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Leichenzug Interview

Not so long ago I got acquainted with creativity of a German band called Leichenzug, that playing great Pagan BM in Absurd or Totenburg way with some melodic folk German influences. I decided to connect with Bile, the mastermind of a band and to talk with him about himself and Leichenzug, from time to time turning to more political, religious and social questions. Answers came out quite accurate, laconic and kicking asses, like a punch in a jaw. Let's go!

1.Hails, Bile! For the first, present yourself and your band for the readers and tell a some kind of
retrospective about it’s activity and history.

Hails. Leichenzug was formed by me in 2003. Since this time I recorded 2 full albums and 1
Split CD with the german Eviscerated, and I also recorded some songs for different samplers.
Leichenzug did also play live 3 times during this 10 years.

2.What do you put into the “Leichenzug” (Funeral Procession) term?

Not much. Was just an idea for a name with two meanings…one is the Funeral Procession,
which shows the dark and mystical side of Leichenzug, and one is a train full of corpses which
directly rushs directly into hell, which shows the brutal side of Leichenzug.

3.Can describe the key moments and topics in your lyrics and band/project ideology?

The lyrics shall be brutal, inhuman, but they also describe the beauty of our nature. The main
statement in the lyrics is just anti-religious like every other black- or pagan metal band does it.

4.As I can imagine, you may belong to so-called “Absurd school” that got some specific stream
in German BM. This school, that also included bands like Ewiges Reich and Absurd always
were associated by press and publicity as NSBM, but I can’t find out the Third Reich images and
topics in lyrics or on covers, but maybe I’m so bad in German language. What can you say about
such sentence? To what stream you may put Leichenzug? Pagan BM, NSBM or somewhat? Also
your relation to Orthodox BM.

I think the same way as you. I don’t know any song of Absurd in which there are images of the
3rd Reich or something else what has to do with nationalsocialism. For me its just pagan metal
with german lyrics – the same what Leichenzug is – I ld just call it Pagan BM with german
Im not a Satanist nor I don’t believe in god, so I cant identify myself with Orthodox BM.

5.Your relation to NS movement and role of Deutschland in WW II.

We live today and not in the past. I think we should discuss politics of today and not of 60 years

6.Your last album was banned for trading in Germany. Describe the main reasons in your
opinion, why bands like your can be banned, like it was with Absurd.

The whole thing is, that the album can only be sold to persons which are at least 18 years old.
That ´s because the lyrics are sometimes a bit brutal – that’s all.

7.Let's talk about the cover artworks for your albums. Who did those ones and what meaning do
you put into such symbols, illustrating your music and lyrics for the listener?

The cover artworks were created by different persons. I mostly give the lyrics and an idea of one
of the lyrics to a an artist of who I think he ld do a good job.
The artwork simply has to fit into the whole concept of the music and lyrics.

8.Your relation to Orthodox BM Bands, like German Katharsis and your opinion about the
object of their adoration — Satan/Lucifer. The most of the NS/Pagan bands branded such
religion views like it's taking roots in jewish beliefs. So, do you familiar with works of Miguel
Serrano, who interpreted the figure of Lucifer like a power and symbol of universal war against
jewish demiurge and symbol of chaos like a preinitial force of universe, chained by material
frames because of so-called catastrophe/accident?

How I said, I don’t believe in all that shit. I only believe in myself – that’s why im antireligious.
Its weak and stupid to believe in things you don’t see.

9.Tell about German scene in general, which bands you may notice as worth and which not.

I don’t know much about the so called scene. I listen to different kinds of music and I really
don’t know who is member of a scene and of which scene. There are many bands I don’t like
personally because their members are faggots or their music is shitty. I wont tell names here
because its childish to discuss it in written form – I hope you know what I mean.

10.Now days appeared a very fashionable trend to record releases involved from «old school»,
imitating such stylle, both musically, lyrically and in cover arts. Your relation to such things,
bands like Abigail or Barbatos, new Darkthrone and about old genres like Heavy Metal, Thrash
Metal in general.

I hate trends. That’s why I don’t like the new Darkthrone stuff. I think they should do stuff for
which they have the skills. I don’t think its “old school” – its just fuckin modern again, and that’s
commerce. Fuck it. In general I also listen to Heavy Metal or Thrash Metal.

11.In your music I see very much influences from different genres like Thrash/Heavy Metal and
from some German folk or more wider European roots. Tell about main musical inspirations and
influences of Leichenzug.

Of course im influenced by music I listen too. But I have no conscious influences how I want to
sound like. I just take my guitar, try to do create a new riff, and if I like it, I ll take it.

12.Do you agree, that if bands proclaiming Paganism and pretend to be BM band, they should
address to themes of dark Paganism and chtonic, night forces of the world, instead of the usual
pagan themes such like nature, traditions and so on?

I don’t care what other bands do. Its their own choice and If I don’t like their lyrics or their
music I don’t support them.

13.Describe your own view of Paganism and your opinion about confrontation of polytheistic
and monotheistic religions through the ages. Don't you think that monotheism is like a kind of
Europe enslaving?

Of course its enslaving and overrunning Europe – that’s why we have to fight against it!
How I said before – all these fucking dumb and stupid religions don’t belong into our Europe. Its
uneducated and silly to believe in that shit and I hate uneducated and silly people.

14.What do you think about opinion that all right-winged ideologies were just a reaction of
Western big capitalists against the regime of Sowiet Union and were sponsored by USA to
make a confrontation of two dictatorships against each other and conquer the world by their own
money and banks' systems?

