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Graveland interview (In English)

A lot of time passed since I sent questions to Rob, but we need to pay attention that he is a really busy person. Journeys, reconstructions, tournaments, recordings, writing of the new material, making videos, that's just a part of a long list of his daily deeds! And I really happy, that he found time and finally answered my questions and widely opened all subjects containing in them! So, read now my exclusive interview with Armory and Forge of the Underground! Graveland! 
1.Hail, Rob! When I asked you about this interview, you noted about recording of new album and material for some split! Now, in the August of 2013, when I send you these questions again, all releases you told about were released. So, please tell us about conception and lyrics of new “Thunderbolts of the Gods” album. As I know, each album of your has it own message, right? If it was a continuation of “Spears Of Heaven”, can we expect a completely new sound, how it was made on “King Of Aquilonia” split with vocals made like in “Necromanteion” Era?

To be honest „Thunderbolts of the Gods” was at some point a continuation of „Spears of Heaven”. When it comes to „King of Aquilionia”, this composition opens a new chapter for Graveland. There are some changes occurring to prepare Graveland for a live performance at last. There are some new members joining in to do something for the band. It's time to move out from the underground and stand on the battlefield with a sword held up high! I will no longer be alone but with a team with whom I can charge into the heart of battle. Quite a lot of time has passed since I received that interview from you. The recordings for the split with Nokturnal Mortum were moved in time due to my personal problems but everything is going in a right way for now. On the 7th of March we will record the drum tracks for two Graveland compositions that will appear on the split. Just after that we will record guitars. There is already a chance to check out the samples of this stuff on the net. The recording line-up consists of Alruna (cello, viella), Miro (drums) and Domin (guitars). Domin will help me with recording guitars, will take care of the equipment and setting microphones. In the future he will be the main guitarist in Graveland. We are all gathered together and soon will start preparing live versions of my music. I will get back to „Thunderbolts of the Gods” for a moment. This album is a typical epic, battle-like and pagan-inspired stuff that symbolizes everything what Graveland stands for. Lyrics are very close to what I often write. The production, mixing and mastering is done by me. I guess it's my best work so far, just beside „Ales Stenar” by Lord Wind, as both a creator of music and its producer.

2.Also about King itself. Do you think that old Hollywood is rather different from todays one because of such movies as Conan and so on? Do you like the literary works of Robert Howard and fantasy genre itself?

I love old movies as they used to have soul. Current special effects are killing that soul, movies are fast, chaotic and full of garbage. They are fulfilled with sociotechnics that are aimed at our national traditions and values. The old version of „Conan the Barbarian” differs a lot from the new one in such a way that it was not so easy for me to watch it til the end. Probably I will never return to it. The other thing is with the 1981 version that I watch at least once a year. Present Hollywood has a lot of things connected with politics in itself, promote pseudo values and these are the things that I can't identify myself with. I'm afraid we won't see anything more of equal greatness of such movies like El Cid, The Fall of Rome, Conan the Barbarian or Caligula. When it comes to fantasy I really like the one created by Robert Howard, just after that the one by Tolkien. I have a whole collection of books about Conan written by Howard, Sprague de Camp and other authors. There is still a lot to read as I've gone through about 15% of what I have. I also have quite a lot of comic books about Conan that I was gathering through the years. All of that stuff is a perfect source of inspiration- they have that specific, archaic language style. From time to time I note down some sentences or parts of the text. Pictures from those books and comics are used as for example a source of inspiration for future photo sessions. I also highly value such authors like Lovercraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Verne and Poe. Modern writers do not catch my attention.

3.Your last release was re-recorded Polish version of the “Memory and Destiny”. Earlier you released the Polish version of “Creed Of Iron”. Main reasons were better recording, as you told in Cazus Belli interview and native language for more authentic atmosphere. Later classical “Celtic Winter” and “In The Glare…” Graveland works were re-released with new mix and mastering and a lot of photos. Can we expect something the same from “Following The Voice Of Blood”, “Thousand Swords” and “ Carpathian Wolves” Eras?

We will reissue only those albums that are banned in Germany. Warheart Records are preparing to launch reeditions of „Immortal Pride” and „Following the Voice of Blood”. This time I will take care of those reissues to avoid releasing such over-coloured (graphic design) stuff like the reeditions of „In the Glare of Burning Churches” and „The Celtic Winter”. The new cover for „Immortal Pride” was painted by Alruna, she will also make the one for „Following the Voice of Blood”. Both albums will have a new mastering. This year I also plan to release another Polish reissue „Dawn of Iron Blades”. „Thousand Swords” and „Carpathian Wolves” are still legal in Germany and sold by No Colours Records, for now it will remain like that. I will think about doing something with them in 2016.

