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Acherontas Interview

This will be the last interview in 2012 year and with pride I present the conversation with leader of occult formation Acherontas - V.Priest! So no long fucking prelude this time!

1.Hails, Acherontas V.Priest! I want to start the interview from the question of the nearest releases of yours – splits with the bands named Shibalba, Crimson Moon, Akrabu, Nightbringer. Tell more widely about personalities, that stand behind those acts and splits’ conceptions and missions. What does title “Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat” means?

Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat means Road Whose Course Does Not Turn Back.
This Split was released By Nihilward Productions in Digi cd,Cold Poioson and Geo Adis were stood Behind the Art of Layout and Musicians that involved except me was C.L,Semjaza 218,Docre and Akhkhar.The Lp version was By Obscure Abhorence and Art of Propaganda.
About the split with Nightbringer Agonia Released it and the same persons had stood behind the music except the art was made by Alabas and Vamperess Imperium.

2.Returning to the history of Acherontas – it can be divided into some stages, when band was named Worship, Stutthof, and, finally Acherontas. Please tell about a little about each stage and what meaning and feelings you have putted in each band name, concept, lyrics, etc.

The Philosophy behind Each stage remains the same from 1996 Till Now.My Nightside Activities and Dayside take Form in the Music as Expressions of My Inner World Crossing the Draconian Path.A Term that I usually refered to from The Early days of Stutthof.

3.So why the Stutthof was disbanded?

The serpent was Bite his Own Tail for this Era..So as Rebirth the Ashes Created the Entity is Called Acherontas.There was no reason to continue something from the moment I was felt that must Rise in a new form.

4.The title of your last full-length was Vamacara. In one of interview you quite vastly explained an essence of this term. But in addition, as the tantra of the left hand, Vamacara includes a cannibalism, sacrifice of animals, sexual orgies, etc. Couldn't you more fully describe , if it is possible, your understanding and interpretation of this aspect in this interview.

Cannibalism,Self Mutilation,Sacrifices human or Animals,Drugs Chemical Or Social ARE slave mentalities than Can serve as well the Elite to Bound the Herd of Mortal Perspective to Act as Blind...
True Science has nothing to do with such low actions.This is not my opinion but a fact if someone Study the Traditions From Ancient Years and Metaphors Behind these Open Secrets to Discriminate with Care the Truth Behind these...There is a huge DIFFERENCE to join the draconian path as “Follower and Spawn of the Gods”Than servant..I am Studying everything in History and Religions but as can one find Mindbrakes or Weakness and slave mentalities for Example in Christianity can find it as well to Hindu or even to Traditional Satanism.I don't care to explain Further These things..Life is an Intelligence test for All..You can Embrace Madness as well if this serve you..Someone can says yes but my will or my path and Blah Blah.....It is his Choice.I dont care.You are what you are. Many Cross Our Path,Few Will Rise.So simple.

5.As I read in booklet for “And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust”, you “dedicated this opus to Mighty Temple of The Vampire and Anton S.Lavey”. So, the first part of a question, what is the Temple Of The Vampire?

Sorry I cant say anything about this Temple.Anyone who may be interested can check By his own.

6.The second part of the question, your relation to A.S. Lavey, then, when you wrote this dedication and now, after a couple of years. And also your relation to the mention, that Laveism is just only egoism and materialism in occult wrapper, and can't be the Satanism without the object of worship, without Satan. 

The term Worship In ancient Greece means to work with.Not to Bow in Kneels and worship anything..If so what is your Difference with Christians or Muslims and all of these weak dogmas??NONE! Lavey used many systems and theories from many people and created something.When I was Young It was a good source to Realize that you have to check inside you for the God and then outside...Also had a Strong Might is Right View(Yes I know there were many others philosophers that already spoke such things but I am talking now for this specific) that was Quite different from the other Currents that Era...Most of the Religions especially traditional satanism in 60s and 70s, their Followers were nothing that Weak and depressed Kids that they found an escape through Religion to Cover their misery by Rape,Kill and seem Evil...Most of them they had not fought with a boy in the Streets or Masturbation was the Higher sex they had....Hahaha!To be free from Bounds social or Spiritual don't means that you have to hate everything and live your life as Idiot Deny the sex and Pleasures in Malkuth and all the time Try to shock how much dark is your soul..Haha!The most serious Occultists I have met in my life was out from the Metal Scene.TO BE FREE IN YOUR LIFE IN ALL THE WAYS MEANS TO HAVE THE POWER AND KNOWLEDGE TO MOVE AS PREDATOR AMONG THE SHEEP..TO MANIPULATE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE AS GOD..TO REAP THE GARDENS OF LIFE...THIS IS THE EARTHLY MASTERY VIEW OR BETTER THE DAYSIDE ASPECT..THE NIGHTSIDE ASPECT IS NOT USEFUL TO SHARE IT HERE IN PUBLIC...AS ABOVE SO BELOW..WHAT YOU HARVEST HERE WILL JOIN YOU AFTER....AND AS A TITLE OF A SONG FROM ACHERONTAS DECLARES:FINIS CORONAT...A TRUE LUCIFERIAN DWELL AMONG HUMANS IN SOCIETY AND USE HIS WILL TO HARVEST RESULTS AND EXPERIENCES..OF COURSE THIS DON'T MEANS TO BE SLAVE IN PLEASURES...AN INDIVIDUAL USE PLEASURES AND IS NOT USED BY THEM...BALANCE IS THE WAY.MOST OF THE LAVEYAN SATANISTS OR GENERAL PEOPLE HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD THAT AND THEY HAVE NO BALANCE BETWEEN THESE ASPECTS.MATERIALISM DEVOUR THEIR SOULS OR THE NIGHTSIDE MADE THEM PSYCHO.A STRONG SOUL COMMANDS AND LIVES IN BALANCE.

