понедельник, 24 июня 2013 г.

Winterhauch "Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung" Review

I see how the Apocalyptic Art supports local DSBM scene. Very much, I think! So, all subjects are here, like it was with other their release, a Frozen land. Blue cover, winter, corpsepaint and drum-machine. But now voice is much more faded into the background and melodic line is more interesting and clear. But anyway, without looking at good and sorrowful melodic guitar parts and some ambient/clean parts, that's not much original too and too boring, But, as I can see, this is one of the first Apocalyptic releases, not bad for beginning, at all. So, I wish for Winterhauch to make experiment much with their sound and composing, to find their own unique face. And finally, I have to say, that some melodies and harmonies really remind me a Moscow DSBM band Gloom and their debut "Dystopia". But, I have to say, in MUCH MORE better quality. But that drum arrangements  and keyboards harmonies,,, that's all, yes, similar to Gloom.

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