4.Whether you consider that your native language more is suitable for your music, and English you use for access to wider audience, for more mass promotion of the views, expressions of the thoughts and feelings?

English language was always a tool to communicate worldwide and necessary to reach the listeners outside Poland. Foreign friends and fans helped me survive and to make Graveland a strong band that had its influence on many other groups as well as on the shape of Pagan Metal genre. Nowadays many fans from Poland awaits Graveland albums to be written in Polish. For many years I was encouraged to write and record lyrics in Polish but I had some problems to do so in the past. Warheart Records has issued a Polish version of „Creed of Iron”- „Prawo Stali” album with a new, improved mastering and mix. They persuaded me to release one older Graveland album in Polish each year. Unfortunately I'm able to do so only when it comes to the albums released after „Creed of Iron” as I have that recording sessions in my archives. The older ones did not manage to survive in complete form. I really enjoy performing vocals in Polish as you focus more on what you are singing, the articulations of words as well as giving them a proper shape is far better. Singing in English demands much more effort from me.

5. On the new edition of “Memory and Destiny”, the bonus track was added, the first official video for “Legion Gigantow”.  Tell please, why did you started to make clips and about conception of this one and future video works from “Thunderbolts”.

I was always having plans to create videos for my music but because of many circumstances those plans were never brought to life. The video materials that were recorded slowly faded into obscurity. I also have some problems with finishing the latest videos for Graveland and Lord Wind. There is planty of stuff recorded. Taking care of it all on my own is just above my abilities. This year I received an offer from professionals so maybe it will slowly move forward. The new edition of „Memory and Destiny” has a video that consists of my video materials recorded between 1999-2003, for example a video from the photo session for „Immortal Pride”. A lot of that stuff comes from the Viking and Slav festivals were I used to record battles. Maybe all of that will be used in the future. I hope I will be able to finish the Graveland video clip that I recorded during a trip to Austria. I only wait for the music to it that will soon be ready. It will be a composition from the upcoming split with Nokturnal Mortum. As soon as I finish the music I will be able to work on the images. My friends that work on video editing will take care of post-production. They will put some effects and correct anything that will be needed.

6.Returning to the theme of reconstructions, you noted earlier, that you’re take part every time in such festivals and you’re very glad, that such acts take place in your homeland. How you think, why similar actions are needed and as far as they important personally for you, your environment and in general for the people dividing your views? Do you got some alternative after Wolin became “tolerant and fashionable”?

Recently I do not attend them as much as I used to in the past. I visit only those festivals where I feel comfortable. The popularity of Wolin became its enemy. Political correctness that was forced by the attendeance of many foreign participants successfully wiped out its original values that once caught my attention and the attention of my pagan friends. In this country there is a trend for any historical re-creations. People behind it are different as well as their intentions. All that re-creation movements gather people of great passion for history and patriotism. There are quite a lof of such groups and even more people who like to watch them. The interest from society is so big because they are longing for historical truth, they need real heroes not the stuff that is promoted by mass media, the source that is fullfilled with EU propaganda. The more that shit will be present in media the more people will come to watch medieval of World War II re-creations. I must mention here that Peter from Vader is participating in WW II re-creations as well as Blasphemous from Veles. I remain within the borders of Slav and Viking stuff although I received an offer to join the same group where Peter is, but when it comes to WW II I decided to limit myself to photography. I used to attend battles together with Blasphemous who decided to join Vikings recently. He is now using a nickname „Rado” and it seems that he will help me with Lord Wind a bit.
7.So next question is interesting personally for me. When I bought the new edition of the “In The Glare Of The Burning Churches” I was really amazed, that it’s not an original, but altered version of the demo, recorded in those times but not released. So, when and why the other version of this demo was created and why it wasn’t released as the original version? I think, sound on this variant is more aggressive and dark and your vocals are really terrifying the listener ears! 

Well, I didn't like the first version because of my vocals. Those first vocal attempts seemed to be a bit too weak in sound. I was not happy with that and I was trying to make it more lower and hoarse. That is how the second version was made and released on tape by Witching Hour and later on cd by No Colours.

8.Tell about co-operation with Alruna, the person played violin for “Pamięć i przeznaczenie” and last Lord Wind album.

