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Sekhmet Interview (In English)

1.Hails to Sekhmet! For the first I need to say, that I read 2 interviews with you in a web and in each of it you didn’t gave so much attention to your history. Can you disclose this subject here in wide way? As I see the strong carcass of the band remained from the beginning – Set, Ragnar, Warlord.

HELL-o friend. I dont know what did you read, but i answered on that really often in past. Band Sekhmet begun in September 2002. Yes it is true. SET, WARLORD and RAGNAR are the main members of Sekhmet. We are together from the begining. We tried a second guitarist and singer, but it did not work. After two years Abaddon came and he was really true person for Sekhmet. He was with us 9 years and sung 3 full lenght albums. After that problems start. Many concerts have been ahead and we tested many vocalist as for example Devilish by Dark Storm or Loqo by Valraukar and many others. Lord Aegir was the best. So he stayed for 4 years and sung our last album.  We composed new album Words of the Master for two guitars so we found second guitarist Nekromancer by Cult of Fire. Now Sekhmet is in position of many changes again but Set, Warlord and Ragnar staying together. Actual line up is SET - guitar and back vocal, Warlord - guitar, Ragnar - Drums, Mephisto - Bass and Nav - vocals

2.I became acquainted with your music in Serbia, on Darkness Rising Fest. Can you remember anything about this show - feelings, memories, some very memorable events?

Yes of course :-) It was really great festival, i was happy. There were many mistakes with bands and theirs preparings etc etc ... People spoke about big problem in organization but i dont want to speak about it. For me it was really great. Sekhmet has good time on a stage, there were good atmosphere, many alcohol and cheap alcohol, many friends and good bands. I am sorry that organizator was in financial minus so he can not organizate it again. It was really perfect.

3. As I see, you like to play live, you’re the concert band generally. Your music disposes to it also as an energetic behavior on stage. And also I can’t not to mention blood, fire, crosses and so on. What is the live show for you?

Yes exactly. We are not band which records new album twice a year. Sekhmet band is our hobby. We are happy when we can travel, we can drink with new people, we can show them Czech BM and many other reasons. Maybe it is reason why we dont play for money. We want play often and everywhere and this is important for us. Money are for mainstream bands.
Yes if it is possible so we are preparing some special show on the stage because i think that this is black metal. We want to show our hatred against the christianity. New days bands dont use warpaints, spikes, bullets and all what is true old metal scene. Metallists are warriors and resistance.

4.Tell me about your lyrics. You write about different topics – religion, wars, witchcraft. The last one is especially interesting to me. Tell about your relation to it. Do you interesting in Medieval Ages, stories about exorcisms, inquisition?

I have to say truth that i dont read book as much as i would like. So i dont have inspiration from the books. Of course i have interest about it but i am not inside as you think.  I didnt write lyric for Sekhmet really long time. It was in 2009 maybe, i am not sure. I like nature and forests so i am frequent visitor of nature, mountains and forest and maybe this was my inspiration. Feelings and views there.
New album wrote my Swedish friend Master from Bestial Mockery. Sekhmet had new songs but any lyrics. So he wrote it. It isnt conceptual album. And yes he is really clever man and he knows many about witchraft and magic.

5. On his last album you raise completely different topics. Beside witchcraft, I mean Kabbalah topic (Daath), a two-part novel All Shall Bear Witness (I asked about it in question 5) and finally, “The Ages Of Titans”. Tell about lyrical concept on this album, in general.

As i wrote it wasnt conceptual album and it was never in Sekhmet older albums. We used because these lyrics were really interesting for us all inside band. These texts were the link between us and our war against Christianity. And that's why we used Kabbala and Titans. It is important to always go against the absurd gods.

6.Tell about meaning of cover art. And who drew it?

I asked my friend if she can draw for us and she did it. DISO is a good artist. She draw goddess Sekhmet and magic vortex where finished all. She used the symbols but they are just symbols. These symbols are hyperbole. Everything is falling down.

