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Paragon Records

The first interview in 2013 will be with Mike Zanchelli, the owner of the American label Paragon Records. In some interviews I try to investigate the cultural, religious and political moods and situations in countries where my interlocutor lives and this time in this way the conversation came out really fruitful. But not only just in that way! 

1.Hails! Tell please about the history and mission of your label, it’s roots and plans for future.

Hail brother. The label was founded in late 2000 by my old partner Jim Mroz and i joined as his partner shorty after. The original idea for the label was to release our band The Forgotten [now known as Dimentianon] first full length namely "L'aldila" . However it quickly turned into a full venture signing our own artists, running a distro, and eventually a website. The mission for the label has always been the same release the bands and releases we like and try to show them the best possible support we can. The future plan will be no different. Paragon Records is a small but dedicated underground label. Plain and simple.

2.Tell about criteria of bands selection to release at your label. To what styles and subgenres you give mainly preference and what will be never published on your label? 

Well over the years we have mostly signed black metal and death metal bands as that has always been where the real passion of the label lies. However we are not limited to these genres and have signed doom/death , pagan, experimental, and even once a noise band. I have owned the label myself now for about 3 and a half years since Jim's departure and i can honeslty say as long as it's metal i am interested. So we could possibly sign anything within that genre. However you can always expect black metal and death bands from us also. That is the core of the label and always will be.

3.You got some experience in gigs making. So tell please widely about it, how extreme metal gig should look in your opinion. 

If you mean playing then yes but also booking them as well. I am the vocalist in Dimentianon and also use to be in Sectioned. I try to have a lot of energy live. That is the way the music makes me feel so you should give off that energy as well. As for the look of a show to me it is no matter though i prefer a really basic metal look of metal t-shirt/jeans/some leather [if that is the members choice], long hair etc... though a real extreme look can be impressive however some of these artist don't concentrate on their playing and their performance and i find that annoying and trying to just get by on looking evil with smoke and other distractions which i think is cheating the audience and themselves. However when those elements are combined in a great way that can make one hell of a performance as well. A band just performing raw with headbanging, moving around the stage, and playing their instruments hard and just feeling the music can be just as great to. it all depends on the artist and what they can deliver live. The one element that has to always exist is that it's "believable". For example i finally saw Primordial for the first time last year over here and that was like a religious [dark religious heh heh] experience man, that's how good they were and A.A. is a great and powerful front man!!! Truly moving performance and great live band!! Other great bands live are Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Inquisition, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Morbid Angel, Grave, Dark Funeral, Nominon, Malevolent Creation just to name a few. Over the years we have been known to blow fire, light the drum set on fire, cause a brawl, mosh in the crowd, stage dive in the crowd, trash our guitars/equipment on stage etc... . I personally always like to be one with the crowd type of mentality. You are united under the spirit of metal. I have no interest in being at odds with the audience, Being at odds with the rest of world is enough thank you heh heh!!

4.You got the experience of collaboration with bands from Slavonic lands, I mean Khors and Ulvdalir. How it began and what conclusions you can make of cooperation with bands of these countries? What else band you can name worthy in your opinion from Russia, Ukraine etc.

Jim had gotten in touch with Khors i believe and they worked out a deal and i believe Ulvdalir got in touch with me however i was already in touch with them through Osolon Productions which is Winterheart [vocals, guitars] tape label. I can say i was a fan of both bands before working with them so getting to release material by both artists was a real honor. Both bands were extremely professional and very friendly to work with. You have some great bands in these two countries such as Bloodrain, Drama, Ragor, Shturm, All The Cold, Redrum, Pseudogod, Screaming Forest, Nokturnal Mortum, Astrofaes, Drudkh, Aryan Terrorism, Ulvegr, Thunderkraft, Quintessence Mystica, Gjallarhorn [Ukraine] and others.