I have known Alruna for a long time. Once she started a conversation with me asking about music, later we became friends. She started helping me out with graphics as she had already painted quite a lot for herself. I was happy about that as I always wanted to have someone responsible for a graphic design. Her first paintings were used for cd covers and t-shirts, for example for mini-cd „Wotan Mit Mir”. Later it turned out that she also plays the strings. My first thought was that she might play in Lord Winds as I really needed someone playing the srings in a folk vein. As the time passed she turned out to be a very talented person. I have a lot to thank her for, she influenced me in case of behaviour and music, to look at it more subtly. Working on Lord Wind brought that much trust that I allowed her to join me in creating music for Graveland as well. A nice surprise is to watch how she works with such intuition and artistry. She has learned a lot during those years, especially how to feel the folk music, and now it's great to work with her. There are also techincal things about playing that I have learned from her. I always listen to her in that matter, we understand each other perfectly. Recently we have been recording cello and viella for two tracks for the split with Nokturnal Mortum. I can work like that with her the whole life. She has taken over a lot of my views on music so there is no chance that she will take such path like for example Arkona. She is not into commercial stuff, she has her own vision of music and she is dreaming about recording her own album. I really hope to be able to help her with that some day and pay the debt for her work with Lord Wind and Graveland.

9.Who was the initiator of the “Hammer Of The Eastern Europe” split? Some rumors were about the second part, so, do you know what it should be if it will take place?

We must get in touch with other bands to create that split. The present political situation connected with Russia and Ukraine unables us to do so. I hope that „Eastern Hammer” vol.1 has made its impact and that its message will live forever! It will be a pleasure to make some new stuff for „Eastern Hammer” vol. 2 one day.

10.Whether you are familiar with works of Miguel Serrano, with his theories of Esoteric Hitlerism and Aryan Gnosticism? Can it be close to you in some ways? Do you support the conception of the material world, created by Demiurg and only way to free initial “Aryan” spirit is Ragnarok?

To be honest is hard for me to talk about that as I didn't have time to think about those things for quite a long time. I work on albums, travel sometimes or enjoy walking in the mountains. I still don't have enough time for reading as well as giving interviews. Generally I'm far more interested in beliefs and ethnic music.

11.In general, can you tell about your private tastes now in different kind of arts? Cinema, books… etc.

Movies, books and comics were always circulating around the same subject for me: fantasy, history, archeology. I watch or read horrors only a bit. I prefer old stuff recently. Back when I was playing black metal I used to watch a lot of horror movies but they were far better then, like Omen or The Exorcist. Nowadays lack of ideas is replaced with brutal and bloody scenes which I don't want to watch. When it comes to paintings I like the old art, modern one strikes me with emptiness and degeneration. I like the style of Vasyliev and I can see that quite a lot of Russian painters is following his footsteps. I really like the old viking plaits, for me they have that old ancestral spirit inside them. If someone was creating an art fulfilled with spirituality he also passed his believes through it. When we look at it today it seems to emanete with beauty that is difficult to describe. That's the power of spirit. A plait is a simple and primitive object but it has that thing that stimulates our interest in it. We are becoming sensitive towards supernatural things that are surrounding us in our everyday life. We are waking up from a sleep that was brought by a pseudo-religious, monotheistic form. We are breaking the chains that were blocing our mind and thought. Heathendom is freedom! Recently I'm trying to put those plaits on Graveland t-shirts and in Graveland album artwork. Some of them are drawn by Sirkis, North vocalist, a very spiritualized person. I have known him since the beginning of Polish black metal scene. Paganism has been motivating his work for the last 20 years. His works have the ability to awake those asleep. I was always supporting independent graphic designers from underground that have their own characteristic style. I did not tolerate the art that was vulgar and perverted. Nowadays people are under the influence of mass-culture that lacks spirituality. It has one purpose, to turn people into slaves of electronic wolrd. Such vision of world is fearful. I don't have to be a part of it as I live in my own world, world of ancient spirits, the world created by my own imagination.

12.Tell about the project Thoth, where you play keyboards. Also there take part a members of Ohtar and Dark Fury. Thematic of the Thoth based on dark feelings and thoughts – suicide, hatred, depression. Your relation to such topics in your and other creativity, and so-called subgenre DSBM.

Leader of Dark Fury, Raborym, asked me to record the keyboard parts for both Thoth albums. I know him very well, he is one of those people who were part of The Temple of Fullmoon once. It was our Polish underground organization that was supposed to spread the ideals of Unholy Black Metal. TTF taught us how to cooperate and support each other. It was some sort of brotherhood that was born on the battlefield against christianity. Nowadays we are walking complately different paths but due to the past I agreed to make that stuff for him. DSBM is a kind of music that has a strange self-destructive message. I worship the sun! Human being needs vital strenght to fight for his freedom! Life is an endless war. You need to search for creative forces to survive, not destructive ones. Maybe some people think that surrounding world is already so sick that it's better to give up and fall. Raborym is not really that kind of person but there is still a lot of that rebel spirit inside of him and is not the first person to accept what is currently going on in our country. He seems to be frustrated and a bit bitter. Thoth albums have something like that in them.