After many years after this Dedication of course I am not regret.COS is not of my interest anymore. It is ok when you are young and at your first steps. but this don't means that I stand against.Is stupid to stand against something in your life.Choose to Stand for something in your life and not Against.. someone can gain Knowledge from everything...I dont Deny anything,My spirit is free to study anything and I think that I have my Experience to Discriminate Fairy tales from Serious things.

7.Earlier in one interview you noted the term named the “Astral Vampirism”. Can you describe more in detail this term here?

As I mentioned before I am sorry I cant say more for this.Those who can Understand can embrace my words.The others can Watch a hollywood movie and Leave terms as this and Dream workings to few.

8.In this booklet you also fucked up, as you told, the “false young NS bands-kids”.So, your relation to the NSBM genre itself, concerning to Stutthof, your former band name.

Yes I had said that..I see that you had carefully kept my words.This is very good.I am against to everything that is used by People Just for Image or Trend.Many so Called NS warriors their money is their God....Business my friend...Or many satanists or Great magicians they have not 5 euro to Buy Ciggarettes for Example ...Is it A little strange..??They declare free will and Power and leave with the Money of their parents till their 40 Years old.I support Activism in all the Philosophies..Lenin had said that Theory without Action is Nothing.Stutthof was an Occult Band as Acherontas is.That period I had Interest for Politics and Specific that Wing of Expession and some things as Rune Magic,Ancestor Worship took form in my Lyrics..Till now I continue to study History and Paganism as I did..Many People Follow Trends and Many pagans or the Opposite changed and Joined the Current that each period declares..Now is a trend the Drakonian Current..When I have written songs for the Great Dragon and Dream workings and Vampirism the Ignorant Kids asked me in Interviews about Astrology the Chinese Dragon and Cradle of Filth.haha..It is Funny...I am Not interested anymore for Politics..Many years now..But this don't means that I am not reading or see what is going on around me and have my Opinion..I leave inside the Society and strive for my survival.Most of the People avoid this as it they found it Pollution for their Minds or Souls..I see it as a challenge.All Depends from the Corner you watch the Dream....The difference is that I don't trust my survival or My life to the back of any politician....I take my actions for my life and not base my life to the political situation that each period my country has for example...About Nsbm I like 3-4 Bands only..And the Problem is not what philosophy they have But their music...

9.Do you familiar with Miguel Serrano works and his conception of Lucifer=Odin and Ragnarok=Apocalypse? What do you think about concepts of World’s End in heathen cultures, especially in Nordic traditions and faiths. Your relation to the Heathen BM, with right understanding of deeds.

I don't have problem to listen Heathen BM or depressive or any kind you want ..I just need the Aura to touch my soul..If so it is ok...To be honest over a decade now I find Darkness in Other scenes Out of Metal...The Term Of ragnarok & His metaphors are Visible to many Systems and Philosophies ..Not Only to Heathen...

10.Your thoughts about modern and past Greek underground.

I like a lot the Old Hellenic Scene...One of My favorites for sure..From the New Genre there is Quantity but not Quality..If you accept their music only as Music then yes it is Great.If you look deeper as black metal is not Just music then is disappointing..I like Devathorn,dead congregation Naer mataron,Acrimonious(The last album was Great and I had the Pleasure to make a big part of Vocals inside)Thy darkened Shade...

11.Some words about your comrades from the other world, instead of Acrimonious, Nihasa and Nightbringer, where you’re also take or took part in. Maybe with whom you’ve done splits in earlier times or had some kind of cooperation. 

The last album of Acrimonious was Great and I had the Pleasure to make a big part of Vocals inside)Nihasa Now will release a new Split ep with The red Angle From Darker Than Black Records,Shibalba a New Ritual Ambient album will be released and as For Nightbringer Naas will take part at my new album of Acherontas.I was Glad that had the Chance to play Guitars at the Shows he had in Europe as a tour of Acherontas and his Legion took place last Summer.

12.know, that I really fucked up the readers of the zine by this questions, but I hope it will be the last time. What do you think about Kaiadas and his participation in Golden Dawn?