5.Your opinion about non-metal genres, for example, noise, power electronics, maybe drone, sludge…

Well as i said earlier we released a noise release on Paragon Records once. However this was more Jim's doing as he really enjoys this scene. However for the most part these genres you mention here with a few exceptions of releases do not personally interest me. I do respect them however my heart does not really feel the spirit of these genres. To each their own of course though and i will always check something out when it is handed to me or sent my way. However there are other music genres that interest me and that i enjoy as well.

6.What meaning do you put in the name Paragon itself for your label?

This was a name chosen by Jim who founded the label. To my understanding there is no real meaning behind it this was just a name Jim liked. Though it might be connected to an old horror movie however i am not certain.

7. Name the most significant releases of your label for all its history. 

I would have to say that would be Darkestrah "The Great Silk Road" digi cd. This is by far our best seller to date and really is the biggest underground band we have every worked with to date. So even though i know you asked to name a few this really is our most significant release to date by far. However this will change in 2013! Also working with bands like Impiety, Black Crucifixion, SkyForger, Anael, Khors, Faust, Kozeljnik have also helped to make the label a bigger mark on the scene i think.

8.Some political questions, Your opinion about American anti-islamic hysteria after the events of 11th of September, I think arranged by the government for control over society.

I completely agree. I personally feel 9/11 was an inside job an attack on ourselves if you will. A trick the USA likes to use and has done before. Creating that kind of hystera against the Islamic groups is nothing motre then to distract people from the real problems and what truly is going on. If you look into the facts of September 11th it clearly proves that this was no terrorist attack however it was a well planned attack on ourselves to bring us into war. Once again a trick we have used before. Just look into the history of Pearl Harbor and other wars of our history and the truth will reveal itself.

9.Your thoughts about masses of average-men, World Government control and soon collapse of human civilization.

Though i feel this a goal of the world power elite i do not feel they will be successful. It's just something i can't fathom taking place, though perhaps i am wrong. However the fact they think you can control all people [ with how big the world population is and continues to grow] to that extreme level and put us into this world government and collapse the civilization i think is impossible and goes to show you just how power hungry and ignorant the global elite really is. However time will tell.

10.Your thoughts about mass religions, polytheistic, monotheistic, religion societies and sects, religion and racial conflicts?.

Nothing but wastes of time and once again you keep people/societies in this state of mind it keeps them from seeing what the real problems are. All religions at their core are their to enslave the masses and keep them inline. Nothing more. Racial conflicts fit into this as well. This keeps people fighting over stuff that really does not matter i the grand scheme of things and is even more manipulated by the media to be worse then it actually is. Once again it controls the society and keeps people inline.

11.How do you see the picture of nearby apocalypse?

When the apocalypse for mankind actually happens and i do believe it will, [even perhaps in my lifetime as the world just gets worse by the day], however when it does occur it will be beyond anything man can possibly fathom. We cannot begin to understand something we have never experienced.

12.What do you think about the society decaying, I mean drugs, perversions, religion fanaticism, the physical and intellectual degeneration propagandized by power structures through mass media, etc.?

