energy and
atmosphere are rather impressive. Some other, famous bands did not make any bright impression
on me.
If you have asked me only about the bands that have played at Hexenhammer Fest (judging
by the list of bands you have mentioned), then on stage I liked the Germans, and the Polish to
communicate with.

8.You use corpsepaint as a part of your image on stage. What is it for you, a homage to the
traditions or more deep understanting of European archetypes such as Wild Hunt, Oskorey, etc.?

Both. The archetypes that you have mentioned brought forth these traditions.

9. Do you consider Black Metal as an atavism of ancient times, times of pre-christian Europe,
arranged through the coldness of modern musical technologies?

I didn't consider Black Metal as an atavism. Yes, its sense really has some features due to
some ancient instincts and subconsciousness, but I am very far from searching answers to
this question. The feeling that this music arise in me are enough.

10.As a rule, Black Metal is identified as satanic music; what is your attitude to this idea and to
the satanism in general. Do you consider satanism as a kind of symbol for the deterrence of the
christians, derived from old european beliefs and deities like Pan, Satyr, Kernunnos?

It depends on who identifies what. If they are priests or thoughtless herd, why not – let it
be satanic. I don’t care what anybody thinks about it.. Black Metal is the mucis of power.
I don’t know what satanism really is, it is too much discredited and dependant on its
constant “companion”.

11.It is worth noting that many BM adepts have so called gnostic life perception. Your attitude to
gnosis and to monotheistic religions. Do you think it is something alien for Europe?

I don’t accept any religion, moreover in its monotheistic meaning. I have nothing in
common with gnosis.

12. You define Navjarmaahr’s style as Heathen Black Metal. What is your definition
of “paganism” and the understanding of so called “native faith”. Usually the second term is often
used instead of the first.

“Heathen” for me means something natural or wild. It is not nessessary to use this term,
it is just a kind of mark telling about what our misic can or can no be like. Roughly
speaking, we began to use it in order to avoid being called “pagan black metal”. I am
not going into the explanation of these terms in the frame of this interview, «paganism»
and «native faith» are not much related to our art. But I should say that downright pagan
bands are closer for me than those who just aims at “horrification of christians”.

13.Let’s swith from paganism to national-socialism. Your opinion of NSBM. Can it be
considered as a sybtype of RAC with the music like BM. And in the worst case it is so
called «bedroom bm” with horrifying swastikas and Hitler on the cover. Worthy band like
Totenburg or Graveland, Wolfnacht are very few. Do you agree that it is a result of artificial
breeding of this style?

I have a positive opinion for talented NSBM projects. But if the music or the person
creating it is nothing but shit, I shall not favour it for the idea. I think it is obvious. The
number of representatives of «bedroom bm» among satanic BM is not less, taking in
consideration its huge popularity. Every snotty moron places a pentagram on his crappy
stuff in 98% cases. In the other 2% it is a swastika or anything else..

14. Speaking about national-socialism, how this phenomenon relates (if ever) to your own
mindset? Your opinion of Worsl War II, of the person of Hitler? What do you think about the art
of Miguel Serrano?

This topic has great importance for me, but I think it is worth of a separate discussion and
is not just for the sake of information about what kind of person I am.

15. In the interview for Naer Mataron, published aslo in my zine, Kaiadas says that in radical-
rightist organization Golden Dawn which he belongs to, any religion reputed in modern society
as traditionally European is welcomed, no matter what it is – orthodoxy, catholicism, paganism,
etc. Do you think that such conglomerate can take place and if modern christianity is able to
oppose to multiculural (that is – Islamic) world and be a basis for maintaining European culture
and traditions? Is it possible to combine this synthesis with BM?

I think that he has messed up in his opinions and wants so to say “to sit at two chairs at a
time”. I have an extremely negative opinion of christianity. The dumbing-down of people
can be suitable just for the profitable jewish business.

16.Recently a large amount of bands has appeared who define their style as something like «red-
anarchist black-metal”, “green (nature-protecting) black-metal” (it is not a joke, if I am not
mistaken this green-oriented extreme organization exists in Holland and it plays BM) What is
your attitude to this do you think it is a perversion of the essence of style?

I consider this as a degradation of the style.

17. My next question is regarding one more very popular modern style called DSBM, which
is now unfortunately connected with such genres as shoegaze, post-black, etc. Your attitude to
depressive black metal and its various indigestible branches and sub-styles which was the reason
why this style has diverged from its original meaning. It is not possible to call all this Black

If to speaking about names like Burzum, who gave birth to all these sub-styles, I do not
consider them as separete genre. It is still Black metal.
Different gay-like clownishness with razorblades does not have anything in common with
Black metal. Such bands iether do not have anything in common with this style or after
some years transform into somewhat like emo with photos under the roadside lanterns
in their booklets. Undoubtedly sometimes there are people who make quite original and
interesting music, but it is not clear to me why they use all these “labels” for describing their
styles. It just makes things worse.

18. Tell me please about your vision of the future Navjarmaahr’s development and the Pagan
BM style in general. Are there any bands which in your opinion are worthy and interesting?

There are lot of bands with future. Many of them are quite famous in their circles. I
am not closely following what happens on pagan BM-scene, there are more talented bands
outside of it, for example bands from Ural or Murmansk.

19.As a conclusion, a few words for House Of The Whipcord Zine!!!

I wish development and progress for your zine.


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