13.In earlier interview you noted that Black Metal will be always associated with Satanism and for separating yourself from this all, you decided to call your music “Epic Pagan Metal”. What do you think about the bands like Taake, Kroda, etc., who pretend to call themselves Pagan BM, and who associate the standard BM image and sound with the musical form and visualization of Oskorei? Not especially like that, just for example.

They are all young bands and they still don't know what to play. They play what fans are waiting for but instead they should educate their fans. The problem is that a lot of fans are somehow products of commercial labels that are promoting pagan metal recently. It's all about music only, they forget about the pagan ideology that once created that genre. It will soon effect in what happened to Death and Black Metal, Pagan Metal will soon become an exploited genre. There are so many commercial bands that they are overwhelming those few that actually have something to say, that have the essence that keep pagan metal alive. Kroda is a group that can't be categorized but their music spreads some pagan ideals that is why they were attacked by antifa several times. I remember that once after their gig in Warsaw the band was attacked by them and hardly beaten, there was even one broken arm.

14.A lot of talks now about Graveland former member Capricornus, that he left the stage a couple of years ago. Can you give any comments? What do you think about his activity after leaving the Graveland, especially in project Thor’s Hammer, Capricornus?

Capricornus was always radical in his views. He also had an uncommon taste in music. He was never interested in popular, commercial bands. He was into underground. He was searching for that pure darkness essence. He was finding it in the bands that were very weak musically but they had that evil spirit he was looking for. When I first met him he was already deep into Black Metal underground of the 90's. He was exchanging letters with Samoth from Emperor and Count Grishnakh of Burzum. He recieved they first demo recordings directly from them. He brought that darkness from the depths of underground among us. I felt strenght in it, I was sure that it will change our reality. That were the golden years. Music, as well as the ideology of Black Metal, united us and mobilized to create something new. Back then Capricornus was editing his own zine called „Into the Pentagram”. He was also writing lyrics for Graveland and translating them into English. We were having really radical ideas at that time. We were focused on what we were doing, that goal was supposed to bring us immortality. Upcoming years were not that good. We were participating in what was happening on the scene (The Temple of Fullmoon) , that is why we started to become victims of police investigation. That was that moment when everything started to fall into pieces. Capricornus was disappointed that many banda had joined mainstream, he started to bacome mare and more radical. Strong right-wing views started to emerge for the first time but to be honest it was like that already as the similar attitude was close to guys from Emperor, Darkthrone or Burzum. But on that time their importance grew stronger. I was never against it as it was not good to question something that was treated as evil. Any form of evil was accepted by Black Metal. Now, when this genre become commercialized a lot of people do not understand that. Black Metal is now treated like fun, nothing is left from that true essence of it. Musicians are trying to be evil within the limits of political correctness. That's the sign of the final doom of the genre. Copricornus did not accept that and couldn't find himself in such reality. He wanted to leave Graveland when I started to follow the pagan way. At that time he created his two solo projects Thor's Hammer and Capricornus. He has put all his anger and disappointment into them. That was very characteristic stuff, fullfilled with that rebel spirit. His lyrics and ideals were very hard to accept. Sentenced to loneliness he got into addictions. He was not able to live in a world where everything is ruled by commerce, where everything is common and trivial. He is still not interested in the music scene. I haven't seen him for many years and no one knows what he is doing right now.

15.After a couple of years, what’s your opinion about your other former “colleague” Karcharot and his suicide about 8 years ago? What do you think about other, non-original Infernum, or you don’t think about such kind of things?

I used to hate Karchroth for what he had done to us. It was hard to ignore that but a lot of it was motivated by his psychical disorder. Once I was forced to fight him on the street near my house. He attacked me with a chain but I managed to protect myself with a hand. He was not holding it properly so I quickly pulled it out from his hands and struck him back. Some people were trying to put an end to our fight. He started running away but I didn't follow him as someome might have called the police. That was one an only brawl, considering Karcharoth, that I took part in. In other situations I didn't have an opportunity to punch him again. Once, together with the guys from Fullmoon, we set up a recon. We prepared some sort of a trap and were waiting for Karcharoth. We caught him on the street. He was persuaded by one of the Fullmoon guys that he trusted to go out. We surrounded the bus stop when Karcharoth was supposed to wait for the bus. The guy leading him there was no one else but Xanquoreth from Fullmoon. When Karcharoth was standing at that bus stop we attacked. One of the guys hit him with a baseball bat. Karcharoth fell to the ground, they guy who hit him didn't act instantly and as an effect Karcharoth started running away in panic. When I reached that place he already managed to run several hundred meters and enter the local animal shelter shouting that we were about to kill him. People that were there closed the door quickly and when we reached there we decided to retreat and hide somwhere as the police was probably already called. On that day police arrested several members of Fullmoon. I don't know why they didn't leave the city. Karcharoth turned them in to the police. Luckily police investigation has shown that Karacharoth made up the story about us. Also his mental disease was discovered. I didn't have problems due to what happened. Some time passed and Karcharoth calmed down, he was even spreading rumors about his return to Graveland but after what he had done there was no place for him in the band. There is a lot to talk about in this matter, maybe I will do it in the book about Graveland. Left alone, Karcharoth found a place for him among the musicians that were not successful in what they was doing. He joined them with a hope of playing and returning to the scene. It didn't turned out good and I'm not surprised. His friends has taken the control over Infernum and are trying to continue with the band but this will not be that Infernum that I, Capricornus and Karacharoth had created.

