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Apocalyptic Art Interview

So, the next label and it's that I interviewed was Sebastian and his Apocalyptic Art from Germany. It didn't turn out so volume conversation, as in a case with Mike Zanchelli, but from the answers of Sebastian you can find anything, that you need to know about this label and it's owner. And I think he won't disappoint you.

1.Hails to you, Sebastian! For the first, tell about the formation of Apocalyptic Art from the
beginning. It’s origins, missions and conceptions.
Hi Brother! Apocalyptic Art was formed for some years by my own. Some years before I start
with Apocalyptic Art I have a little bit assisted by another German Label in the Background.
After a while goes anyone a separate way. It was not personal but it has been melt. I think it was
1 Year after, “Lord Istraphagor“from “Wintergate” (a friend from me) says he has a one Man
Project. I told him that’s I want to listen the Stuff. After this I have decided me, that’s I want to
make a CD-R Version but I found the Tracks total awesome and I want to support the Project.
The first release which I have made was the “Wintergate – Slave of Satan”.
Hmmm…my Mission….. Is the support from underground Bands so I like their music. The
important thing for me is, when I listen the stuff I must get gooseflesh. It´s not so easy to
describe the feeling but I think anybody know what I mean when I say it´s the same feeling
if you listen your favorite Songs. And I must like the Persons behind the bands and Projects.
The music can be also fantastic but when I wrote with assholes or some idiots which ´stand not
behind theirs stuff, I must sadly say F.O.A.D.

My conception is really easy; I have no conception ha ha. Fun by side, I make my work with all
my energy and for the love of Black Metal. So I work each day 2 hours or more for it. Important
is, that’s I got the production costs back and when I get a little bit money I put it in the next
releases. So I think with underground Black Metal you don’t get be rich and this not my goal.
When I will be get rich I must release Pop Music!

2.Tell widely about the leaders-bands signed at your label and most significant, key releases,
which had the greatest impact on formation of your label and it’s history.
My current signed Bands are (alphabetical order): Apocalyptic Fire, Asche der Welten,
Astarium, Dark Endless, Dizziness, Frozen Land, Heresiarch Seminary, Incinerator, Pakt,
Northern Frost, Stortregn, Occulus, Wintergate, Winterhauch and Windstorm.

For my own is each release significant and also a key releases which had an impact in my Label
History. Whit each release, is the Label grown up and each release leaves behind some other
impressions by me. Normally is the process for a release long, mostly I make the layout for the
booklets or Logos or the Homepages for the Bands and so on. So I have to each Band and each
release a special reference.

3.What about the scenes of different countries and bands from them, with which ones you may
contact or support?
Mostly I stand with Black Metal Bands in Germany, Greece and Russia in Contact or Support.
The last signed band is from Switzerland. My other contacts or support are more sporadically.

4. Name the main criteria by which you will estimate, that this or another one creation can be
released through Apocalyptic Art.
How I sad, I must like the music and the people behind the bands and they must have the same
conception about the Black Metal Music. In my opinion (when I want to say it “bold”) is Black
Metal not a right, it´s a privilege! Sadly many people forgot this and is sometimes really a shit
Funny lifestyle since some years. I mean not that’s I cower in my own basement and I do not
laugh the whole day but I mean I missed sometimes the “graveness” in our scene. I hope you
know what I mean?

5.And what releases you will never publish? How about to expand a framework of published
music? Do you interested in some genres like noise, drone, sludge from one side and ambient,
dark ambient, dark folk and something like that?
The stuff I will never publish is German folk music, Hip Hop, political Bands and Viking Metal
(funny fucking drink music) ha ha.

Maybe I will expand but I will see what brings the future. At the moment I am interested more
on Pure Black Metal and melancholic / depressive Black Metal.

Noise, drone and sludge is ok but I can´t listen the music each day and mostly it´s not really my
taste. I like Ambient, dark ambient and dark folk but at the moment I listen midtempo or fast

6.Next questions about distro. Whether there is any system or a technique of distribution of
releases of various labels by you and how is important for you the ideological and musical
platform of labels and the people standing behind them with which you cooperate?
Difficult… I think it´s more a question about the technical evolution in the last years and the
handling with it (E-Mails, MySpace, Facebook and so on). When I think back in the beginning
with Apocalyptic Art I don’t use often E-Mails I wrote more letters and so on. After the internet
revolution that’s each person had / use E-Mails, I also used more the technical variation. When
I think back how much postage I have paid for letters and so on…. So it´s great, you can get
in though whit many persons around the world and mostly you got an answer inside from few
hours… It´s simple easier. Sadly I must say for me it´s really important.

About other platforms I must also say that’s you need an internet presence. Today you have
many many Bands and Labels if you want that’s persons know your Band and your Label you
need it.

About “ideological” I must confess that’s I don’t like Facebook the last years. Since 2013 I have
also a Face Book Label Page. For myself I must say that’s you have some positive aspects and
negative. I use it more for contacts. I think that’s with all things the same and since I use Face
Book I am the same person since before and I make my label intentions in the same way. That’s
not a point about if you stand behind all, if you use this or this program. In the Black Metal
Scene you have also assholes who stand not behind their stuff also they don’t use the internet.

By Bands and Labels witch I cooperate is the same, I don’t appraise other persons why the use
some platforms. Important is the personal intension from the people.

(I meant not such "platforms", but anyway...)

7.So tell the same about different zines.
I think about Zines the Same. Zines are realy great If you are interested in a band and so on you
can check it. But when I am honest I missed a little bit the printed zines. I like it totally when I
can read it on my couch and you don’t need a computer. So I hope you are not bad on me ;).