I don’t share this opinion.

15.Can you name yourself patriot or can you say that you're love and devoted to your folk or you
despise it as the main narrow-minded mass and mankind as a whole, blindly swallowing of any
ridiculous promises of system of consumption and the world government?

I love the miscellaneous landscapes of our country and also the people who live in here when
they have a clear head. The thing is that the most people in here is blind and stupid. Thats why I
am going to hate them more and more from day to day.

16.I was really amazed by split of Leichenzug and Eviscerated, the DM project of yours,
especially by mixing of pagan and morbid/perverted/deviant themes that belong to grindcore or
such same genres. How do you see the meaning or possibility of such eclecticism?

I think its a good thing when you have variety especially because im open minded to many forms
of music. So I prefer a diversified album to a boring one ;-)

17.In this regard following question — your relation to so-called snuff films with violence over
animals and people and things like that. Can you say, that you're enjoy them or despise them?
Can you say, that you use such topics in your creativity to to investigate the freaked and sick
aspect of life and at the same time, to shock the inhabitant?

I whether enjoy nor I despise them. I m not interested in films – I have no free time for that.
I don’t need such films to create violence in my lyrics or violence. Its just in my head or in the
head of the guy who writes the most lyrics for me.

18.So, finally, the question about your relation to so-called asocial and deviant lifestyle. Your
opinion about such things like alcohol, drugs and some mind-changing substances. Could you
receive or whether you received inspiration from things of this sort earlier?

I drink alcohol on weekends just to relax a bit and to lighten up a bit and sometimes to forget
about the stress of the week. But that’s all.
I never used to take drugs or mind-changing substances because I don’t need it and it doesn’t fit
into my ideology. People who are taking drugs are scum – they are responsible for the strength
of the scum which is sellin it (you know who I mean) to our children. Its disoriented and weak
characters which I cant take seriously.

19.So, we have finished with Eviscerated, so let's turn to the other project, where you take part
now, Aeveron and Frozen Abyss.

And the question is??

20.Earlier you took part in different bands as a drummer or vocalist. They were Dunkelgrafen,
Halgadom, Dusken and thrash metal band called Endless Vision, and about last I can't find out
normal and reliable information. Tell in more detail about each of them.

In Dunkelgrafen I just played session drums for some livegigs, in Halgadom I sang on
“Sturmwoge” and “Wille, Tatkraft, Potential” and for Dusken I played two livegigs. Endless
Vision was just the parent band of Aeveron – I also played drums in that band and we published
one demo cd.

21.Also you got your own label, Blasphemous Terror Records, tell about it's purposes and tasks
and also about it's emergence history. What bands and project are already signed, what will be
and what never will be?

BTR is a very small label and it will remain a small label. I only founded it to produce my own
music or in case I like a band that I can support it without getting ripped off by somebody. There
are no signed bands at the time and there are no releases planned in the near future.

22.As I see, you cooperate with such labels as Fog Of The Apocalypse, Nebelklang and W.T.C.,
so tell about the history of your cooperation, releases and bands signed at these labels and
anything you would add about it. Maybe the same about zines and different personalities, that
stand behind them.

I cooperate with them because all of them are friends of mine. That’s the whole story.

23.At your second album called «Das Letzte Gebet» you made a Satanic Warmaster cover, a
band that haven't changed their line from the beginning till nowadays. Tell, why did you made
a decision to make such cover, and also in German language? What's your opinion about other
representatives from the Finnish scene, like Baptism and Behexen, that strongly changed their
style at last full-lengths and lost their individualities and also Horna with naked singer from
shock metal band? Finnish metallers always were predisposed to a similar shock content, but it
already too much in my opinion.

I think it is very interesting to cover songs in somebodies own language. It makes it more
personal. I decided to cover that song because it has a fantastic melody and I love listening to
that song…for me it’s a classic. I also like the music of the most finnish black metal bands…and
to be honest, I don’t know how the people are, I only know their music.

24.Remembering the Satanic Warmaster, it would be good to remember also, that your band
also took part in Fireblade Force. Describe your experience of live performance and which, in
your opinion have to be the outstanding BM/extreme metal gig. I mean also organization, crowd,
bands, taking part in, sound and stage show itself. With which German and other bands you think
it's worth to play on one stage?

That gig was a great experience for me. It was really good to play in front of that crowd…many
people knew the songs and created a crazy atmosphere. I think there are many bands who are
worth to play with…my favourite bands would be Nokturnal Mortum or Temnozor.

25.As I watched on your webpage, I have found the new life members and some new live acts
will take place soon, am I right?

Yes, we are able to do live gigs now. BUT till now nobody did ask us to play…its really
disgusting that the BM scene consists of so many coward organizers who are afraid to come in
contact with the police.
For this reason I ll organize a concert in the near future.

26.Releases of Leichenzug are coming every 3 years, beginning from the 2004 year. So, can we
expect some new stuff from your band and what kind of stuff it will be?

Yes, I guess in June this year there will be a Split CD with the Canadian band Pagan Flame. The
CD will be called “The flaming return of Hyperborean Wrath” and will include 5 new songs of
Leichenzug. The American Label Wolftyr Prod. Will release this CD.

27.Your future plans for other projects, your own label or maybe guess part, like it was earlier?
Some live gigs, a new full cd….and the rest we will see.

28.And some final words for the readers of the House Of The Whipcord Zine!
Thanks for the interest in Leichenzug. Keep fighting!

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