16.Returning to the days of the Graveland beginning and times of The Temple Of Fullmoon till know, can you give the some retrospective of the all that has been done for the readers? Maybe some nostalgic remembrances? Can you name some worth names from those times that survived in some forms till now or can you name some worthy acts of the modern scene that you enjoy to listen or glade to collaborate with?

Behemoth have managed to survive they were once a part of The Temple of Infernal Fire, even Nergal himself was among the people who created it. The bonds made back then have survived despite the hate between us caused by different views on Black Metal. A lot of people and bands that were once a part of TTF have disappeared for good or passed away. The others remained as musicians or politicians like Mateusz Piskorski who is now in favor of Russia and a public enemy in his own country. He was the first one from us that entered the parliament as an MP. I always liked him and despite the fact that his views have changed I was always glad that he was doing well. Some of the guys from that years passed away due to car accidents or suicide like Leinad from Mysteries and Greywolf from Iuvenes. Currently I'm in a very good contact with Blasphemous from Veles. He is a WW II enthusiast and takes part in re-creations, lately he is also into old viking culture and beliefs. This year we are planning to create some folk stuff for Lord Wind together. We have planned some meetings in one burgh where we found a suitable atmosphere for creating music and where pagan beliefs are respected. I'm also in contact with Aro from Perunwit. We see each other quite often on concerts or viking festivals. I believe that what happened in the past, even if it's full of darkness, it is something that is part of ourselves today. I don't negate it and I'm not going to criticize it. It's all water under the bridge, we can't do anything about it. All that is left are the memories full of emotions and adventure, all failures and misfortunes are not able to stop the longing for those years.

17.Your opinion about the “Chronicles of Tyranny & Blood - A Tribute to Graveland” release? Can you note some tracks and bands that are very much pleasant for you personally? Your opinion about the tributes itself, as the kind of musical and creative activity. And also about preparing TTF Tribute from Ancient Order.

I'm glad that so many tributes are made. It shows that I still have a lot of friends all over the world for whom the values of Graveland are important. So many people around the world supports Graveland because it is a symbol of rebellion and an attitude that do not recognize any compromises also when it comes to artistic creation and it's not about any political or religious views this time. During the years Graveland has become very universal with its massage that it can be even an inspiration for the descendants of Aztecs or Genghis-Khan. Paganism is not another religious form that force anything on us. Personally, I'm more close to the beliefs of vikings but I still not so strict in it. Paganism do not make anyone a slave of religion. Everything what we do will not be judged by any kind of court. It's all about our own attitude towards our own views and beliefs. We turn to Paganism to find a strength to survive. The amount of it depends on what we want from life, what we need and what our goals are. Some people need more some less. It is important to realise that there is something far above current religious imaginations, a kind of force that fullfill the universe with which we have that spiritual bond. Their strength depends on person, but everyone has them. Pagan beliefs enables everybody to get closer to that force, discover it, to understand that we are not alone in the universe. It's something completely different compared to religious fanaticism represented by monotheistic religions where people are afraid not to believe in what they are told to. Many people knows Graveland from something different than music. That is why those tributes are made. Apart from the one you've mentioned there is one more recorded recently entitled „Chants of Pagan War” issued on 2cd's in 2014. It is not a surprise that there are no popular and commercial bands among those that were working on both tributes. Graveland is still known as not politically correct. Many musicians are still trying not to be connected with Graveland for their own good. But there are of course some exceptions like for example Nergal who is not afraid to support Graveland.

18.In some earlier interviews you have spoken that you don’t want to take part in any political movement because you can be used like a means for involvement of new supporters in movement. I also interviewed Kaiadas from Naer Mataron. He took part in Greek political right-winged party and he doesn't shun thus cooperation neither with Catholics, nor with Orthodoxes, and all this for the sake of fight of Europe against Islamic threat. As far as in general such activity can be expedient and as far as it can be acceptable for the underground musician ?