8.I see the Concert Info section at your website. So, what is it? Do you take part in gigs
organization directly or this is just a information support of labels and concert agencies with
which ones you cooperate?
It´s only a support from Bands and Label I like it. For an organization I have no time.

9.Describe the ideal extreme metal gig in your opinion if you may, beginning from the
organization and finishing all visual and other aspects. Both from a position of the organizer, and
as the viewer.
The best gig´s I have may, was the Misanthropic Violence I + II in Innsbruck Austria.
Great location, great country, great Bands, fantastic dark atmosphere, not so much visitors and
no idiots. I think 300-500 people were there. Normally I don’t like concerts with more than 700
(and more) people. About the organizer I think it was also ok for him.

10. Describe the crowd/public which you would prefer to see both on performance of the signed
bands and among which you would like to be.
Black Metal heads which had the same feeling if I got, when I listen the music from it.
When I can choose, I would stand in the middle.

11.In info direction you got note about tapes with slogan “No Fucking Master CD Shit!!!”. So,
I think you got a serious attention to different format and don’t profane it. What do you think
about so-called fans, that use mp3 and some another bullshit format “without loss of quality”
instead of physical releases? Do you got some plans about vinyl releases or DVDs?
Yes, I hate labels, bands or traders who would send a fucking master CD and some badly
Booklets! When I want to make a release I do it right or I make no label / or band. It´s one point
that’s you don’t send a jewel cases or you send only one CD and you must do the complete work
for other people. In my opinion, is this point of professionally (incurious if you have a small or a
big label / band).
About the fans they used mp3 it´s also a question about the youth, the technical revolution and
the handling with it. I am over 30 and I grow up with tapes and vinyl and later cd´s. I think for a
person who is 20 or younger that’s totally normal to use mp3.

I used also mp3 in my car but I don’t want to take my physical releases in it. They are fine in my

The only what I hate is, that’s the people download the stuff for free and they don’t want to pay
for it!!! I check also Bands on YouTube and so on. But when I like the stuff I buy them and
make no fucking downloads.

Many Bands and Labels in the Black Metal Scene put there whole love, energy, time and money
in their projects. Normally you can´t pay this, so it´s really shit that’s the whole energy, time and
so on is ass kicking by such persons. When people read this which make only down loads, think
about what you do, I think for you will be not ok, when you get rip-off, otherwise FUCK YOU!

Currently I have no plans about vinyl or DVD releases. I will see….

12.So, let’s talk about the German scene, today’s and past. Do you got some favors, reference
points in it? Describe some contacts do you got with different bands and projects in your
Oh yes!!! My favorite reference points are in the end of the 90´s and the beginning from the new
millennium. That’s was the best time in my opinion in the German Black Metal scene.

It was all smaller and more personal. I can talk very long about this but I think it´s blow up the
border from this interview.
The most contact I had with signed bands from my label. Otherwise is stand in contact with
chummy Bands in my personal surroundings.

13.A lot of politically non-correct bands like Absurd, Totenburg, Leichenzug and some
others were officially banned in Germany, from the other hand a growth of multicultural and
homosexual bullshit official approval and complacency of the authorities. What’s your own view
of this situation?
My own view is, that’s anybody can make what they want. Important is that’s no side told me
what I have to do.

14.How do you think the history of WWII affected on today’s situation in Germany and other
See my answer to point 15.

15. Your opinion about policy and religion and their place in Black Metal, and in extreme music/
art in general. If it is, surely, not just a musical genre, so what ideological/religious platform it
could content or support?
For me is Black Metal in the first line, Anti- religious, aggressive and occult. All other points
come for me later like Melancholy and depressive feelings and so on. The other points accrued
in the last 12-14 years with the beginning from sub genres. Only music is this not. The music
release a lot of emotions (good or bad) and for me cannot do this a other music. Otherwise you
have a special image over your life, nature; comprehension to various things with is fused with
the music.

For me has policy nothing with Black Metal to do.

16.Tell your thoughts about manifestation of darkness, cruelty and violence in art, in different
forms of art and tell about your tastes, for example, in cinema, painting, literature and so…
I think humans are created for darkness, cruelty and violence. I don’t know a other lifeform wich
has so much fun to destroy her own world. In this way I like intelligent thriller or horror where
you can see the abyss of the human soul. Otherwise I love the Alien movies. The atmosphere
is really fantastic. So i like also the HR. Giger. About literature I must say that’s i have not
found the time to reading a good book the last month. When I have time I read books from H.P.
Lovecraft, Edgar Ellen Poe, Wolfgang Holbein. Also I love the illustrations from Paul Gustave

17.Your label called Apocalyptic Art, so describe your picture of Apocalypse/Ragnarok and
how do you think, is this process cyclical or finite? Can you imagine the non-existence in total
preinitial chaos? Whether you are familiar with the demiurge's concept of the world?
Yes, we make with Apocalyptic Art the soundtrack for the End, ha ha.
When we take a look in the past it´s mostly cyclical that’s some species died and it begins all
from new. But last but not least, it will be nothing because the preinitial chaos. Only a question
of Time.

18. Whether there are for you any spiritual, esoteric researches, maybe, personal spiritual
experience? Whether you show any dark, undercover, cruel, violent lines of your nature in
daily life and whether you are inclined due to various reasons to aggression in relation to human
Yes, but I want not to speak about it (total private).

19.Your relation to drugs, alcohol, perversions, deviant behavior.
NO, Yes, a littlebit, yes

20.And for the last one – your future plans, thoughts and final words for the House Of The
Whipcord Zine!
My plans for the future are, realize the next releases and to find some bands which make
amazing music for the next releases.
Many many thanks for your Time, Questions and patience, and sorry for my realy realy bad
English. I wish you all the best with your Zine and your music projects!!!!



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