7. You also get a gig with such band like Absurd and when I looked for info about you in web I found big article about you on antifa site. How strong is this group activity in Czech and did you got some negative incidents after these publications? And also your relation of politics in a context of today’s situation in a world and Slavonic countries especially. This is not the most essential issue, you mayn’t answer if you don’t want.

No, we didnt play with Absurd. Yes, they wrote some issue about us , but i think thats lie. Sekhmet is not NSBM and never was. We didnt use ns lyrics and similar thing. Antifa think yes but it isnt true. Each one who isnt like they is considered to be NS for them. I do not know ... I did not feel ashamed of anything I've done or I do. If they have problem because i was on demonstartion against legalization of drugs so ok... and other similar situation.
Of course it made many problems - some gigs were cancelled, some friends leave etc. But many good people stayed. Joke is that Master was on antifa compilation BM against NSBM and he is our friend. Because he has open eyes.
Maybe it is better when i dont answer because we have news from media and i am sure that media didnt say whats really happening there. I have friends between Ukrainian and Russian population too. Of course each one say different things about situation and their feelings. I am sorry for that. We all are brothers, i feel this.

8.Also about your other visual component – a video. I know some kind of amazing Czech tradition to make videos. I watched videos of Maniac Butcher and Trollech and I found it very funny and a little ridiculous. Your video is more serious than Trollech, but I can’t understand it’s plot and meaning. Can you describe it to me?

I dont know which our video you mean. Let me explain it shortly. First video ,, All Shall Bear Wittness II. " - Meaning of video is really big hyperbole. We wanted to show the bad things about Christianity and priests. After all murders, rapes of children, etc. by priest,  members of band Sekhmet grab priest and will condemn him. The other people are witnesses of his last judgment.
Second video ,,Daath" - again big hyperbole. It has to be hyperbole everytime because these lyrics are too deep and there is not possible to real portray. Ok so in text ,,Daath"  are important words as for example wood of life and wood of death, all must end in fire etc. This is just for example. So we used skulls and bones near to wood of death, young women and children as life and so on. Everything have to end in a river Styx. So there are corpses, murder of priest, suicide of young women, 2 minions of darkness, who are a representation of inner essence of death. It was really complicated to do it because this lyric is really deep. But we need to record videoclip for this song because we and our fans like especially this song.

9.Sekhmet is an exotic and catchy name for the band, that take listener attention and well remembered. I haven’t seen anything Egyptian in your music, but it’s explosive and bright, impulsive. What does that name means for you?

We chose name Sekhmet in Satanic bible. I think thats good name because it is easy to remember it. Sekhmet was goddess of war and revenge. So her name is a good link with our lyrics.

10.And also I need to mention, that the school of your music is very recognizable. I won't confuse this Czech style with anything else. I clearly see the handwriting of Bohemian originators like Inferno or Maniac Butcher, am I right? Do you got inspiration from your own motherland bands? And what can you say about nowadays bands and your friends from Czech Republic?

I dont think so. I think that Sekhmet music is different than Inferno and Maniac Butcher. We tried dont copy other bands but maybe we are near to norwegian BM than these bands. The truth is that i recognize czech Bm when i am hearing. Now i am nicely surprised that Sekhmet music is still in one link because last albums of Inferno or Maniac Butcher maybe are good but this is not their music.
i dont know what you want to hear. We have many bands but it is still the same everywhere. We have new bands which play really good music. But black metal is more than just music. But ok if they are playing good music and we can believe that their way is true so people doesnt care about new bands so it isnt good. And old bands ? They are playing different music, maybe shit music but people like them for their old times.

11.You also are too busy guys, you take part in different line-ups, I mean such bands like Wisseland, Kraake, Dethonator 666 and so on. And as I see all fundament of the band is busy in these project. Tell about these bands and tell how can you combine it all with your main band?