I do sympathize with some political groups but I'm very careful in deciding who to support. That is because we are all alone in getting a trustworthy source of information from the media. Something that you may believe in might be only a manipulation of an unidentified secret group of people who are in favor of New World Order. It's easier for them to recognize any danger aimed at our culture, beliefs and traditions behind which there are some sort of degenerated left-wing organizations who are controlled by NWO that wants to create a new world. I think that the NWO moves are more visible in Russia as the government let people oppose the western trends such as popularizing sexual pathologies showing them it a good light. Russia want to defend itself against the degradation of western civilization which is something to admire. On the other hand, isn't it like that that the same people from NWO stand behind what is happening both in the west and in the east. They are just creating two camps that are hostile towards each other just to push the world to war. The aim of it is to prevent the expansion of the world population and fuel the economical crisis. There are always those two opposing groups: democrats and republicans in the USA, political parties PO and PiS in Poland, and generally, as a whole world- east and west, christianity and islam. That is all thought-provoking. That is why I always have fears when I see that many young people treat it the way they do. They let themselves be a part of religious or political struggles. The effect is always sad and disappointing. It is really easy to cheat people nowadays using media. You can make them obey your will, so it's obvious that todays „lords” and „pharaohs” use that tool to expand their power. That's how it goes so be wise and careful for whom you are voting in the elections.

19.How effectively in your opinion the Christianity could resist to anything earlier  and as far as it is actual now? In general tell about your views of a today's political situation around the world.

Your opinion about any monotheistic religion, as the something alien for the Europe. How do you see the future confrontation of folks, religions and races?

It seems that christianity has reached its twilight but the current world political situation may force something opposite. It's almost certain the the Europeans will return to christianity to oppose islam. They will search for a unity in it to defend against the invasion of modern barbarians and chaos that they will bring. I frequently hear that in the UK more and more people turn to christianity for a certain period of time or just to achieve their personal goals like moving their children from public schools to avoid them from getting in touch with kids from pathological families of african roots. They are moving to catholic schools were the majority of kids are white. Such schools demand being christian, for ex. catholic and so on. This proccess will continue on spreading into other areas of life. People see what is going on in Africa and are trying to cut off the contact with foreigners. Of course they are all politically correct so their actions are not that visible at first. A mulit-cultural vision of Europe is slowly falling into pieces and all that political correctness and the propaganda spread by the media will not stop it. When islam will be strong enough to start a revolution in Europe, christianity will be its enemy. That is why the political situation will enforce the return to christianity.

20.According to your interests in “forbidden” archeology and history, do you familiar with Russian about Belovodie, the Land Of White Waters and theory about sixth race?

I don't know those myths but you got me interested. When it comes to Russia I have a direct association with the myths of Hyperborea and Arias. It seems that somebody is trying to hide those archaeological discoveries from the public eye to avoid the interference with the commonly known history of the world. There are some conspiracy theories connected with Masons. They are being accused of hiding the truth about the earth and where we all came from. This knowledge gives them a high ground over other people. It enables them to predict the future and manipulate it to strengthen the structures of NWO as well as using it to bring their plans into life. Interesting but I think we need to be rather skeptical towards it. All in all the „forbidden archeology” is more trustworthy than any conspiracy theories. The official, politically correct archeology do not treat seriously any discoveries that do not fit into the commonly known history of the world. Many archaeologists work on those things on their own and publish their discoveries on the internet. A great example of a discovery that is able to interfere with the official history of the world is an ancient city in South America called Puma Punku. Some people claim that it belong to the Atlanthean period, to the times when earth was visited by the Gods. Puma Punku is an abandoned place where you will not find a sign to prove it as an official archaeological dig site. Those archaeologists that publish their theories about the city are frequently attacked. It's strange and brings a thought that there is some sort of censorship when it comes to archeology.

21.Tell about most amazing and well-remembered/mystic events during your travels to sacred holy heathen places or spending the night in the woods. 

I love such places, I always enjoy visiting them. Sometimes I was sleeping among those stone circles or just beside them if there was such opportunity, for example at Odry (Poland). The closest place I know is a holy pagan mountain Ślęża which is 40km from the place I live. You can find the sanctuaries of ancient pagan tribes, even Celts there. We perform our rituals there. We have our own hidden place where we rest after doing so. It is a place where some people experience some sort of visions. From time to time I spent a night there. Where you are alone in the forest at night your imagination works much stronger. You need to keep a distance to what is happening around you. I've experienced a lot of such situations, they had a deep spiritual meaning, even supernatural. Up to this time I still don't know what has really happened, can't find the meaning behind it. Of course, it does not happen very often but it's enought to change you and make you live in harmony with everything that surrounds and fulfills us. Some of those experiences have a very personal meaning that is why I will not talk about them.

