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Ewiges Reich Interview

1.Hails! Present yourself and your band for the readers and tell about it’s history and main message!

Hail! EWIGES REICH was founded in 1999 with the intention to create true and straight Black Metal without compromise and not according to any trends.
In 2000 we released our first self named album. After that we released four following long players and two split EP’s. One with JERUSOLIMA EST PERDITA and one with TOTENBURG.

2.Your band’s name mean in English “Eternal Empire”, but in some other ways it casts some “extremist” associations and also according to it I can remember your split with great German band Totenburg. Your relation of using political motives in creativity. I know, maybe you tired of such questions, but not too many interviews I had read in English with your band, so maybe I could be too meticulous this time.

Many people especially in Germany suppose, that our band’s name is a reference to the 3.Reich. But that’s not the truth. When this people have dealt with the band a little bit, this connection would not be possible. EWIGES REICH was never and will never be a political band!
But I don’t think that art and creativity should be limited through any kind of mental barrier. We don’t need politics in Black Metal but if anyone wants to do this, it should be allowed to him.
TOTENBURG is a very good German Band and we are still proud of the release with them. What does not have to mean that we support each of their opinions.

3.Your opinion about WWII and events worldwide after it. Do you agree that confrontation of two socialist countries were planned to begin the transformation of the world into the one melting copper? Your opinion about modern political and religious situation in a world.

Fact is, the victor writes the history and this history is not the whole truth more often it is just a lie.
I don’t care in politics and even less in global politics. But you have to be blind, if you don’t see that the worldwide machinations are operated by a few of only one religious population shift.
The Black Metal Scene often grumbles with the Christianity and that’s historical produced and not wrong but they forget the more seasonable menace for instance through the Islam.

4.What do you think about confrontation between German and Slavs also according to the reasons of WWII?

I think that the Germans fought against a lot of folks during the WWII. I don’t know why the Slavs have to be a difference. In retrospect the whole WWII wasn’t a good idea but that idea wasn’t only a German one. (I meant historical confrontation between these two folks… - red.)

5.Tell widely about lyrical and ideological side of your band. Tell about main conceptions of streams of each album and how it was disclosed in music and lyrics, if it’s not hard, surely. Which releases you may name as most important for ER?

Our content is anti-religious especially monotheistic ones and against mankind and their disgusting outgrowths like our society. ER should be seen as a plea for a free mind without any humane or moral influences.

6.Tell about sources and inspirations of your creativity, not only in ER. Sources for creativity as a thing in itself. Maybe some kinds of art instead of extreme metal and music itself?

Anything can be a inspiration in my case it is the literature and the music I consume and highly the environment I have to live in.

7.Your thoughts about German idealistic philosophy like Nietzsche, Spengler, Shopenhauer.

I read some works of Nietzsche and I liked it. But the books of the others I haven’t read. I don’t like this kind of tell questions to a question just to ask. I don’t know how to explain but this is not purposeful to me.

8.Continuing the theme of philosophy – let’s talk about works of such philosophers like Blavatskaya, Serrano, Julius Evola and Savitri Devi. Your thoughts about Nordic and Hindu traditions and such way of it’s interpretation.

Hitlerism? What the fuck… Esoteric nonsense!

9.Your thoughts about self-improvement and so called term “ubermensch”.


10.Do you believe in Leaden Age/Armageddon/Ragnarok and how you would have to face it in your opinion?

I don’t believe in these imaginations. But no matter what kind of event happens to a man, he should face it with eyes wide open and head held high.

11.Can you describe or explain a form of your own “private” religion or faith? Do you got some kind of it, a some form of “Weltanschauung”?

That is a very big theme for such a small frame. I think we have to drink a lot of beer a lot of times together and then we can talk about such things, maybe.

12.Can you tell some words about your daily life if it’s possible? Some penetrations of your creativity and belief into your private life and back?

I don’t like people. They are stupid and they smell badly. But I have to face them every day. So I have the same problems as you, I think.

13.Do you interesting in historical and cultural heritage of your folk? Do study German history and do you use some folk influences in your own creativity? Tell about some interesting and amazing facts from German history, instead of XX century.

I really know that Germany has a big history with many global effects. Some of them make me proud others not. But that’s not the center of my life.

14.Let’s talk about other members of Ewiges Reich. Tell about them, their projects, other bands or so.

My comrades in arms are very constructive, creating music. So there are a lot of projects with ER members. A few are Myrkwid, Ulfsdalir, Weltkriegh and Satanachist for example. For more information

15. List your favorite German bands, labels, maybe fests with whom you got a contact. I’m really amazed by a lot of bands from your scene like yours, Isolfur, Leichenzug, Wolfsmond, Epithalium, Totenburg, Absurd and more lot. Can you advise some new and interesting names of them for me?

My favorite labels from germany:
There are a lot of very good bands from Germany, so that I will forget some assuredly. Currently I listen to Thorybos, Shores of Ladon, Krater, Carthaun, Anti…

16.So, such questions but according to worldwide BM and extreme metal scene. Maybe some words about Slavonic scene?

Some of my favorite bands are from this scene I think. These are inter alia Drudkh, Loits, Blood of Kingu, Kroda, Mgla…

17.When last time you played live? I was disappointed when I’ve found only rare early live footage of yours. And when can we expect to see you back on stage? Tell about your best gig and what bands were best with whom you divided the scene or some good organizers? And also worst, huh.

The last time was in Erfurt in September 2011. Because of work, family and such things we don’t have much time to play live. But if we get offers we try to realize it, hopefully soon.

18.Last ER album was “Blutsturm” and it was released in 2011. When can we expect something new from you?

At the moment we record our new album and I think it will be released 2014 lately.

19.Your future plans, not according only to music.

World domination, as always.

20.Your last words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

Thanks for the questions and your interest.
Keep the candles burning and your steel cold!

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