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Inferno Interview (In English)

1.Hails to Inferno! The only one interview with your band that I had found was in the Castle Of Vampiria webzine. To be honest it caused more questions than answers, that you had given. Can you briefly describe the history of formation of your band in the early period? How it’s possible now, after so many years to shed some light on these events?
Hail Tiamat and accept our salutations. Are people really that interested in biographies of the bands? Usually I find them very boring and thus I personally dislike answering such questions. However, I should point out that the band started in 1995, the line-up has been changing frequently and after some demo recordings we released various live albums, split EPs, split CDs and six full-length albums. When it comes to interviews we are not a band that does them frequently. We prefer to express things in a surge of inspiration and even answering interviews should go hand in hand with the magic of the moment, not to mention that answering should feel relevant, fulfilling and in concordance with our (true) will. Even the least of your steps are important on the ordeal to open the gates to the great unformed beyond. May the Devil and Death be our guides.
2.Adramelech is only member who stayed in a band since first line-up. What was the reason? Can we say now that Inferno is, for the most part, your solo project?
Yes, I am the only one who remains from the original line-up, however this does not mean the band is my solo-project or something where I invite guest musicians to realise my visions and ideas. All members are the vital part of the band and we are all interconnected; As one as nothing. The current line-up feels as the strongest to date and the energies from the acausal realm flow through us without restrictions when we play.
The reason why I am the only one left from the original line-up is simple. I have been the most devoted and faithful to the band even in the most difficult times. Staunch and ever-ready to tread those tragic paths to open (not only) our hearts.
3. Earlier you mixed subjects of your creativity with Paganism and Slavism, you sang in your native language and your music was composed in more fast and vigorous way. Even “Black Devotion” was more energetic album than the last one. “Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness” is much more meditative, dark, viscous and obscure, than its predecessor. Am I right if I would assume that it is largely the effect of the last line-up? Or are you arrived to the edge of Darkness is much closer than in the past and the old forms of your work has finally outlived their usefulness?
Our earlier works were rooted in our proud European heritage and they were also strongly antichristian. We were more inclined towards satanic/adversarial archetypes as the opposition of the Abrahamic god-demiurgus. Pride and defiance were strong factors and they still are even though to a lesser extent.
I do think that we have moved into different audio and visual territories, however our past and the roots are not gone. We still represent what Inferno has always stood for. But the nowadays form is more powerful. We have developed and improved all those attributes of inner spiritual journey that had been present in the band earlier. The music and lyrics are more metaphorical, everything allows many explanations. However, the path to results and the outcome, as well as discovering what lies beyond and behind the set goals, is much more interesting than the results themselves.

4.Or maybe these new people in a band helped you do such steps? Tell please some words about new line-up. I see there musicians from such well-known acts like Besatt, Sezarbil and so on.
First of all I should mention that the majority of music on the past two albums was composed by Ska-Gul who is the member of Inferno for approximately 8 years. He is the one who brings ideas and together we work on them so they may reach “perfection” and ultimately take you beyond the horizon of basic sensual perception. I feel that our music portrays and mirrors what is happening in our hearts during the phase of creation. Inferno lives through us, it is not the other way around of course. However, we let the Beast within us to speak through the music and thus we can be considered only as the vectors in this process.
Concerning the line-up. We have a new drummer who used to play in Besatt. Other members played in bands like Silva Nigra, Sezarbil, Noctambulant, Moravská Zima etc. But now they are an integral part of Inferno.
5.Also, I see here is the reason of your live mood changing. When I had seen you on Hell Fast Attack 9 stage I was amazed, that I watch Czech Acherontas or Behexen, if you know what I mean. How the concert aura changed for you from the previous decade and do you feel that there is no place for old things?
Well, I have already said that there is a link between the old and the recent character of Inferno. But today it is more concrete and powerful while focusing on the inner spiritual development. We search for vibrations that allow us to explore the self and we also try to provide such impulses for those who appreciate what we do. We have been active on the scene for more than 20 years and those who know us also know that there is nothing superficial about our deeds. We do what is needed, avoid things we cannot do anything about, while keeping our artistic integrity. We have never cared about love or hate of the others. Those who want to understand will eventually find what they need.
6. As you told in your previous interview, your impression about Darkness is changing for you with time flow. Can you describe verbally, how can you imagine this essence? What do you put in this term?
Simple, it is primarily my own personal development, transformation, when I uncover mysteries and go beyond a mere intellect. I try to perfect and know myself while treading the chosen spiritual path. It is more than a mere dabbling or broadening of one´s general knowledge. I consider it an initiation, a journey into my own heart, a re-substantiation, when I bring new energies onto my path through life and detach myself from the mundane; treading towards the darkness/light. Just take a look around you and see how an excess of good creates evil, patriotism becomes chauvinism etc. However in my case it is of course spiritual. I search then I reveal. Understanding is followed by awakening and death of the mundane-focused ego. There are many ways and I certainly do not have the authority to say what are the Light and Darkness truly about or what is the most noble way of living. There is not an amount of theoretical knowledge that would be sufficient and that is why I let my intuition to lead me in this egomaniacal world of narrow-minded reasoning and slavery. However I have found my own way and I decided to make a step...
7.As far as I see, you significantly moved forward in terms of occultism. As I said earlier I feel it in your music and feelings from live performance. Can you name some sources from where do you get information and inspiration?
I feel I am only at the beginning, however the influences and sources are many. Let me at least mention Andrew Chumbley, Daniel Schulke, Austin Osman Spare to name some. There is always an effort to pierce through the text and encompass the actual meaning. I allow the words and sentences to suck me in. A mere knowledge learned by rote that lacks intuition and understanding is worthless however. Sometimes, the intellect, causalities, mundane, limited reasoning and pre-programmed streams of thoughts need to be eradicated or at least pushed aside so I can stand, purified, before my own self and a divine and then search for a unification with the absolute. Conquering your inner self, climbing towards the peaks of sacred ecstasy.