22. Did you meet the wild animals and do you like to hunt? Your relation to vegans and to Green Peace. Where the line between care of animals and full madness lies?

Yes, especially at night. I was woken up by does or boars that were moving around. Once, I've fallen asleep in a first suitable place that I was able to find. I didn't realize that is was on the animal path. Later at night a herd of does just passed over me. I felt that something was going on and woke up ready to fight but the does just ran away in panic. More serious meeting with a wild animal happened to me on Ślęża. It was three of us then, I, Capricornus and Karcharoth. We were making some photos for the Celtic Winter album, we also had a fire there that we had to take care of as Ślęża is a part of a national park so any action like that is forbidden. We were afraid that someone will see us and call the police. After taking some photos we lay down around the fire creating stories about boar riding nuns that might have attacked us that night. Suddenly we heard a noise telling us that something is moving through the forest. We kept on listening to recognize if it was an animal or something else to safely fall asleep but the sound was getting closer, something was moving towards us. We started to think that we might have been seen by a forest ranger as there is a TV tower with observation points on the top of Ślęża. We thought that our fire was visible and someone was sent to us. I remember that we were seriously scared, the fire was still burning so we might have been seen. We were getting ready to run away. We had a heavy axe, a sword and a club with nails. We had to prepare them as it was a shame to leave it all in the forest. Something was getting closer and then I heard the most terrible sound I've ever heard in my life. A low growling of an unidentified beast from hell. Such a sound that my heart nearly stopped. We stood up paralyzed by fear. We suddenly grabbed something to fight and started shouting to scare that thing off. The beast started running away giving sound of nothing else than a lonely boar that all in all was able to attack us. Maybe he smelled something to eat that is why he was moving towards us. That event is still in my memory and will stay for good.

23. How there is a preparation for live performances? And why you decided to play on a bass? Experience with Woodtemple helped you, yes?

I will take care of vocals only in Graveland. It might be to much for me to play bass and sing at the same time. I will have quite a lot to do on stage as I'm going to take some of my armor and weapons with me. I think that it might be a great show, I hope I will deal with that. First gigs will be rather calm but I'm dreaming about such a show that Venom were giving back in the 80's. An authentic show where the musicians play their roles just how they feel without any planning. I don't want to be a robot that will do the same each gig. Of course there are some elements that are repeated but not everything. I think that what people are waiting for is being natural. Tomorrow I'm going to meet with my drummer as we will be recording that two tracks for the split with Nokturnal Mortum. We will jam a bit and talk about future concerts and upcoming Graveland album. In Woodtemple I wanted to play bass a it is a simple role and enought to get familiar with the stage. It really enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed that Woodtemple is taking a break for the whole 2015 after that one gig in Paris. The should go on with playing, now nothing is certain, I don't know if Woodtemple will ever play again.

24.When live performances will be possible, would you visit some Slavonic countries, including, Russia or Ukraine for example? What bands you see worth to support Graveland on stage?

I always wanted to visit Russia and play there as the heathendom there is strong and has the values that I support. The latest events connected with Behemoth concerts there make me feel that it is not the best idea, especially because Graveland is still associated with politically uncorrect things. It is commonly known why Behemoth is controversial. Graveland is different but also complicated and may irritate some people that are connected with the government or the Orthodox church. I would like to play in Lithuania and Ukraine. In Russia I would like to share the stage with Temnozor or Krynica.

25.You noted in Cazus Belli interview, that you may write a book about the days of TTF and yearly Graveland days, so… is it real? Can we expect something in the nearest future?

That is a plan connected with a work on history of Graveland were a lot will be written about TTF and the Polish Black Metal underground. A lot of things happened here, even more extreme than in Norway. Not many people know about it as people here knew how to keep it in secret, not talking about it in zines like the the guys from Norway, for example about church burnings. Here the bands knew how to remian silent and how to deal with police. Of course, there were some screw-ups like the one with Karcharoth or a murder case that the members of Thunderbolt were involved it. Much more people were involved in Black Metal movement here in Poland. Some of them were psychopaths that even I was afraid of but it was only Black Metal what mattered, the victims were not important, there was no future only present and only things that prooved our dedication were important. TTF was brought to the end by the police and a lot of us were in trouble back then. We were monitored long after that. Even several years later police was interested in what I was doing, they didn't try to hide that. There were a few funny situations connencted with that but you will read it all in the book about Graveland.

