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Aetherius Obscuritas "Ventus" Review

I already mentioned earlier in interview and reviews a subject Hungarian BM, there were bands called Dusk and Mystagog, but here is absolutely other case. In music of Aetherius Obscuritas there isn't any part of gloom, but there is a lot of melodic BM in the spirit of the Finnish scene with elements of heavy, melodic death and some parts of thrash. Vocals are really sunny and funny, something just like an early Lucifugum or Summoning, with a bigger part of accent. It at me doesn't match in any way image of two huge painted dudes in the booklet with spikes and cartridge belts. Yes, I forgot to mention quite harmonious game of instruments and the quite strongly polished record. Also it should be noted so quite STRANGE translated titles of songs, such as "Doctor's Ox Experiment" , "I Remember", "Riders of Stupor" and so on. For me, generally, the wrapper quite strongly differs from the contents and similar music as I consider, there is enough for the fan/lover. It is necessary to add that I am precisely not that lover or fan.

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