8. Works of which occultists do you looked closely just for your own purposes?
Now I am immersing myself in Liber Azerate, however I would not like to elaborate further. Let the timid drown in the stream of creation while you enter the shadows in the hour of awakening.
9.Describe please your tastes in literature and drawing.
From the metal underground I admire artists like David Glomba, Manuel Tinnemans, David S. Herresias, Jose Sabogal, Zbygniew Bielak, Alexander Brown, Timo Ketola, Alen Grijakovic or Nestor Avalos to name at least some of the many. And from the older masters I could name Gustave Doré, Michelangelo, Giotto di Dondone, Paolo Veronses, Lucas Cranach, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Brugel, Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Durer and various many others. I remember when I visited Orsay and Louvre galleries and stood there for hours in silent awe. From the world literature I could name some of my favourites such as Homer, Goethe, Komenský, Moliere, Sofocles, Shakespeare, Gogol, Sinkiewicz, Dostojevskij, Baudelaire, Balzac.

10.I seen the pentagram in your old logo, and that caused the following question. How do you see Satan – it’s a figure from christian folklore for you or from Indo-European?
Usually we can understand Satan as an adversary/negation of the blind values that are rooted in our society thanks to Abrahamic religions. However we cannot go in more detail because everyone may have his  or hers own interpretation and don´t forget that even the actual current that calls itself Satanic is not unanimous. Some sects/groups that consider themselves satanic are rooted in antique hedonism, some profess nihilism, some follow the commercial LaVey´s satanism and than there are more serious theistic organisations and temples (Ordo templi orientis, Temple of Seth etc. etc.)
And it similar in black metal. Some bands are very methodical and academic in their approach to Satan, some take inspiration from eastern or jewish mysticism and almost every serious band has its own peculiarities. My own understanding of this entity/energy is quite similar to that of Thelema and it is one of the tools towards my spiritual development and unveiling of the true will.
11. Christianity became an easy object to paint your face and blame it, but islamic state shown the really face of monotheistic menace together with judaism. And what do you thing better – to get more become more dangerous and outrageous in shocking the audience or engage in self improvement?
The situation of the recent days is bleak and the representatives of monotheistic religions be it Judaism, Islam, Christianity (or even Vaishnavism for that matter) do not have much to offer for the development of the society in context of fulfilling the needs of the individual and allowing him to set out on the road towards one’s own growth. They represent traditions that need to be eradicated so the old continent can regain its greatness. Those who rule their own homes can rule their own life. There is a thin line between being too proud and cocky and therefore blinded, however I think that we have every right for a healthy dose of pride of our own ancestry, nation, culture, roots and to defend it from moral degradation that breeds only mediocrity, spiritual decay and slaves. Slaves that blindly follow humanistic laws that instead of defending people only forbid them from achieving "perfection". A healthy pride should come from fruits of own work, spiritual evolution and moral working. Technologies and natural sciences progress swiftly, however men are left behind. Path towards Hyperborea is revealed by those who have courage to change what is not right. And in this sense I think that things have gone truly awry. It´s quite sad actually to see the surrounding degradation. Anyway, death to mankind, praised be the man.
 12.Pleace describe the symbolism of new Inferno logo? Or it’s too personal/intimate for you?
The new logo obviously represents and mirrors  personal implications related to the present and especially future works of Inferno; Here portrayed via sigil magic. I wouldn´t mind to open out about the logo, however I will keep it to myself for now, because it is mainly connected to the lyrical and visual aspects of the album that will be released next year. I obviously do not want to spoil anything in advance as it is necessary to allow people to make their own picture.
However it is very amusing to see the reactions caused by the logo. Even the people I respected for their detached view, were nagging about the logo not being nice, appealing or aesthetic enough and similar irrelevant bullshit. None of those people asked a simple “why?”. They didn’t care about the reason behind the change, what the logo may point out, what inner movements it should stir etc. They only criticized the change itself - a change of something they were lazily used to. Another thing I may mention is that this “criticism” came exclusively from the people of the Czech/Slovak scene who felt a need to say online what is “better”. People from abroad didn’t really have a problem with it or were even interested in concept behind the logo and thus some words and ideas were exchanged. I guess that the thing mentioned above is something representing our national temperament and a flaw i.e. to constantly complain about something without making an effort to actually understand and that’s why Czech bands remain where they are... But that is something I had to get used to.
Many who are living, deserve death and many dead would deserve to live.

