понедельник, 24 июня 2013 г.

Dizziness "Offermort Heritage"

Again it's Pagan BM from Greece and again it didn't disappoint me! And I see see again, well done stuff with epic and melodic riffs, and so, intro reminded a Bathory "Hammerheart" era for me a bit! There are not a lot various experiments and a quirk with tempos in this work. However, they are not especially required here. Vocal moderately rough and low, though, it's too far from an uterine roar and growl. So, it can be usually defined as "grim" vocals. The lyrics, to my small surprise, contained not only pagan appeals and subjects, but also addressed to gnosticism and a macrocosm, subjects of death and the end of times. Not bad lyrics are also accurately and legible sounded by too not bad vocal already mentioned above. As a whole, is pleasant to see lifting of a pagan black scene in Greece without any raid of a trend and a clownery. There is own stylistics and handwriting which allocate these bands from a lot of ones trying to be similar to it.

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