Pretty disgusting and once again this is all stuff to keep people inline and keep people from truly growing into what they can really become. Smart unique individuals. Much easier to control a sheep don't ya think? It is sad to see most believe what we are shown and forced upon us everyday by the media when really it is just put their to control us. For example i find it hilarious that so many people think they are truly into sports just because they are, not that fact that sports is all over tv, news papers, magazines etc.. . not sure it's like that is Russia however it is here. We are force fed it everyday and most people who don't have a mind of their own don't realize if they did not see it everyday or had to make an effort to truly be involved they would have no interest at all. I would easily put that to the test. Sports [though they can be a lot of fun and intense to play and entertaining to watch if you enjoy them] in the global scheme of things from a fans perspective are there to make people forget about how miserable their lives are and make them feel apart of something when they really are not. Just look at the Roman Coliseum if you question this. it was truly put into place to make the peasants forget about how bad their lives were and how bad the roman government was treating them. Now look at all these coliseums and big stadiums we have today. That is no coincidence. The global elite saw early on the 20th century that this is something they could put into effect to control people. And so they did. And if you look back into the early 20th century you will see sports were mostly for kids [at least in America i know they were] however the global elite changed that for their own selfish gain by making sports more marketable to adults and they succeeded when they built these giant stadiums for people to come see these events and pay insane prices for tickets, food, merchandise etc... . Then you have the government and law enforcement amongst other authorities telling you that you should not take drugs blah blah... meanwhile drugs like cocaine cannot be grown in North America. it's a fact yet it is all over North America. why?..., because the government and the powers that be don't stop it from coming in and they make more money off of the society by keeping it illegal. And meanwhile they tell you on tv all these other drugs you can get prescribe from your doctor are ok to take though side affects may include nausea, trouble sleeping, internal bleeding, fainting, trouble breathing, blood clot, heart attack, etc..., and even death. These drugs are not good for you however they want the society sick. Easier to control people when they are ill and even addicted to these medications.. Then you have religion which just enslaves people with their lies. Disgusting way of living. And you have the media who constantly keeps us at odds with other countries as well as people in your own country because the propaganda they spread. Which of course all these media forums are controlled by the global elite and that's what they want to shove down our throats daily.

13.What about your own role in this world abstractly and position in struggle against the general degeneration?

I am not sure i have a role as you say. However i can honestly say i live my life as free and outside the so called normal or what they would want you to do everyday. i try to help spread this mentality and way of living to others as well and of course i mean live your life the way you want to. As long as you take care of what you have to and are not harming anyone then do not let anyone past judgement and if they do fuck them! I also try not to draw attention to myself which is once again something i try to spread to others. In the end i am no threat to the global elite either however i feel in my mind and soul they could never control me even if they tried. And if you can pass this onto others i feel this will help them to live their liveS the way they choose and not what is forced upon them and be the best version of themself possible. Every little bit helps in my mind. You need to understand what you control and they would never understand me and hopefully i can spreads this free way of thinking onto others. And i know quite a few people in this country who do not believe a dam think they are force fed everyday and this spreads daily so they would not have as easy of a time as they think in controlling everybody here in my opinion.

14.Your private modern tastes in cinema, music, literature, etc. How your tastes evolved from moment that you entered the world of extreme music and views till now?

I am a half hour comedy show junkie. I find a lot of these type of shows funny and i can relate to them in real life experiences though nothing in life is usually solved in 22 minutes time heh heh!! However i can still relate to the story lines and the characters and that is important. They are simple and harmless usually and i like that fact though they are deeper in what we can relate to in real life then most would realize or even admit Though there are some i really do not like as they are just pure crap. However every genre has it's crap. I am a big fan of the Simpsons, Star Wars, cartoons, forensic shows, detective shows [real not acted], and i also thought this show "the killing" that was based on a Scandinavian show that aired here the last couple of years was the best thing on regular cable in years over here. The depth of the story and the characters was amazing! Also the casting was great and the setting of the show helped keep the atmosphere of the show which was very dark and bleak not to mention the acting was excellent all around. Movies i am picky however i usually like comedies, action, drama, and movies based on real events or real people such as JFK, Downfall, and John Adams. Also i thought Batman The Dark Knight was excellent. Music it will always be metal from heavy, black, death, death/doom, doom, speed etc... . However i like all kinds of music to be honest from country, classical, jazz, ambient, dance, soul, radio friendly etc... the difference is i collect underground metal and metal in general as it is a passion of mine. I respect people who read and i do read from time to time however it is just not something i ever really got into. Extreme music opened me up in so many ways, it made me appreciate other things for what they are and also see them for what they are as well. It also helped to me to find direction in life and set real goals for myself and also look at the world from the outside looking in and not the other way around. And honestly this has not changed since i have gotten into the extreme music scene over 20 years ago though of course i feel i grow as a person everyday and continue to keep my mind and spirit open to what life will bring me everyday and i also find their are other metal generes i like a lot now that i really did not care for some years ago so my taste in metal itself is always growing. Without extreme metal and metal in general and being involved in the underground i think my life would be quite boring and uneventful to a certain degree.