13.You also told, that today so many liberal organization trying to control the activity of humanity and you want to see men free of these fetters. How do you see the needful picture of the world? Where ugly means ugly and deviations do not claim to be the social norm?
I will not share any instruction on how an ideal society should look like and what steps should the world in general take. Claiming that my personal opinion is the best one is erroneous. My opinions are only based on my own intuition and experience + my knowledge of necessary sciences is not enough. However I am certain that the world would certainly benefit from the secularity in government, justice etc. Christianity (and other Abrahamic religions) is the religion of lies that are presented as supreme truths. Of course even the Christianity has many valuable things to offer but the global Christian tyranny only robs people of their nature. I consider it to be the main enemy of men and a reason behind the general nihilism, unproductive peace and the destruction of nature, individuality and freedom. The mainstream Christianity offers only a placebo for the humanistic slave who is terrified of his own mortality and teaches fear and meekness instead of virtues. To counterbalance the fear, it also offers consolation in faith, however that works more like a blindfold than an empowerment. And such tranquilized person can hardly know himself/herself and make the necessary steps, especially if the threat of eternal punishment constantly looms over.
14.What do you say about Czech in this relation? Your country and Poland are more conservative in that way than neighbor Austria or Germany. Do you interesting in culture and history of your country?
When it comes to conservatism we are probably close to Poland but I may be wrong. There are enough of conservative political parties here and I think that we are more open to stand against quick changes and rather turn to more traditional norms. However, Polish nation is steered by Christian conservatism and dogmas which can be seen just everywhere. The Czechs and Moravians are very atheistic. Our attitude towards the state is quite similar. That is, we understand it is an independent body but we are not reliant on its support. We put stress on order, however that does not lead to repressions. Personally I am not really interested in politics so my opinions are again intuitive and not academic. And as above, I stand for crushing of Christian morals, dogmas and religious bigotry.
15. You told that scene of every country got it’s own direction and you cited the example of Pagan Metal in Ukraine. Maybe you would list here the name of worthy band for you, nevermind, from Slavonic scene or not, it’s very interesting.
There are some bands that deserve a mention but they are not exclusively pagan metal: Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Kroda, Lucifugum, Drudkh, Blood of Kingu, Hate Forest, old Astrofaes, Dark Ages...

16.In 90s and 00s splits were the way for bands to cooperate and support each other am I right? You told, that all the bands which took part  in splits with your band you knew personally. Can you recommend some not famous one to take attention at? I mean, surely, not Moonblood or Maniac Butcher that don’t need any presentation.
Yes it is true (or I should say that I believe) that cooperation, comradeship, cohesion and ardour were greater in the nineties. But those times are long gone by. Sure it was much more difficult to communicate or do promotion since not everyone had an internet connection but on the other hand it was all much more real and pure. Today, just everyone can make a brand product out of black metal. Something elitist has become a very mundane thing lacking any honour, spirituality, something where it is possible to buy your status. The quality standards are too artificial nowadays.
From the bands that released a split recording with us I can recommend Apolokia (related to Katharsis), Amalek or Celestia and mighty Tundra.
17. And do you got on splits some unique or exclusive songs, that weren’t included in albums, but it’s too good to leave it behind? Sorry, I got no possibility to collect it all, but it’s interest for me to get some advice from you if it’s not too difficult.
Usually all the stuff we compose is used on releases according to which purpose they have been created. We have only a few riffs or skeletons of songs in our archive. Those were created at certain circumstances but weren’t finished due to some outer or inner reasons. Sometimes those unused riffs may eventually be developed into longer parts or they may provide an inspiration for the better and deeper ideas which in turn can crystallize in a song.
18. You got about 4 live albums, and it’s too unusual for the band that took concert pause for 5 years and which doesn’t define itself as a live band. What’s a reason to release live album in that way? These albums are very good, I don’t complain, don’t think so. Would you do the live album with new material? And how soon?
All those old live recordings serve as a reminder of unforgettable events. A memento of important moments, perhaps even of transformation that lead us where we are now. A new live album is not planned at the moment but who knows what may happen in the future.
19. New material… 2 years had passed since “Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness”. And do you got something in a work process? Will it be in A same way as a latest creation or you will open new horizons/return some old influences? What are your plans for the future?
The next album will be realised and hopefully also released in 2016. Everything is underway, that is all that needs to be said right now.
20.Please say some last words to the readers of House Of The Whipcord Zine and evaluate this interview in a couple of sentences!
Again I thank you for the space in your zine. I think the questions were interesting and it was pleasant to share our feelings and ideas with you.
"War is the father and king of all: some he has made gods, and some men; some slaves and some free."