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Arkona (Poland) Interview

And so, after the interview with the icon of Polish Black Metal - Darken, I had interviewed the leader of the another cult Polish band Arkona - Khorzon. So, he is not so talkative like Darken was, but you may take some interesting information about Arkona from this interview.

1.Hails Khorzon! For the first, describe yourself and your band, Arkona and tell about it’s history!

Arkona exists since 1993. We have recorded several full-length albums, several splits and played many gigs all over Europe. I don't know what to tell more.

2.Tell about new line-up (new from 2012, I mean) and about process of new album recording and composing. It’s named “Chaos.Ice.Fire”. What meaning do you put into such name?

The line-up changes from time and there is no point is discussing it in details. I'm the main force behind Arkona from the very beginning and I'm the one who creates all the music. The recordings of the latest album has taken not that much time although the stuff was already created in 2010-2011. I was waiting for the most suitable moment. The title of the album speaks for itself when it comes to its atmosphere and lyrics.

3.Album name is in English language, but lyrics again in Polish. What are the reasons of such decision? Why so important to you to write lyrics on native language?

The title does not sound well in Polish that is why it was left in English: „Chaos.Ice.Fire”. The lyrics are in Polish as it is the best way for us to describe what we want, Polish is our native language.

4.From 2005 year your band started to take part in splits with different bands like Aragon, Moontower or Besatt. Tell about them for each personally if it’s possible and tell about reasons of each split release.

In each case the proposal was introduced to us.

5.Tell about label Hellfire records and your cooperation with them. I haven’t found a lot of info about them.

Hellfire Records is a label run by our ex bassist Conqueror, who started it after leaving Arkona, he is still a friend of us and a fan of the band. Apart from releasing the last album he also reissued „Konstelacja Lodu” and „Imperium”.

6.Despite fact that members of Infernal War or Veles take/took part in your band, you don’t support any political ideologies. Describe this moment. You can accept in something with them, but you try to hold the creativity far away from policy, am I right? And what reasons of it? For example, Darken calls policy not the most inspiring thing for the musician.

Maybe for Darken politics are inspiring but for me it is not and I will always oppose the tendency to see Arkona as a band that has something to do with it. Our views are nothing to be ashamed of but they are strictly private views of each of the members. Arkona as a band does not have political views.

7.Tell about main influences for your creative inspiration. Now and about 20 years back, when Arkona was created. Can you name yourself religion person in some points and do you interested in study of cultural and religious heritage of your homeland before baptism? What steps do you undertake in it?

Despite my interest in paganism and the history of these lands I can't say that I'm a religious person. I'm not bound to any pagan religious organisation but I have a lot of friends there and I take part in some rituals but as a person interested in the subject not as a follower.

8.Your band called Arkona, the religious center of Baltic Slavs at Island Rugen. What meaning did you enclosed when you named your band so? Do you visit some sacred places for Slavs or other European folks in your country or round the world? If yes, can you describe most amazing and memorable senses from such visit?

The idea behind the name of the band emerged a long ago. Just as I've mentioned before I was always very interested in history and pagan beliefs not only of Poland but the Europe as a whole. The choice of name for the band was obvious, It had to be connected with these subjects, it came naturally to me. I didn't have an opportunity to visit Rugia but I would really like to. An important religious place for Slavs here is Ślęża mountain which I visit from time to time.

9.Do you believe in resurrection of native European beliefs or it’s just contents an interest for a few ones, but views of the mob will be always turned at the global new world culture till the end? Whether masses will be able to begin to see clearly before becomes too late?

Those religions were resurrected but didn't spread that much. They are of a very little importance but still there are a few pagan religious organizations that keep on going. When it come to a widely spread resurrection of paganism throughout the Europe I don't believe in it, who will have a use of it really. The amount does not count but the quality. Any religion that spreads on a huge scale quickly undergoes degradation.

10.Picture of your private imagination about world’s end. Or just some thoughts about it.

When I die, I would like to meet the people I like, the ones who I care about , anything else may fade into obscurity.

11.Let’s turn again to musical themes. Not long ago you visited us in Russia, but because not so good organization you played just a few songs for just a few ones near the scene because of late time of your performance. Can we hope that you will return again to Russia with another promoter? I saw your set in Serbia, it was brilliant!

Yes, it was not the best when it comes to organistaion. We were headliners both in Moscow and Petersburg. Due to so many support acts our gig started really late and a lot of people had already left. As an effect we were playing for a few fans that decided to stay and listen to us. When it comes to returning to Russia, we have received like 3 gig offers but we refused but it does not mean that will not accept a serious offer in the future. Thanks for the kind words about the gig in Serbia.

13.Tell about your experience of live performances. Did you played live in the past with old line-up. And how it differs from new line up? What was the best and worst gig and what is the best or ideal gig in your opinion?

We didn't play much with the old line-up as in those days there were not many gigs organised, the ones considering black metal. It was a death metal domination back then, there was almost no bm gigs at all. All in all, we were not the best live band at that time. The worst gig we've ever played was the one when our drummer got totally drunk and it was impossible to cancel the gig as too many people had come and bought tickets. It was a total disaster but everybody recognised that our drummer didn't feel well and we were excused. It is hard to pick the best gig as there were too many that we are satisfied with. I have good memories of a one in France where we played with Darkened Nokturn Slaughtercult, Blacklodge and Osculum Infamie.

 14.Tell about former and present members and their projects and bands. Generously, I mean, bands like Mussorgski, Pandemonium, Call Ov Unearthly and others. And, specially, why Mussorgski? Very strange name for the band.

Mussorgski is my old project that exists in parallel to Arkona. That is a project where I record all my ideas that do not match to the Arkona concept.
Pandemonium- old, Polish cult band, I work with them as a session musician for several years recording the keyboard samples for the latest releases.
Call of Unearthly was a band of Armagog, he is also a vocalist of lately resurected Taran. It is also necessary to mention Mord'a'Stigmata, that is a second band of our new drummer.

16.What do you listen now? I mean not just metal. Anything from musical and sound world.

Apart from black metal I also listen to movie scores.

17.Your present tastes in cinema, books, painting maybe. Do you interested in sculpture or architecture?

Unfortunately I don't have much time for other interests. Form time to time I have time to watch a movie and that's it.

18.Who makes cover arts for Arkona releases? Do you interested in design and illustration yourself?

In most cases the cover artwork is done by me but if something comes from the label and I like it is used as a cover of course. That's true, when I have time for that I like to work on the graphics on my own.

19.Your future plans for Arkona and not just for it.

Now we are working on the new album that is supposed to be released this year. There are also some gigs to play.

20.What do you think about Slavonic conflict in Ukraine now and about all 2014 year through? I now, in Poland isn’t good time become now.

That's a very hard issue to discuss as the conflicts among politics effect in the same thing among common people. I think that people shouldn't get involved in that and let the politicians deal with it on their own.

21.Final words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

Thank's for the attention.

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