It isnt so difficult because more than less the others bands didnt play so often. Each band has, i dont know,  5 concerts in one year or play together with Sekhmet. And we have solution for this problem. We have one special calendar and there is all so we all know where and when you can play. As i wrote it is easy because for example Winselland didnt play live more than two years. Zlo, Detonator 666 and Maniac Butcher is split up because Vlad Blasphemer is death (R.I.P our friend).
So all goes and we all work everyday.

12.You took part in Master’s Hammer tribute. Tell about how it’s happened? What does this old Czech band means to you?

It is hard to say. I am or we are happy that Sekhmet were part of tribute. Because it is a honor. But my friend Zdenek Hlisnikovsky (R.I.P. our friend) asked me so late. It was mean that we had about 2-3 weeks to prepare. So i have to say that we know this song well and we played it live and really well. But our recording isnt good. It was fast, shit and mistake. So there are two sides of a coin. Honor against accelerated process which is full of shit.
I like Master´s Hammer very much. The Mass and Ritual are my favorite tittles in my home collection. When i heard that they will play again so i was happy but the opposite is true. It isnt Master´s Hammer BM like it was. I dont like comebacks more than less. Of course i bought theirs new albums but i think that i will not to do it again if they will release some new album. Because i think that it is for business. I dont feel aggression and evil power like in old times. I remember when i saw their videoclip first time. It was so strong.

13. Tell us about your memories of the scene birth in Czech and neighbor countries of Eastern Europe like Poland.
I am young guy, i am 30 years old so i wasnt in birth of scene BM. I would like to be part of the beginnings of bands like Arakain, Krabathor,Debustrol, Torr, Citron, Root, Terminator, Master´s Hammer etc. I remember that was great when i begun to listen to metal (BM more than less), because concerts were full of people. Nobody cares who are you. There were deathmetalists, grinders, thrashers, blackmetalists, punker, skins ...eachone. Metal was on top. Every metal band was perfect and eachone like it because it wasnt fucking pop. It was great because we could visit concerts in Germany or Poland. I heard that everywhere it was the same. I dont know personally, because i was young and i visited gigs in my hometown or in Prague. I remember gig for UG bands like were Fastness, Testification, Laniena Mentis or gig for big band ROOT. Nobody cares - music clubs were full. This community was more friendly than now. I dont know when it changed. Now metal isnt popular, people dont like metallists, metal is full of politics opinions and shits.

14.Also I listened some covers of other bands’ songs performed by your band. I may remember Marduk, Darkthrone and so on. These songs played in your little bit careless and energetic manner, compared to the original. What are comments you received on them?

I dont remember comments from old times. But i think it was good. I think that we played it well. Maybe sound wasnt good but reason is because we recorded all at home´s conditions. Without last album ,, Words of The Master" . It was record in professional studio KAVKAZ. I have to say that i like cover by Marduk. I dont know why i think but i think thats better than by Marduk are playing live :-) eh But it is my own opinion. Of course the best version is original from their album Opus Nocturne.

15.You also played cover on “I Am the Grave of the 80's”. Why this song? Are you interested in old school music of 80s, I mean thrash, death, proto black metal?

This song is perfect from each side. It is black metal, it is punk. I am feeling old atmosphere. I like this lyric. This lyric has strong link with my opinions so we choose it. I dont see problem there. I like all Darkthrone´s albums. I have some tattoos with Darkthrone motives.
Yes i like old school metal, metal scene. But i have to say that i speak about some special bands. Not each band. Now there is so much bands and kinds of metal that i have to choose from old and from new too.

16.How do you see the future of Sekhmet?

Sekhmet would like play still and often like we are doing. I would like play in Carpathian Alliance festival 2016. New songs are prepared, so people can look forward for new songs. But we have some personal troubles so i hope that it will be ok very soon. After that we can visit record studio and begin.

17.Some last words for the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

Thank you for your interest, i am proud for it. Thank you eachone who support us, fuck you all who are trying to stain us. Open the eyes !!!  And finally I would like ask you. please can you spread our videos ?

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