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Dizziness Interview

Info and some kind of introduction for interview about this band you may find in nearest review of teir full-length. So, let's start!!

1.Hails! For the first, describe the meaning of your band’s name and it’s history from the very beginning.

The band was formed in the summer of 2008, by me and moscho.at first time Tantalus help us by doing some vocals on rehearsals. later on 2009 when it was time to record our first demo called ''Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur'' I asked the help of my friend Skylepthis who finally recorded with us the drums and voice.with the same line up we recorded also one year later the second band's release, the split with Lykauges called ''At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm''
after that Skylepthis left the band for personal reasons...so we had to replace him to start the recordings of the full lenght album.so Gareth took his place behind the microphone
and Yngve behind the drums.with those new members we released ''Offermort Heritage'' album.
About band's name?? There is no any meaning of story behind  it. its just a name! nothing more-nothing less.

2.Two times you invited musicians from well known bands like Dodsferd, Acherontas, Nadiwrath, Gottlos etc. Tell about history of such cooperation. Also, as I see, it was happen, because you always got troubles with singer and drummer.

Yes, but i think its a random.anyway  Skylepthis is a friend of mine  and Yngve also.
its a typical phenomenon on the underground ''good players''  to participate
in several projects.

3.In your lyrics the pagan themes are adjoin with chaotic, Gnostic and death themes. Tell about such mix and try to explain your world outlook applicable to your creativity.

Personally i always write lyrics about nature,Greek history,myths and ancient heritage but i also like to search  on the secret side of this world. On the last album i shared this ''burden'' with Gareth who has the knowledge
on more'' hidden'' and occult themes.

4.Do you read some occult, religious, mythological literature or take inspiration/interest in some things like that?

Always fascinated me to read ,to listen and crossing thoughts or views.
 In the past I read so many things about, so you can say that all of those finally help me to shape a more comprehensive view of things...
so you can say that i put my personal point of view after all ... on the lyrics.

5.Tell about your favorite writers, musicians, composers, bands, artists. 

I love many greek poets like Kazantzakis or Seferis.About bands: from greece my favorites are Naer Mataron...Kawir....Rotting Christ and from the outside i prefer bands like Immortal, Satyricon,Taake,Judas Iscariot....

6.Do you interested in folk natural creativity, native music, songs, tales? I heard some native or folk motives in your music.

 Of course,i like folk music. i like every trandiotal sound. i think  the touch of those sounds give the epic spot/feeling to the music.its a big inspiraton/influence for me.

7.Do you interested in “illegal” archeology/visit some interesting, sacred place for some pagan ceremonies or maybe private rituals? Do you lake to travel?

 I like to travel and see the nature, new places,  different people and other cultures ...
About those ''illegal'' activities..xm... certainly sounds interesting as experience
but it is something that  have not happened to me yet.

8.Your opinion about monotheism and polytheism and nature of both religion streams. 

It is very hard for me to analyze my opinion for these things in less than 3 pages :P
but if you believe somewhere, personally I have no problem whether it is 1 or many or nothing.

9.Tell about other projects of yours, like Vetusmora. Maybe you got something else?

Vetusmora is the only one side-project i have and it is totally different from Dizziness
as it moves on more depressive/atmosfairic paths.

10.I can determine the Vetusmora style as DSBM with touches of Ambient, so, tell about your relation to suicide and reasons making people do that.

I dont have any kind of relations with suicide or self destruction.
but generally its something that is indeed very strong nowadays.
now with all this economic crisis prevailing everywhere the only thing I notice is frightened, desperate faces ,persons they not have the ability to live with dignity.
Suicide by more northern phenomenon of ''fashion'' already done global reality

11.What do you think about death, violence over living creations, cataclysms, wars, etc.? Do you think that world came to the point of no-return and Ragnarok/Apocalypse is already coming? Your private vision of the End of Time, maybe.

All  of these things existing  since the beginning of human on earth, they are not something new. i dont know when the Apocalypse will come... but yes..the whole planet
has entered in a dangerous phase of sepsis.

12.Your own view of modern political, social and religious situation in the world. Your opinion about Golden Dawn movement, where Kaiadas from Naer Mattaron take part.

Political situation=shit
Social life converted to shit day by day
Organized religion= big trap
We are living in ages where all the ideals have lost their meaning.
Everyone of us is a free mind person. we have the right to make our choises with the way we believe.
so I can not judge anyone for his choises...

13.And also, what do you think about right-winged movement and combination of BM with politics?

I really dont care about this.Moreover, music has always been a chariot
for anykind of propaganda

14.Maybe you got your conception about Good and Evil? How can you describe such determinations?

Who defines what is right and wrong or Good and Evil at last?
for me... live virtuously and dont torture your mind with these thoughts

15.Your attention to deviants, alcohol, drugs, perversions… to the bottom of life if you understand.

I believe that as long as we live on this planet we have to live quality and well.
we must live the life with passion ...doing things that filled our heart and soul
live free...
time is running.time is short .. for all of those bullshits

16.You have noted in your lyrics such words like “dark ages”. What do you think about real dark ages, medieval times and inquisition?

I always fascinated by the whole atmosphere of these years..
darkness,isolation,mysticism..... its just majestic!

17.Some words about modern Hellenic scene and some interesting bands from all over the world, that you opened not long time ago.

I dont like the word ''modern'' for black metal :P haha!
I have noticed that there are some pretty significant new bands here
who seem to have the power to keep the black  flame alive on the future.
bands like Caedes Cruenta,Windstorm, Hell Poemer or Ravndal ... sounds very interested to me.
The last band from the outside i heard and said ''who the fuck they are?'' is
Heresiarch Seminary from Russia.

18.Did played live? Your opinion about live gigs in BM. And what gigs did you visited last year and can you note most reminding for you?

Not yet. but there are plans for a perfomance in the nearly future. will see.
i think that the underground bm lives must have more support especially for the new bands
which try for something worthwhile despite the problems .
I visited last March the gig between KAWIR/ACHERONTAS/THE ONE/SERPENT NOIR.
I think that was the best I ever went.

19. How can you separate “true” groups from “false”, or similar division is quite silly for you?

Groups are always the same...
the guys behind them sometimes are jerks but its ok,
will always have been and there will be this shit.

20.Describe your plans for the nearest and maybe not nearest future.

About Dizziness:
we have almost completed the recordings for the next release
and this period I am in discussions for another one.... so i hope everything
to go ok :)
About Vetusmora:
next month we will release our debut EP called '' ...Of nostalgy and rout''

21.And some final words for House Of The Whipcord Zine!

 First of all... thank you very much for your time and for this interview.
continue the good work and keep the black metal alive!

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