26.Coming back to past times, tell about your army service in armies and how this period of life it helped you to be created as the personality both what useful skills and knowledge you took out from there?
I entered the army quite fast as I was taking part in anti-communist strikes. I was arrested once and spent a night in prison. I was a witness of a battery of a guy who was a son of someone important from Solidarność. When we were released I have visited the hospital to take care of possible wounds after getting beaten by the police. It turned out that I was not the only one who had seen that battery in prison and later I became a witness at the court in a case against those policeman. Before all that happened I was taken to serve in the navy, 600km from my city. I have spent 2 years there as a radio-technician. Serving in army at that time was very stressful. Everything I experienced there is a subject for a separate book. It was hard but I managed to went through it. I was dreaming about freedom and it had come to me at last. I was good at shooting as my father taught me how to fire an air-gun. I had no problems with AK-47, once I achived 47 points out of 50 in shooting, that was my best attempt. I was immediately upgraded to able seaman, I still have the document that prooves that. Generally I think that every man should go through a standard army training. I was in the navy but I was not serving at the sea that much, mostly on land, in old post-german bunkers (Peenemunde- Wolin), 12 hours a day. When I was serving during a day I was not able to see the sun for even two weeks. 12 hours in a bunker each day answering telegrams, always longing for a sleep. I will describe it all in a biography.

27.Also, instead of army photos, I’ve seen on Facebook a lot of interesting photos of early record session. It’s a question, interesting for me from a point of sound engineering. Please tell about a process of recording albums of early days of Graveland, from the Necromanteion era. It all has very specific and amazing sound.

At that time we didn't have an access to a good music equipment, and if it happen that is was a possibility I just couldn't afford it. I used the stuff I was able to get. My first electric guitar was the one of my father. I plug it to a small amplifier in a radio or tape recorder. I really liked that a little bit distorted sounds. The first electric guitar that I bought was a Czech Jolan on which I recorded „Necromanteion” and „Drunemeton”. For „In the Galre...” a have a different one, used, taken from a friend that everybody called Telesfor. Keyboards and drums for „Necromanteion” and „Drunemeton” were made on Amiga 500. It can be seen in the photos from „In the Glare...” session. I have been using it for keyboard sounds up til „Immortal Pride”. Later, I gave it away to someone younger from my family. It was a cousin of mine, he used it only for computer games. That computer could have been a relict today! That sort of stuff was bought from me by Ash from Nargaroth, for exmaple a microphone that was used for recording vocals for „In the Glare...”. The same one was used in Veles, Infernum and Mysteries.

28.You noted that your past creativities were inspired by Moon and your modern works are filled by fire of Sun. But, as I know, in pagan traditions Moon and Sun, like night and day are equivalent and counterbalance each other. Your thoughts about that and your own concept about Good and Evil. 

I'm trying to create balance between those powers, to move directly between them. When I was playing Black Metal moon was a symbol of dark mysticism, a fiendly soul in the darkness. Its coldness was fulfilling me and making me feel like a creature of the night. Such fascinations were not good for me weakening my vital strenght. I was turning into Gollum of some sort. I was getting pale, thin and full of hatred. That was not a source of strenght for a warrior that I wanted to be. I began to understand it as I was discovering the slavonic heathendom. I have realised that I need the sun, a natural source of vital strenght and a symbol of life! From that time the symbol of the sun is always with me, both in my music and image. A lot of fans still have problems with that as they associate the sun with trivial things. They just have a wrong picture of it. All that movies about vampires, ghosts, demons have made the moon a symbol of dark forces. A lot of that art is avalible, but almost nothing connected with the sun but if someone wants it can be found. Recently I have been watching a movie about Genghis-Khan entitled „By the will of Genghis-Khan”, it is probably a Russian movie. I really like the way the sun is presented in this movie. It is fullfilled with paganism that was performed by the tribes of a great steppe. That is what I like! Slava to the Sun!

29. Your future plans for the creativity, maybe instead of Graveland?

This year I want to recordd a new album with new musicians. I also want to play some gigs. I really want it and I think that the time has come for it. In 2014 I played one gig with Woodtemple in Paris and I enjoyed it a lot. The gig itself probably wasn't the best but the audience gave me a lot of positive energy and that is why I must be back on stage. Great live shows will be a perfect sum up to my music career so far! I already have a gruop of professional musicians that will help me with that. In a few days I will be recording drum tracks with my drummer Mirek for two compositions that will appear on the split with Nokturnal Mortum. That is a new chapter for Graveland, a new beginning that will lead to live performances. During March and April I will be writing some new material for the next Graveland album. I'm also very proud of what we are preparing for the split. New Graveland stuff is still epic and pagan but it already has some new elements that I've taken from doom metal.

30. Your final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!!

Raise your Thor's Hammers up to the sun! Raise your swords! Remember that Paganism is brotherhood!


Interview was translated from English to Polish by Przemysław Bukowski

His links:

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