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Kozeljnik - Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation Review

According to titles of album and lyrics, I expected to hear something melancholic and depressive with some mix of occult and esoteric spirit. At once I will make a reservation that I didn't hear Kozeljnik earlier. As a result I was much surprised when heard melodic mid-tempo post-black with elements of progressive, without any special hints on grief or despair. The vocal is also enough far from standard shrieks in the spirit of various suicide and depressive bands. Most of all it's similar to King Diamond's mischievous squeal by one of its so-called "average voices" between growl and a falsetto with echo or choir effect. Too strange and hard also to explain by other comparison. Music is not sad and not aggressive, but rather gloomy and solemn, with quite strange intoning and transition from a minor in a major and back. The album thus lasts about an hour, and two last tracks, just with more depressive by moods and titles, how much in general it is possible in this album, were written down in 2007 and personally for me represent bigger interest, but really not much. Maybe guys are some kind of innovators or originals on experimental/avantgarde/post-black metal scene, but that's not really my cup of tea.

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