No Problem.You are free to ask anything you want.
Kaiadas is a friend of Mine since 1997.I like Naer mataron Especially his Older releases.
His band Has Nothing to do with his political Views .
Although He is true to His beliefs and that is something I respect.As I said Before I Respect Activists and Not Kids from Their Sofa or from just Theory.
I enjoy as we did in past, Great Conversations we use to have each time we meet and are not political.This is the Point and not what Political Views he has.

13.Do you contact or cooperate with some religious/political/occult organizations, and if yes, can you name some?

Political No...Many Years now..
In occultism Yes Over a decade now..It Is what I wanted in my life and is my All life..My path.
I can't name it.

14.Do you use in daily life some Substances of Power or in occult practices? And if yes, can you name some and to describe each mission or effect? Did you compose or record some material in a changed condition of consciousness? 

Occultism is not Theory,It is Experience.So my Reply is yes as you understand.I have a strict life regarding My spiritual Plane.

15.What will be with your essence after the death of your corporal cover? Do you got some visions from former lives earlier? 

My experience has no any value to Share it here.What is Important is your Experience.

16.Whether you expect to die this time finally and not to come back any more to this place of ontologic rejectection?

Death is the last enemy that must be destroyed..Eternity is my Goal and my Spiritual Exaultion.All the Ancient mysteries had this Purpose...I don't think so that there is another one...Except if Someone believe in FAIRY TALES.

17.Whether you consider replacement of white race the lowest ones as regularity which based on sentence that the strong have to move further, and weak have to decay alive?

I am Speciest.Not Racist First of All.
Strong Rull Upon the Weak and Smart Upon All.
This is the natural law..May Wicca Understand it too..haha!

18.Your relation to the magic of numbers.

Pythagoras can explain better at his Books...haha!Numbers are codes and Maps to Unlock the Subconscious.Holy Geometry.

19.Your today tastes in music, literature, movie, painting, architecture, sculpture and so on.

Ritual Dark ambient,Neoclassical,Martial,Classical Music,East Traditional Meditative Art Underground Death and Black metal.Occultism,Fantastic literature,History and Ancient Greek Philosophers are Of my Favorite types.In General I prefer to Search Ancient Sourses that Modern Grimoires.

20.Do you know some BM bands from Russian underground and do you like some?

Old Wainds is my favorite one.

21.Do you believe in Law Of Karma? (just simple question)

My view says that Each Individual is the source of all that is...The core of Experience.You and Your Experience Moves the Wheels around you....

22.Your final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

I did not had the Chance at your interview to Announce the new Album.So I will add it now as my last words tare he Official Announcement of the Band for the Upcoming Opus.

We are Proud to Announce that Our Coven From now belongs in the Brotherhood of W.T.C(World Terror Committee) Records.

A Major & Cult Label that respects the Art of Black Metal and stands for the True meaning of what this Unique Art Represents.But most Important a Label that was Built from True Individuals and Activists in Scene to Support a Philosophy and Not a Business.

The new Opus of Acherontas Coven Baptized In Blood and Fire and is called “Amenti”(catacomb's Chants & Oneiric Manifestations).

Almost One Hour of Meditative Spiritual Art To Raise the Potential of Many to Cross and For few to Rise.

The album will be Out on Summer solstice of 2013

as We enter the halls of recordings in two weeks.

Special Collaborations take place in this new Opus and I am in Great Honor to announce..:

Naas Alcameth from the Eternal Horde of Nightbringer,Mr Henry Möller From the Respectful Legions of Arditi and Puissance,Mr Jhon Longshaw From the Magical Entity is called Black seas of Infinity & Mr Edgar Kerval from the Great Thelemic and Scarlet Energy Emme Ya.

The Magical Circle Of Acherontas Coven Moves the Blood Wheels of Transformation For the Great work to be Unleashed.

“The Gods have not returned. They have never left us.”

Ezra Pound

The Tombs reverberate with echoes of a bygone Golden Age. The Temples of the True Gods, once a place of Worship, Power and Rebirth, now lay in ruins destroyed by savages, be they invading barbarians, followers of false idols or priests of modern superstitions called “Science” and “Skepticism”. It doesn’t matter if the footprints of the Gods are burned in an orgy of fire, dedicatedly erased from memory by “scholars” or shoved in a dusty shelf of a museum- the slaves of the iron age are certain that the Old Gods were buried under millennia of dirt, ground and stone. But during the Night the Old Gods still rule supreme and creeping into the dreams, as lamiae, vampires, manticores and other manifestations, remind the humankind of Their Presence.

The collapse of modern political and financial systems, the growing social unrest, the dead end of the new religions combined with old prophesies and the progress of technology and quantum physics have created a vacuum in the heart and mind of humanity. With the majority of his crutches taken away, modern man is limp, lost and hopeless.

The tension is now tangible, as the masses are waiting breathlessly for the next move on the chessboard of existence.

The time is now! The Old Gods, risen from the underworld of Amenti, are here.

May The winter Solstice Bless your Path..

...World Without End..

Hail Tiamat!

On behalf of the Band..

V.Priest Acherontas & V.A. Kadmos/Tiphareth


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... Urvan Ameretat Me Nemah' Ya I ...


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