15. May you rank yourself as adherents of any frame of reference, belief, ideology? Whether you are interested in philosophy, esoterics, an occultism?

Honestly i really do not have a title for my thoughts. I find a lot of these subjects you mention interesting however not enough interest for me to read about them. It just not for me. I find the way the human mind and spirit work or does not work to be far more interesting and even shocking a lot of times. The actions people take or don't take will interest me to the day i die so i see no reason to even bother with these other subjects to a great degree as it in the end holds no truth to the way man will act by his instinct. Though i am sure maybe in some instances however not in most. Not from my experiences anyway. The core of what is going on in the mind and soul is where everything lies and though some claim these different belief systems, the actions that they choose to take will usually go completely against what they say they believe. Once again i have experienced this countless times with people. We are nothing more then a makeup of our up bringing and how we were raised and how we filter that out as we get older. Where you choose to go with that is entirely up to us. IN THE END THE MIND AND SOUL MAKES THE DECISIONS AND SHAPES THE HUMAN BEING NOTHING MORE.

16.Your opinion about such genres as NSBM, DSBM, red-anarchist “bm” (?), “green peace” “bm”, Christian “bm” and also a lot of mutants grown once from the Pure BM root.

I find them extremely interesting to be honest and some great bands have come out of these genres. What is red-anarchrist black metal though? i don't believe i ever heard of that? Green peace bm bands are not the biggest interest though there have been some that i have liked such as early woods of ypres, and agalloch fall under this category i beleieve. Their are really some good depressive black metal bands though some can be way to emo sounding for my taste. Some killer ones are managarm [r.i.p.] , sterband, nyktalgia, all the cold, and the new nocturnal depression is very good. The Christian bm really does not make much sense to me from it's ideology stance though the genre still produces some great bands such as early mortification, believer, a hill to die upon, crimson moonlight and the fact the christian genre whether it be death metal or black metal is more underground then say the satanic one i find that fascinating heh heh!! NSBM has some really bad bands however it also has some killer ones as well such as grand belial's key, pantheon, ohtar, newer absurd. Some sub genres i am not a fan of would be black metal mixed with metalcore. This is just not something i can get into or even really understand. However the "Pure Black Metal root will always remain as that is where it all comes from and stuff lie earlier emperor, marduk, early gehenna, early dissection, Immortal etc... will always be classic to me!! And the core is where the true spirit breathes! But again all these sub genres are very interesting to me and only natural that they developed and they come with the good and the bad. No different then anything else in life.

17.At the end, some final words for the readers of the House Of The Whipcord Webzine!

Thanx for this very interesting interview i really appreciate the support.

I will release the new Kozeljnik MCD Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation with bonus tracks in Febuary 2013 and the Stormbreeder "The Knave" debut cd which features a former member of Mournful Congregation, and also Fornace "Ancient Memories" debut cd among other releases in 2013 i!!!! We also have a tape label now called Hels' Thrash Industries run by my good friend Brian Varney which is a little over a year old with 4 releases under it's belt thus far and more to come in 2013!! Thanx again for the interview and support brother i really appreciate it as well as all who show support to Paragon Records/Hels' Thrash Industries and Dimentianon. My contact info is below. Remember keep metal sick and never loose heart!


PO BOX 879


11953 USA

www.paragonrecords.orgSo, the first interview in 2013 will be with Mike Zanchelli, the owner of the Paragon Records from USA. In some interviews I try to investigate political, religious and social moods and situations in countries where my interlocutor lives. So, this time in this way our conversation came out really fruitful. But not only in that way, surely!

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